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Water subsidies raised in rural areas

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Hanoi – Poor households and ethnic minority families in mountainous, island and border areas will have their water subsidies doubled from 500,000 VND to 1 million VND in the State budget.

The money is for upgrading water supplies and environmental hygiene, said the director of the National Programme for Clean Water and Rural Environmental Hygiene, Le Van Can.

Households using biogas will have their grants increased from 600,000 VND to 1 million VND.

Poor households in the deltas and midland will receive grants of 800,000 VND, an increase of 500,000 VND.

Can said the State would spend money upgrading water-supply work in schools, health care centres, rural People’s Committees and border posts.

“However, households supported under the Prime Minister’s Programme for Socio-Economic Development for Poorest Communes, known as programme 135, will not benefit from this project,” said Can.

Reports show that 47 million people had benefited from the clean water and hygiene programme, since it was launched 1999. More than seven million households have received new toilets.

Nguyen Hong Quan, from the programme’s office said cities and provinces had proposed ways of protecting local water resources and jointly carrying out irrigation system projects,

Quan said the Government also wanted to build waste-treatment systems in 30 percent of handicraft villages, but there was insufficient capital at present.

The Government aims to provide clean water to 85 percent of rural residents by 2010 and to install modern toilets for 70 percent of them.

Total cost of the programme is about 22.6 trillion VND (1.2 billion USD), of which 24 percent will come from State and provincial budgets, 15 percent from international organisations and 36 percent from local residents and the remainder from other sources.

Malaysians nabbed for card fraud

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Hanoi – Police investigators have asked authorities to prosecute two Malaysians for using fake credit cards, said the “Cong An Nhan Dan” (People’s Police) daily.

Cham Tack Choi, 24, and Tan Wei Hong, 27, were caught red-handed using fake credit cards to make purchases.

They confessed to having spent some 32,000 USD in a number of luxury shops and hotels in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City last December.

Conference highlights administration reform in anti-corruption drive

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Hanoi – APEC member economies have regarded administration reform as one of crucial solutions to prevent and combat the menace of corruption.

The APEC member economies’ viewpoint was unanimously shared by representatives of international organisations at the on-going International Conference on Anti-Corruption and Administration Reform, which opened in Hanoi on June 25.

Deputy Chief of the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam Mai Quoc Binh said the administration reform will pave the way for transparency and openness to facilitate the fight against corruption.

Meanwhile, Vice Director of the Inspection Science Institute of Vietnam Dinh Van Minh affirmed the country considers the development of a modern, professional, transparent and open administration apparatus supported by a dedicated and honest staff as a safeguard to ensure the success of the anti- corruption drive.

For his part, Hong Hyun-sun, Standing Commissioner of the Republic of Korea’s Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission said, “Administration reforms and anti-corruption are likened to twin engines of national development in that a single engine cannot produce desired thrust.”

Sharing the view, Head Investigation of Singapore’s Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau Tin Yeow Cheng said his country has been striving for the efficiency of the State public administration with the focus on the implementation of an initiative “Public Service for the 21 st ”, regarding it as one of the four pillars in the fight against corruption.

Meanwhile, a UNDP advisor stressed that the fight against corruption is linked to the wider governance and public administration so that the elimination of corruption cannot be achieved in isolation from public administration reform and an expanded role of civil social organisations (in addition to media and the private sector) and the justice system.

Jairo Acuna-Alfaro, Advisor on Anti-Corruption and Public Administration Reform from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) also said “the ultimate objective of public administration is to provide and deliver better quality public services to the citizens, especially to the poor.”

The ongoing International Conference on Anti-Corruption and Administration Reform brought together 80 delegates representing 21 APEC member economies, regional and international anti-corruption organisations, Vietnamese ministries and industries.

National survey shows major shifts in family life

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Hanoi – A nationwide family survey has found that domestic violence occurs in about 20 percent of marriages across the country alongside an increase in the rate of divorce.

The family research, a joint project between the government and UNICEF released on June 26, is based on interviews with 9,300 households in all of Vietnam ’s 64 provinces.

UNICEF Deputy Representative in Vietnam , Maniza Zaman, said implementation of the government’s recently passed Law on Prevention and Control of Domestic Violence will be instrumental in addressing the serious problem in many homes across Vietnam .

