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Cuban envoy honoured for promoting ties with VN

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The Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has awarded Cuban Ambassador Jesus de los Angeles Aise Sotolongo the Friendship Order for his contributions to boosting friendly and cooperative ties between the two countries.

Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem told an award ceremony in Hanoi on June 30 that over the past four years, Ambassador Jesus de los Angeles Aise Sotolongo has acted as a bridge between the Vietnamese and Cuban leaders and people and helped foster multifaceted cooperation between the two countries.

The Deputy PM expressed his belief that the Cuban diplomat would further make contributions to strengthening solidarity, friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba.

The Cuban ambassador thanked the Vietnamese State for its precious award and said he will do his utmost to foster the Vietnam-Cuba traditional friendship and special cooperation.

Vietnam makes worthy contributions to UN Security Council’s work

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Since Vietnam undertook the non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council, the country has made objective and substantial contribution to the council’s noble mission.

According to Ambassador Le Luong Minh, Vietnamese Representative to the UN and the UNSC, even though Vietnam is a new member, it raised its voice on all matters under debate, including sensitive matters.

On the Middle East issue, Vietnam is persistent in its the stand to support the Palestinian people’s just struggle to set up an independent State. It condemns terrorist and extreme acts and attacks against innocent people.

Regarding the situation in Kosovo , Vietnam pursues the stance of supporting sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations. The country does not accept Kosovo’s declaration of independence, while rejecting acts of violence and extremity.

As for the Iran matter, Vietnam has actively taken part in the negotiation process with the aim of supporting efforts for non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament as well as the interests and legal rights of countries, including Iran, regarding the development, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purpose, as well as nations’ legitimate rights to conduct normal trade and navigation activities.

Concerning Myanmar , while supporting the UN Secretary General’s intermediary role, Vietnam is persistent in the viewpoint that a comprehensive approach is needed which should consider poverty and underdevelopment one of root causes of the issue. Vietnam also holds that the UN should help Myanmar develop and through which reduce social conflicts and create opportunities for Myanmar to successfully implement the seven-point democratic roadmap, towards national conciliation.

Being aware of the role as a representative of all UN member countries, especially Asian countries which gave their votes to Vietnam ’s UNSC membership, Vietnam has regularly exchanged information and consulted with non UNSC member countries, particularly those relating to matters on discussion at the UNSC. In this way, Vietnam has gained knowledge about these countries’ concerns and legitimate security interests, as well as the international community’s worries so that it can put forth appropriate proposals.

Last March, Vietnam in its capacity as Coordinator of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) countries in the UNSC, actively coordinated common positions of the group on a number of important issues related to NAM ’s security interests.

The role reflects Vietnam ’s motto of acting independently and responsibly, always taking into account peace and security as well as stability and development in the region and the world as a whole.

The UNSC chair in July will bring Vietnam great responsibilities, including the making of reports on the council’s activities from August 1, 2007 to July 31, 2008 for submitting to the UN General Assembly for consideration.

The reports will review the council’s operations with regard to all 60 items on its current agenda. The task requires a lot of time and efforts considering the UNSC’s huge workload over the past year, including the second half of 2007 when Vietnam was still not a UNSC member.

The council will also discuss and decide a series of complicated issues in July such as those related to Kosovo and Myanmar , the deployment of the UN-African Union joint peacekeeping force in Darfur, and the nuclear issues of Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea . This will pose a big challenge for Vietnam in its first time chairing the UNSC.

However, Vietnam has been well prepared to chair the UNSC and help deal with disputes and conflicts through peaceful dialogues and negotiations, avoiding confrontation and respecting independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity of all nations on the basis of protecting both national interests and international peace and security.

The international community appreciated Vietnam ’s preparations for the heavy task, saying the country will surely play an important role in maintaining peace and resolving conflicts in the world.

New Japanese ambassador promises to heighten bilateral ties

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New Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Mitsuo Sakaba has pledged to do his best to further promote the friendship and multi-dimensional cooperation between Japan and Vietnam .

