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Cambodia-Japan trade agreement comes into effect

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– An investment agreement between Cambodia and Japan which will offer Japanese investors preferential treatment and ease their entry into Cambodia has come into force.

The agreement symbolises the first step of strengthening economic relations between Japan and Cambodia, and contributes to Cambodia ’s economic development strategy by inviting foreign direct investment, according to news reports.

Japan, which is the world’s second largest economy, has been the top aid donor to Cambodia since early 1990s, but has lagged far behind other Asian nations in terms of investment.

The countries began negotiations on the agreement in September 2006. The agreement was signed when Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen visited Tokyo in June 2007.-

More children happy with Operation Smile

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Doctors from the Vietnam-Cuba friendship hospital have coordinated with the US’s Operation Smile to provide surgery for 82 children with harelip and cleft palate from the northern provinces of Bac Giang, Nam Dinh and Tuyen Quang in the past two weeks.

With the Operation Smile’s funding, the doctors will perform surgery for another 120 children with facial deformities in the central province of Thanh Hoa , Nghe An, Quang Binh and Ha Tinh between August 9-14, bringing the total beneficiaries to over 300 this year.

The Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital has since 1994 conducted free surgery on 8,696 children with funding from Operation Smile and other humanitarian organisations.

Doctors from the hospital have also visited Laos annually to perform surgery on children with harelip and cleft palate under a cooperation pact between Hanoi and Vientiane.-

Vietnam, US cooperate in IT education

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The Vietnam Software Engineering Group (SEG Vietnam), a cooperative between Vietnamese and US universities, is preparing to launch its first IT course this October.

With majors in software engineering and information system, the curriculum will include four-year university courses and short-term classes for businessmen.

Established last June, SEG Vietnam is a group of five Vietnamese universities and institutes and the US ’s Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) which aims to offer the most professional software technology training in Vietnam as well as in the Asian region.

Additionally, it hopes to meet the demand for IT human resources in Vietnam and export IT workers to other markets.

The General Secretary of the Vietnam Software Association, Pham Tan Cong, says Vietnam ’s IT human resource training and exports are welcomed in many countries.

In the US , Vietnam ranks 20th among 25 countries which are attractive in software engineering and was Japan ’s most favoured IT partner last year. The UK and Denmark have also pledged to ensure jobs for trained Vietnamese IT workers.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communication, Vietnam now has 18,000 students in 93 universities, 156 colleges and 60 training centres studying information technology.-

Vietnamese, Mexican shoe industries seek closer ties

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Leather shoe producers and exporters from Vietnam and Mexico gathered at a seminar in Mexico City on July 31 to discuss ways to boost bilateral cooperation.

Participants, including representatives from 14 Vietnamese businesses and 20 local companies, looked into the possibility of jointly developing material sources in Mexico to take full advantage of its human resources, technology and tax incentives.

They also aimed to increase Vietnam ’s imports and exports of leather and shoes with Mexico and the North American market as a whole.

Present at the workshop, the first of its kind between the two countries, were Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Leather and Footwear Association Ngo Dai Quang and Vietnamese Ambassador to Mexico Pham Van Que.

Manuel Uribe, chairman of the Asia and Oceania Committee of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE) and Enrique Miche, chairman of the COMCE’s Mexico-Vietnam Business Cooperation Committee, also attended the event.-

Over 100 Thai businesses to display products in Vietnam

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More than 100 Thai businesses will participate in an exposition of Thailand ’s products, scheduled to be held in Hanoi from August 7-10.

The businesses will showcase their machineries, industrial and electric products, foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and handicrafts at 150 booths.

At a press briefing on August 1, Minister counselor-in charge of commercial affairs at the Thai embassy in Hanoi Tawaichai Koopirom appreciated Vietnam ’s development potential and said that Vietnam is a good destination for Thai entrepreneurs to do businesses.

Apart from introducing their products, Thai businesses will also explore the Vietnamese market after joining the WTO to further their ties with Vietnamese partners, he added.

Art performances that aim to boost Vietnam- Thailand cooperation and cultural exchange will be held during the event.

The exposition, held annually in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City , is part of a trade promotion programme of Thailand ’s Ministry of Trade.-

Dong Nai province strict with polluting IZs

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Dong Nai (VNA) The managing board of industrial zones (IZs) in southern Dong Nai province has announced that IZs lacking waste water treatment systems would not be licensed for operation from January 1, 2009.

According to the vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, Ao Van Thinh, local authorities will assist IZ developers in building concentrated waste water treatment systems and dealing with obstacles in ground clearance, capital and other issues.

He also asserted that from early 2009 the province will suspend operation of any IZ developer that has not invested in a waste water treatment system.

The province’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment is taking samples from local IZs and will announce pollution levels in the mass media.

According to the department, there are now 21 operational IZs in Dong Nai, discharging about 68,000 cu.m of waste water every day.

