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US company provides equipment for university

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US-based Rockwell Automation Inc. will grant 355,000 USD to equip an automation lab for the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education.

The donation is part of a strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two partners in HCM City on June 26.

In addition, the US company pledged to provide scholarships for students and lecturers from the university.

More aid to disaster victims in China and Myanmar

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The Vietnam Red Cross (VRC) on June 27 presented 350,000 USD to victims of the earthquake in China and cyclone Nargis in Myanmar .

The donation which was contributed by Vietnamese organisations and people aims to help the two countries’ victims overcome the aftermath of the disasters and return to stable life.

Of the money, 200,000 USD will be sent to Chinese earthquake victims through the Chinese embassy in Vietnam and the rest will be given to the cyclone victims in Myanmar through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Chinese embassy’s chargé d’affaires Zhai Liming thanked Vietnam for its support and representative of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Irja Sandburg, praised the Vietnamese charity.

Last month, the VRC raised 40,000 USD to support the two countries in the wake of the natural disasters.

Procedures to assist trafficked women complete

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A joint circular of four ministries on procedures to verify and welcome the return of trafficked women and children was announced at a press briefing in Hanoi on June 27.

The Ministry of Public Security’s Police Department Deputy Director, Major General Vu Hung Vuong, said Vietnam is one of the major areas for not only criminals involved in trafficking women and children but also those deceived people into illegal migration, children adoption, cross-cultural marriage brokerage and labour exports.

The joint circular is of great significance and serves as a legal foundation for localities to receiving their victims back, he said.

The issuance of this joint circular also reflects Vietnam ’s view and policy in welcoming and helping victims who return home after being trafficked.

The chief of the International Organisation for Migration Vietnam Mission, Andrew Bruce, commended Vietnam ’s efforts to prevent and control the trafficking of women and children, with a special mention of the government’s 2005 action plan.

The trafficking in women and children is not only the issue of Vietnam but also a common issue of the region and the globe, Bruce said, adding that Vietnam is continually the nation that receives high praise for its prevention work.

The joint circular was issued on May 8 by the Ministries of Public Security, National Defence, Foreign Affairs and Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs to implement a regulation on receiving and assisting trafficked women and children in reintegrating into the community.

In addition to defining agencies’ responsibilities in verifying and welcoming trafficked community members, it also specifies procedures to be followed when victims returned home by themselves through the border.

UK-based NGO sponsors Dong Nai clinic

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The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, a non-government organisation from the UK , will finance a medical project in Dinh Quan district of southeastern Dong Nai province.

The project will put into operation a medical clinic in Gia Canh commune to serve poor and ethnic minority people, particularly in raising public awareness of health care.

In addition to providing medical services to pregnant women and children, and improving malnutrition in the area.

Earlier in 2007, the NGO financed a children’s education project in Nhon Trach and Vinh Cuu districts of the province by providing monthly subsidies to help poor children go to school.

French organisation helps develop cooperatives in Vietnam

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The French Research and Technological Exchange Group (GRET) will grant 2.05 million EUR (3.2 million USD) to a project on cooperative development in Vietnam .

Under an agreement signed between GRET and the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Hanoi on June 27, project AID-coop will assist the poor through strengthening and improving the role of cooperative organisations.

AID-coop will be carried out in 60 months to help improve the legal framework on cooperative development at macro scale, set up an agency to help develop new-model cooperatives and provide agricultural assistance services in difficulty areas.

The project will be tested in cooperative development in the northern provinces of Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho and Ninh Binh.

TAQ2706.007 China sets up centre for Vietnam studies

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China has set up a centre for Vietnam studies in its southern province of Yunnan in an effort to boost cooperation between the region and Vietnamese provinces.

The centre, located in the Honghe Institute, will serve as a playground for academic exchanges between researchers, scholars and students of the two countries.

It is also designed to study Vietnam’s situation and promote cooperation in research and training fields.

The centre will cooperate with universities, other research centres and related agencies in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar cultural and academic exchanges.

Cuba to strengthen ties with Vietnam

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Outgoing Cuban Ambassador Jesus Aise Sotolongo has affirmed Cuba ’s determination to strengthen the traditional relations with Vietnam .

The ambassador was received by General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Nong Duc Manh in Hanoi on June 27.

The ambassador thanked the Vietnamese Party, State and people and General Secretary Manh in particular, for their friendship, solidarity, cooperation and assistance. He highly appreciated Vietnam ’s achievements in its national renewal process.

General Secretary Manh hailed the great achievements of the Cuban people and said he believed they would certainly overcome all difficulties and challenges on the path to building socialism.

The Vietnamese Party leader said Vietnam would try its best to boost relations between the two countries.

State President Nguyen Minh Triet also received the outgoing ambassador the same day.

NA Chairman highlights successes in European tour

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National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong said the signing of cooperation agreements with the parliaments of Hungary , Romania , Bulgaria and France is an outstanding result of his freshly-concluded tour of those countries.

In discussions, leaders of those European parliaments all emphasised the need to beef up ties with the Vietnamese National Assembly to meet each side’s demands and wishes, Chairman Trong told the press on his return to Hanoi on June 27.

Chairman Trong said he reached consensus with his European counterparts on almost all important political issues, including the promotion of bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Vietnam and the countries.

France , Hungary , Romania and Bulgaria , which are EU members and Vietnam ’s traditional friends, all pledged to act as a bridge for Vietnam to penetrate into the vast European market, he said.

The NA Chairman said those countries highly valued Vietnam’s renewal achievements and prospects, and considered Vietnam an important partner, a big market and expressed eagerness to foster long-term cooperation with the country.

Chairman Trong noted that he reached agreements with his European counterparts on the promotion of their countries’ traditional cooperation to new heights in a strategic and mutual respect manner.

He said he received open support for Vietnam ’s more comprehensive relationship with the EU during the trip, especially Romania ’s recognition of Vietnam ’s market economy and Hungary ’s endorsement in almost all issues brought to the table.

The visits also helped the overseas Vietnamese communities in those countries, especially in France and Hungary, gain a thorough understanding of the situation in their homeland, particularly the performance of the legislative body, the NA Chairman said.

Chairman Trong also highlighted the company of a large number of businesses during his tour as an indication of local businesses’ growing interest in accelerating economic, trade, investment ties with those countries where they have not yet paid due attention to for a long time.

He said the promotion of the relationship with East European countries is a priority in the country’s foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, diversification and multilateralisation of international relations, and in being a friend and trustful partner of all countries in the international community.

He stressed the effectiveness of activities related to foreign affairs undertaken by the National Assembly, saying this is the channel that helps the country get access to different parties, both governing and non-governing ones, and hear different viewpoints.

Party chief receives DPRK security minister

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Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh on June 26 received a visiting delegation from the People’s Security Ministry of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea .

Minister Ju Sang Song, who led the delegation, informed the Party General Secretary about the working results on bilateral cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security.

The minister said he was pleased at the development of the two countries’ friendship relations which were marked by Party General Secretary’s last visit in October 2007.

He said the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ’s Party and State always placed special importance on the development of its friendship and cooperation with Vietnam .

For his part, Secretary Manh said Vietnam will make all efforts to improve and promote the two countries’ cooperative relations for mutual benefit as well as for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the region and the world.

The Secretary applauded recent good progress in the solutions of nuclear and denuclearisation issues in the Korean Peninsula through peaceful dialogue.

He said he always supports the aspiration on peace and national unity of the Korean people.


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