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Vietnam ICT Awards 2010

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Vietnam ICT Awards 2010

QĐND – Friday, January 07, 2011, 21:29 (GMT+7)

The Ministry of Information and Communications announced regulations on Vietnam Information, Communication and Technology Awards (VICTA 2010) in Hanoi on January 6.  

Thirty-two awards will be presented to six main sectors of information and technology (IT), including telecommunications, IT industry, IT human resources training, IT application, digital information security, and also to foreign businesses for their active contribution to the development of Vietnam’s ICT and to those domestic ones for the benefit of community development.

This year’s awards will honour new businesses credited with high growth rates and good services. Two awards will be given for the first time to those providing best security services and solutions.

There are also prizes for units of ministries and departments which have best applied IT in their work.

VICTA 2010 is focused on the quality, growth and effective operation of businesses involved in mobile telecommunications, Internet, software and digital information sources.  

The deadline for businesses and units send in their dossiers is March 6.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Vietnam aims for a strong ICT developer

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Vietnam aims for a strong ICT developer

QĐND – Monday, October 11, 2010, 21:48 (GMT+7)

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung recently adopted a project to make Vietnam a strong developer in information and communication technology (ICT).

Under the project, the ICT sector’s contribution will account for 8-10 percent of the country’s GDP. The PM’s plan could potentially rank Vietnam in the world’s top 10 software and data services providers by 2020.

A Radio Voice of Vietnam (VOV) reporter interviewed Prof. Dr Do Trung Ta, PM Nguyen Tan Dung’s ICT envoy and Chairman of the National Council for Science and Technology Policy, on the issue.

Reporter: To reach the set target of making Vietnam a strong ICT developer, what major issues should Vietnam focus on in the future?

Mr Ta: Among target national projects, the Government regards ICT as a key area for boosting socio-economic development. To reach this goal, Vietnam needs to focus on developing high-quality ICT human resources to meet social requirements to meet the international standard. From now until 2020, Vietnam strives to have around 1 million ICT engineers and workers whom have achieved international standards, and so are capable of having access advanced technologies.

Vietnam also needs 80 percent of ICT university graduates qualified in professional skills and foreign languages in order to engage in the international labour market. Part from human resources development, it is also essential to develop the ICT industry with a capacity for research and designs to gain revenues through original products.

The widening IT application in life is also an important issue that Vietnam should focus on, as it will give fresh impetus for socio-economic development and increasing businesses’ productivity. The use of the Internet at schools will help the IT sector with the training of high-quality human resources, for example.

In addition, creating a good working environment and a healthy competition for ICT businesses is also an issue of major concern for the Government. If the issue is dealt with properly, it will help scientific research institutions and IT businesses make better contributions to the national economy, thus improving people’s living standards.

The working environment is comfortable with laboratories, international standardised technical infrastructure and qualified domestic and foreign experts.

Reporter: Developing the ICT industry sustainably requires close co-operation among businesses which use one technical infrastructure. However, cooperation is far from expectations. How will we promote further co-operation?

Mr Ta: It is necessary to raise awareness of the ICT industry to promote further it. If the State, businesses, organisations and individuals are all looking towards developing technical services people everywhere from urban to rural areas, even remote, mountainous and island areas will be able to use broad-band Internet and enjoy the latest ICT achievements. Thanks to ICT, people will also have more chances to find jobs that increase their income.

No country wants one business to do everything. The Telecommunication Law encourages all businesses to operate under the management of State.

ICT businesses that have experience and good infrastructure and services should help others to develop.

In recent times, linking in ICT businesses which use one common infrastructure to develop ICT products has fallen far below expectations because they do not agree on a common co-operative orientation.

Reporter: Many businesses still compete unnecessarily for profits. What should we do to prevent this?

Mr Ta: Vietnam issued the Competition Law, which refers to market shares for powerful or newly established businesses.