However, only nine among them have built concentrated waste water treatment systems to treat 21,000 cu.m.

Thus more than two thirds of every day’s waste water volume from the local IZs are poured directly into the environment.-

Saigontourist signs recruitment deal with Costa Crociere S.p.A

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Saigontourist has signed a contract with Costa Crociere S.p.A of Italy to recruit Vietnamese labour to work aboard five-star cabin cruisers on Europe-America and Asia-Pacific routes.

Under the deal, at least 200 workers will be recruited for the rest of the year, mostly for hospitality positions in restaurants and bars, cabins and cocktail parties.

The European shipping giant is offering salaries ranging from 1,016 USD to 3,113 USD per month. Some 500 positions are expected to open annually from 2009.

Saigontourist Director Vo Anh Tai said the deal will help generate high-paid jobs for youth and train high-quality staff for the hospitality industry.

He said it will also contribute to increasing remittances in hard currencies for the nation.

Since 2006, the domestic travel giant has been the Italian shipping group’s sole agent in Vietnam in handling outbound and inbound tours.

Saigontouirst welcomed and provided services for over 85,000 international tourists landing on Vietnam from aboard the Costa Crociere luxury cruisers in 2006 and 2007.

The travel company has also arranged high-quality tours by five-star cruisers from Vietnam to Japan , the Republic of Korea and China .

Costa Crociere S,p.A is the leading European cruising company with a fleet of 14 luxury cabin cruiser, operating worldwide sea voyages on Europe-the US , Asia-Pacific and Middle-east routes.-

Vietcombank enjoys bumper harvest of titles

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Asiamoney magazine has awarded the Joint-Stock Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) with the title “the best cash manager of 2008 in Vietnam ”.

The magazine says the award is in recognition of the bank’s creative solutions in cash management, best solutions in cash management related to liquidity governing, as well as the bank’s IT, online and post-sale services.

This is the second award from the regional magazine, with Vietcombank (VCB) taking home its first title as “the best domestic bank of 2008 in Vietnam ”.

But the accolades don’t stop there. VCB also won Trade Finance magazine’s “the bank with best commercial payment services in Vietnam for 2008” based on readers’ opinions.

In addition to international awards, VCB has won domestic customers’ confidence. In a survey conducted by the Centre of Customers and Entrepreneurs Research, VCB ranked among the top ten commercial bankers for customers satisfaction.

Vietcombank is the leading national commercial bank with a gross asset value estimated at 12.2 billion USD last year.

In its 40 years of operation, the bank has continually led the domestic sector in capital business, deposit mobilising, credits, project funding and card services.-

French agency helps Lao Cai develop infrastructure

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The French Development Agency (AFD) will provide 800,000 EUR in non-refundable aid and 22 million EUR in loans to help northern mountainous Lao Cai province develop rural infrastructure.

The two agreements were signed between representatives of Vietnam ’s Finance Ministry and the AFD in Hanoi on August 1.

The sum is part of a programme to assist infrastructure development and ecotourism in Lao Cai province at a cost of almost 27.7 million EUR jointly funded by the AFD and the French Fund for World Environment (FFEM).

The programme is designed to improve the natural environment and the living conditions of poor people in four mountainous districts, namely Sa Pa , Bac Ha, Si Ma Cai and Bat Xat whose per-capita annual income reaches only around 6 million VND.

It also aims to assist Lao Cai’s districts upgrade traffic infrastructure, public lighting and waste water treatment system as well as raise safe water supply capacity and build a solid waste treatment plant.

It also helped the province in ecotourism development and improve the Hoang Lien National Park ’s management capability.

Deputy Finance Minister Pham Si Danh praised AFD’s development assistance capital for Vietnam and affirmed that AFD-sponsored projects, especially in infrastructure and agriculture, have gained effective results.

French Ambassador to Vietnam Herve Bolot emphasised that France has experiences in rural infrastructure development that it can share with Vietnam . The project is commensurate with the orientation for bilateral cooperation, he added.

AFD has sponsored a total of around 870 million EUR to Vietnam since it began working in the country 14 years ago.-

Vietnam – Italy’s key economic strategy

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– Vietnam is on a list that Italy attaches importance to economic development, both Italy’s Foreign Minister and head of the largest employers’ association have stressed.

Together with other countries like Israel, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Japan and Serbia, Vietnam is considered part of Italy’s economic strategy, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and President of the Confederation of Italian Industry (Confindustria) Emma Marcegaglia affirmed in a meeting on July 31.

The Italian government would continue assist businesses’ operations and investment through embassies, consulates, chambers of commerce and industry, the Italian Economic Development Ministry and Confindustria’s trade offices, Foreign Minister Frattini said.

The previous government of Prime Minister Romano Prodi added Vietnam into its list of Asian countries playing a key economic role for Italy and placed the Southeast Asian nation as a strategic point on trade and investment for Italian businesses till 2020.

Confindustria is the leading organisation representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy.-