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Religious dignitaries share experiences in fighting crime

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2008 at 1:42 pm

More than 150 religious dignitaries in the northern localities gathered at a conference in Hanoi on August 7 to share their experiences in fighting crime, social evils and HIV/AIDS.

The religious followers’ activities in their localities were a response to the campaign “all people are united to build a cultural life in their residential quarters” launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee (VFFCC).

Talking about his experiences, Superior Bonze Thich Thanh Huan from the Phap Van Pagoda in Hanoi called for HIV carriers’ participation in the fight against the epidemic, saying this is a major factor in the success of the HIV/AIDS prevention and control activities.

Catholic priest Luong Duc Thieu from the Phong Loc Parish in Nam Dinh province called for the community’s sympathy for families with children involved in social evils. He also said it is necessary to facilitate their re-integration into the community.

The VFF CC praised religious followers for their active participation, saying that many religious followers-inhabited areas have become bright spots in fighting crimes, drugs and other social evils.-

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