Ambassador Sakaba made the pledge at his meeting with Truong Tan Sang, Politburo member and Standing member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party in Hanoi on June 30.

The new ambassador said he had good sentiments towards the Vietnamese country, its dynamic growth and its people and he will strive to strengthen bilateral ties under the spirit of “looking towards a strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia ”.

The Vietnamese host congratulated Ambassador Sakaba on his new post in Vietnam and expressed belief that the diplomat would conduct various activities to bolster the relationship between the two countries.

No big fluctuations in market prices till the year’s end

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There will be no major fluctuations in the market in the second half of this year following good signals in the economy during June, said Hoang Tho Xuan, head of the Domestic Trade Policy Department.

According to Mr Xuan, the Government’s measures to curb runaway inflation have begun to pay off, with the consumer price index increasing by only 2.14 percent in June compared to the record high of 3.95 percent in May.

Mr Xuan told the media in Hanoi on June 27 that the Government’s tight monetary policy has proved effective, with total modes of payments falling dramatically. In addition, Vietnam has announced a bumper winter-spring rice crop this year, refuting rumours that the country had run short of food for local consumption. As a result, food prices have fallen gradually, and the Government has also agreed to increase the export rice volume to 4.5 million tonnes this year instead of 3.5 million tonnes announced earlier.

Many capital construction projects have been halted, causing building material prices to fall.

Mr Tho said that the Government’s recent decision not to raise the prices of electricity, safe water and public transport this year will help the market maintain the stable pace until the end of the year.

Vietnam welcomes positive developments in Middle East

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Vietnam applauded the recent ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, as well as Israel-Hezbollah and Israel-Syria talks and efforts to resume national reconciliation process in Palestine .

Ambassador Bui The Giang, Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations Security Council, made the remark at a UNSC consultation meeting on Middle East in New York on June 27.

The ambassador described the moves as positive developments towards a comprehensive, just and sustainable solution to complex and intertwining conflicts in the region.

He reiterated Vietnam ’s position to support peaceful negotiations for the legitimate interests of all parties concerned and in accordance with relevant UN resolutions and the Middle East peace initiatives, particularly the Arab Peace Initiative and the Israel-Palestine joint statement at the Annapolis Conference.

Ambassador Giang also expressed his deep concern about the situation in Gaza , where rocket attacks and military intrusions are still going on, causing great losses in humans and property for civilians.

The representative regretted at the continued construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank , which is obstructive to peace talks and detrimental to mutual trust and confidence.

Vietnam strongly urged that all parties concerned refrain from use of force to avoid further complicating the fragile situation and show their respect for and compliance with their committed agreements, thus helping build confidence and push the peace process forward, he said.

Regarding Lebanon , the diplomat called on all relevant parties in Lebanon to exercise utmost restraint and fully abide by the Doha agreement to help assert Lebanon ’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and stability, and contribute to the regional political and security environment.

PM wraps up visit to the US

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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung arrived in Hanoi on June 28, wrapping up his official visit to the US at the invitation of President George W. Bush.

The Vietnamese government leader’s visit contributed to fostering bilateral ties between Vietnam and the US , opening up opportunities for cooperation in economics, trade, investment, education, science, technology and environment between the two countries.

The PM’s visit drew particular attention from the US public and international media agencies, especially his talks with President Bush at the White House.

The results of the talks not only helped strengthen and deepen the Vietnam-US relations but also helped push up economic, trade and investment cooperation which are considered as a foundation for the two sides to strengthen bilateral ties in many areas for mutual benefit.

The two sides announced that they will initiate negotiations toward a Bilateral Investment Treaty, signaling their commitment to fair, non-discriminatory and transparent treatment of foreign investment.

President Bush affirmed that the US is seriously reviewing Vietnam ’s request to be designated as a beneficiary of the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) program and acknowledged the Southeast Asian nation’s request to be accorded Market Economy Status.

If what Vietnam has requested is implemented, both Vietnamese and US businesses will be beneficiaries.

One of the important goals of the PM’s visit is to enhance education cooperation with the US , a nation with the most advanced education system in the world.