To ensure businesses do not violate the Competition Law, the Ministry of Information and Communications must closely control marketing and advertising programmes to prevent disorder in the ICT market. If the market is in disorder the State budget will fall and the State will suffer losses. For example, the ministry does not allow the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) to establish prices for services, and the VNPT must submit prices to the ministry for approval. This will help other businesses with chances to attract customers to develop.

Instead of unhealthy competition, ICT businesses should improve the quality of technologies, services and customer care.

Reporter: Thank you very much.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Government honors best ICT companies

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The Ministry of Information and Communications March 20 in Hanoi gave a total of 31 awards to local businesses that made outstanding contributions to the development of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry in 2009.

Recipients of the Vietnam ICT Awards 2009 stand on stage March 20 in Hanoi (Photo: ICT News)

The Vietnam ICT Awards 2009, which was held for the first time by the Government, aimed to honor the best companies in the ICT field as well as organizations that efficiently applied IT in management activities.

Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications (VNPT) was awarded the best telephone company, while military-owned Viettel was recognized as the most outstanding mobile service provider.

The best after-payment service award went to the Vietnam Telecom Services Company (Vinaphone), while the Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (MobiPhone) was named the best customer-care service enterprise.

The best Internet service provider award was given to the Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC) and the best software provider award went to FPT Software.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, National Assembly Deputy Chairman Nguyen Duc Kien said that information and communications companies had made great contributions to the economic growth rate of 5.3 percent in 2009.

The wide application of IT in State-owned agencies and companies together with the popularization and promotion of IT and telecommunications has significantly contributed to the country’s economic development.

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ICT helps improve health care services, say experts

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ICT helps improve health care services, say experts

QĐND – Thursday, March 18, 2010, 20:45 (GMT+7)

The application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the country’s health care sector is necessary, helping raise the sector’s treatment capacity.

The remark was made by experts from the Ministry of Health at a four-day national seminar on improving public services by ICT in the capital city of Hanoi that started on March 16.

The seminar is being held under the umbrella of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the National Information Agency (NIA) of the Republic of Korea and the Asia-Pacific ICT Training Centre.

According to the experts, the country’s health care sector is facing a number of challenges – the aging population, rising chronic diseases and epidemic outbreaks – while health care costs are increasingly going up.

The information link-up at all levels in the health care sector will bring about optimistic results, agreed the experts, adding that the doing will reduce administrative costs and improve the health care services.

The experts reckoned that first and foremost it is a must to build a legal framework and policies related to the ICT application in the sector.

Also, it is obligatory to set up a common database for the sector, linking central with local health care facilities, they added.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Vietnam-Laos ICT business forum held in Laos

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A Vietnam-Laos business forum on information communication technology (ICT) was held in Vientiane, Laos , on Oct. 7.

The Vietnamese Minister of Information and Telecommunications Le Doan Hop, the Lao Minister, Head of National Agency for Post and Telecommunication Khamlouat Sitlakone and the Vietnamese ambassador to Laos Nguyen Huy Quang attended the forum.

Vietnamese and Laotian postal and telecom officials and businesses exchanged views on postal, telecom and ICT development in the two countries, plus the operation of ICT businesses and their potential for cooperation by Vietnamese and Laotian businesses.

Major businesses from the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication (VNPT) Group, including the Vietnam Telecom International (VTI), Electricity of Vietnam telecom company (EVN), Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (VTC), the military telecom company Viettel, the joint stock telecom company FPT and the Vietnam Post and Telecom Institute, presented reports on their operations and the development of Vietnam’s ICT market as well as sharing their experiences in the fields of business management and supply of services.

The forum also discussed opportunities and potential for cooperation between Vietnamese and Lao businesses.

VNPT, the top post, telecom and ICT business in Vietnam and owner of VNASAT 1 satellite, expressed its readiness to support Lao telecom businesses in service supply and personnel training.

The two ministers also urged relevant management agencies and businesses of both countries to fully tap potential of each country through new cooperation programmes in order to boost Vietnam-Laos cooperation in post, telecommunication and ICT.-


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