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Dak Lak succeeds in battle against leprosy

In Uncategorized on October 11, 2008 at 9:08 am

Dak Lak (VNA) – The Central Highlands province of Dac Lac has provided medical check-ups for close to 3 million people since 1994 and successfully treated 28,000 leprosy patients in the locality.

A report publicised by the provincial Health Department on October 10 showed that the rate of leprosy patients among local residents is now 0.02 per 10,000 people, compared with 10 per 10,000 in 1994 when the province’s leprosy prevention programme commenced.

To achieve these results, Dak Lak province carried out leprosy awareness programmes at schools and established a network of 17 clinics to serve local residents.

In recognition of its tireless work in the battle against leprosy, the State President presented the Labour Order third class, to the Dak Lak Centre for Dermatology for its outstanding achievements in wiping out the disease over recent years.-

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