Various forums and seminars on education were organised in Washington D.C and Houston, which the PM visited. PM Dung and President Bush agreed to set up an Education Task Force that will jointly study and put forth effective measures to enhance Vietnam-US education cooperation.

The US Department of Education and the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the area.

The US Government decided to establish a new committee to help Vietnam study and deal with climate change and rising sea level. It will further assist Vietnam in prevention of HIV/AIDS, mine sweeping, detoxification of dioxin-contaminated areas, implementation of health care projects and search for the Vietnamese missing during the war.

During his meeting with the US ’s high-ranking officials, including the leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives and the ministers of the Departments of Defence and Treasury, the PM received positive signals for acceleration of bilateral ties in all areas, particularly in economics, trade, investment and education.

The results of the PM’s visit mark a new step forward in bilateral relations with the motto: For interest of both peoples, for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world.

Vietnam calls for continued help to Central African Republic

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A senior Vietnamese diplomat has called on regional and international organisations to continue their assistance to the Central African Republic (CAR) in national reconstruction, socio-economic development and improvement of the humanitarian situation.

Addressing a United Nations Security Council consultation on the CAR in New York on June 27, Ambassador Bui The Giang spoke highly of the CAR’s recent efforts as well as positive political and socio-economic developments in the country.

Giang, who works as Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UNSC, applauded the recent signing of a peace agreement between the CAR’s Government and all principal armed groups.

The diplomat called on the parties concerned to respect the agreement, engage in dialogue in order to reach a solution satisfactory to all, work towards an end to the long-lasting conflict and create a favourable environment for the CAR to fully embark on the cause of stabilisation and development.

He affirmed Vietnam ’s support for the presence of the United Nations in the CAR and the expeditious and full deployment of the UN Mission in the CAR and Chad (MINURCAT) to ensure security and improve the humanitarian situation in the CAR.

The ambassador appreciated the CAR Government’s close coordination with MINURCAT, especially in facilitating the deployment of its forces, as well as the role played by the UN Peace-building Support Office in the CAR (BONUCA).

State President: Vietnam commits to better investment environment

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Vietnam is speeding up international economic integration and creating favourable conditions for foreign investors, including those from the US , said State President Nguyen Minh Triet.

Receiving General Electric (GE) Vice Chairman John G. Rice in Hanoi on June 27, President Triet congratulated the US firm on its licence to build an electric generator and component factory in the northern port city of Hai Phong .

The State leader applauded GE’s plan to expand investment in Vietnam and thanked the company for its organisation of a training course for Vietnamese managers, believing that cooperation between GE and local partners will be of success.

He took this occasion to express gratitude to GE for its contributions to the nation’s development and called on the group to continue to cooperate with and encourage other US corporations and companies to invest in Vietnam .

In reply, John Rice pledged GE’s long-term investment in Vietnam and revealed that the company and its Vietnamese partners recently discussed a possibility of cooperation in aircraft engine repair and water filtering technology.

The executive told his host that GE also desired to engage in the fields of finance and banking in Vietnam.

US company provides equipment for university

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US-based Rockwell Automation Inc. will grant 355,000 USD to equip an automation lab for the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education.

The donation is part of a strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two partners in HCM City on June 26.

In addition, the US company pledged to provide scholarships for students and lecturers from the university.

More aid to disaster victims in China and Myanmar

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The Vietnam Red Cross (VRC) on June 27 presented 350,000 USD to victims of the earthquake in China and cyclone Nargis in Myanmar .

The donation which was contributed by Vietnamese organisations and people aims to help the two countries’ victims overcome the aftermath of the disasters and return to stable life.

Of the money, 200,000 USD will be sent to Chinese earthquake victims through the Chinese embassy in Vietnam and the rest will be given to the cyclone victims in Myanmar through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Chinese embassy’s chargé d’affaires Zhai Liming thanked Vietnam for its support and representative of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Irja Sandburg, praised the Vietnamese charity.

Last month, the VRC raised 40,000 USD to support the two countries in the wake of the natural disasters.