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From polluted site to commercial hub

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2008 at 4:22 pm

HCM CITY — Dong Nai Province has sought Government approval to close down the factories in Bien Hoa I Industrial Park that are causing pollution and turn it into a services and business centre.

The IP situated in Bien Hoa city, built in 1963, has 94 domestic and foreign plants that were recently found to be seriously polluting the environment, especially the air and water.

The factories discharge 15,000cu.m of wastewater daily but only a fraction of it — 200cu.m — is treated by the park’s 16 wastewater treatment plants. The rest is discharged untreated into the Dong Nai River.

The lead content in the wastewater has been found to be four times the permissible level.

The province has told the Government that the green cover and entertainment facilities for workers in the park too are inadequate.

The plan, if approved, is expected to take five to seven years to implement.

There are 183 IPs in the country, most of them in the south-east, Hong (Red) River Delta, and central region.

Most of them suffer from a dearth of facilities to treat wastewater and gases that are then directly discharged into the environment.

It is estimated they discharge 220,000 tonnes of solid waste and 47.2 million cu.m of wastewater per year. —

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