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HCM City prosecutes dozens of graft cases under new law

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HCM City – Ho Chi Minh City has brought dozens of corruption cases to trial in the two years after the Law on Preventing and Controlling Corruption came into effect, according to several municipal departments.

The HCM City Investigation Police has investigated 16 alleged corruption cases involving a total of 51 suspects. Of those, 11 cases with 46 suspects have been transferred to the HCM City People’s Procuracy for formal arraignment.

The HCM City People’s Procuracy considered 35 corruption cases with 78 defendants charged with a variety of crimes, including embezzling State funds, taking bribes, coercion and abusing positions of power.

The HCM City People’s Court tried 14 corruption cases with a total of 50 defendants charged with embezzling State funds, offering or taking bribes, abusing positions of power, and gross negligence of duties.’
Together the defendants lost the Government 76 billion VND (44.75 million USD). The city has only recovered 3 billion VND (187,000 USD).

President issues four new laws

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Hanoi – The Presidential Office on June 24 promulgated President Nguyen Minh Triet’s decision to issue four laws: the revised Law on Oil and Gas, the revised Publishing Law, the Law on Red Cross Activities and the revised Law on Drug Prevention and Control.

These laws will come into effect in January 2009.

The revised Law on Oil and Gas adds more regulations on coal gas and those projects for coal gas exploitation that are on the list of projects that benefit from State investment incentives.

The law also adds more regulations on State management of oil and gas in line with administrative reform in order to create favourable conditions for the development of the oil and gas sector.

The law regulates that the Ministry of Trade and Industry is responsible to the Government for the management of oil and gas.

The revised Publishing Law features new contents regarding: registration of plans for new publications; information printed on published products; penalties for violations in publication, printing and distribution; granting business licenses for importing published material; and co-operating with foreign partners for distributing published materials.

The Law on Red Cross Activities has eight chapters and 34 articles.

It regulates activities of the Red Cross; mobilizing, receiving, managing and using capital sources for Red Cross activities; international co-operation in Red Cross activities; the Red Cross of Vietnam and the responsibilities of State offices, organizations and individuals participating in Red Cross activities.

The revised Law on Drug Prevention and Control adds to Article 13 the responsibility of those offices under the border guards, marine police and customs offices dedicated to interdiction and combating drug criminals.

It also regulates methods for drug users to enter at-home detoxification programmes or receive treatment in their local communities, If they do not volunteer for at-home treatment, they will be forced to quit using drugs at local community treatment centres.

Hanoi plans must be ready by 2010

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Hanoi – Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has told the Ministry of Construction that planning for the new Hanoi capital region must be completed within two years.

Hai said details must be ready for the National Assembly to discuss in 2010, the 1000 th anniversary for the founding of Hanoi .

At a meeting last week with the project steering committee, Hai said contracts signed with consultancy companies must come into force by August 2008.

The Deputy Prime Minister also set a clear time-line for the project.
“By January 2009, the first report must be available for the Government to consider; by September 2009, it must have been reviewed by the Party Politbureau: and by January 2010 it will be published for public comment.”

According to the Ministry of Construction, 12 foreign consultancy companies, including those from the Unites States, Germany, Australia , the Republic of Korea , China and Singapore have applied to bid for planning the vast project.

However, only three applications will be selected. The best will then be chosen using professionalism, finance and experience as criteria.

A website on the Hanoi capital region-and a physical model of how it will look-will be available for people in Vietnam who would like to comment.

A special public exhibition centre will be built to house the model.


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