“One of the key components of these efforts should be changing societal attitudes to domestic violence, so that it is not simply accepted as a normal or acceptable part of married life, which is too often the case,” Zaman said.

The survey also found that divorce is on the rise in the country due to economic pressures, lifestyle difference and adultery. But for couples who stay together, the study showed progress in gender equality where it is now more common for the wife or both husband and wife to assume a leadership role in the family.

Additionally, for the first time, the three-generation family household has also become more popular in urban areas than rural areas, with increases in rural-to-urban migration and the cost of housing put forward as contributing factors to this new trend.

The Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Huynh Vinh Ai said the survey provides a comprehensive picture of changes in family relations and roles in the household and will be used to build up government policy.

“It highlights changes in family norms and standards under the industrialisation and modernisation process,” Ai said.

“It will be used as a scientific and practical basis for policy making to build wealthy, equitable, progressive and happy families, as baseline for the monitoring and evaluation of the family development and as the premise for further research and studies on families in Vietnam .”

UNICEF Representative in Vietnam Jesper Morch applauded the government’s support for the survey and said it shows “the vision, leadership and foresight” of the Vietnamese government.

The survey was carried out by the Family Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the General Statistics Office, the Institute for Family and Gender Studies in collaboration with the Australia Institute of Family Research with support from UNICEF.

Remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers repatriated

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HCM City – Four-hundred and three set of remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers who died in battlefields in Cambodia have been repatriated.

The remains, that were found by Military Zone 7 search teams from February to June 25, were buried in martyrs’ cemeteries in Tay Ninh, Long An and Binh Phuoc provinces.

Military Zone 7 has so far found and brought home 5,588 set of remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers from Cambodia , of which 339 have been identified.

Vietnam temporarily stops issuing int’l bonds

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Hanoi – Finance Minister Vu Van Ninh said that Vietnam will temporarily stop issuing international bonds until favourable conditions come along.

In addition, the Government also decided to reduce bonds-funded investment by 25 percent, the minister added.

In the first issuance of bonds on the international market at the end of 2005, the Vietnamese Government bonds attracted 255 investors with buying orders amounting to 4.5 billion USD against the total issued value of 750 million USD.

At the June 19 online forum with international investors, Minister Ninh said the issuance of bonds on the international market in addition to mobilizing more resources for national development, aims to help Vietnamese businesses get access to new capital source.

Therefore, in June 2007, the Government adopted a resolution to issue international bonds worth 1 billion USD with the maturities of 15-20 years to finance projects by the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, the Vietnam National Shipping Lines, the Song Da Construction Corporation and the Vietnam Machinery Erection Corporation.

However, the current situation is not suitable for the issuance.

The minister said that the interest rate of Government bonds will be reviewed in the context of rising banking interest rates in order to be more attractive to investors.

Blue book on EU-Vietnam cooperation released

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Hanoi – The EU “Blue Book 2008” – an annual report on the European Union’s development cooperation with Vietnam – was launched in Hanoi on June 26.

The book’s 10th annual edition provides concretes facts and figures on the achievements of 2007 and indicative commitments for 2008 and underlines the EU’s main policy orientations, primarily poverty elimination, and commitments for 2008.

At the launching ceremony, Ambassador-Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Vietnam Sean Doyle said the Blue Book highlighted the EU’s efforts to increase aid effectiveness in Vietnam .

He congratulated Vietnam on its selection as one of exemplary cases to be presented at the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Accra , Ghana , in September.

This year’s Blue Book also highlights EU policies and activities related to environment, and the environment and climate change in Vietnam .

The book says climate change in Vietnam is a development issue which is forecast to bring negative impacts on economic growth, and particularly on poor and vulnerable people in rural areas.

The EU, including the European Community and member states, is the largest provider of grant assistance to Vietnam and a key player in assisting the country’s socio-economic development.

The total EU commitment for 2008 is more than 665 million EUR (962.8 million USD), equal to 17.7 percent of total foreign aid to Vietnam . Of the figure, almost two thirds, 404 million EUR or nearly 582 million USD, are non-refundable aid.