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Thailand reports new bird flu outbreak

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Hanoi (VNA) – Another bird-flu outbreak has been confirmed in Thailand ‘s northern province of Uthai Thani. Sakchai Sriboonsue, director-general of the Livestock

Department, said on November 13 that lab tests confirmed that fowls, which died earlier in the province, had contracted the avian flu virus.

On November 9, the department also confirmed an outbreak of bird flu had been detected in Sukhothai province.

Thailand’s Public Health Ministry declared nine northern provinces under a special watch for the deadly avian influenza on November 13. The country has also decided to suspend the export of frozen chicken and inform the World Organasation for Animal Health of the outbreaks of bird flu.

Since the first bird flu outbreak in 2004, 17 people have died of the disease in Thailand. –

Landslide kills ten people in Indonesia

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Jakarta (VNA) – Ten people have been killed and seven others are still missing feared dead after a landslide triggered by heavy rain crushed parts of two villages in Indonesia on November 13, local media reported.

The landslide also destroyed 30 houses in the Cianjur district of West Java, local disaster response official Yadi Supriyadi was quoted by Indonesia’s Antara news agency as saying on November 14.

Some 200 residents and officials have been using hoes and crowbars to try to dig their neighbours and loved ones out of the rubble, the official said.

More sophisticated rescue equipment was on its way, Antara said. –

Cambodia to host trade talks of least developed countries

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Phnom Penh (VNA) – Cambodia will host a meeting of industry and commerce ministers from around 49 of the world’s poorest countries described as the “least developed” from November 19-20 in Siem Reap province.

The ministerial meeting is aimed at discussing issues related to international trade and hammering out solutions to common problems faced by the poorest nations in their integration into global trade, the November 13 press release from the office of Cambodian government said.

High on the meeting agenda will be “Aid for Trade” (AfT), which is a package of incentives designed to help least developed countries overcome structural and resource constraints.

Ministers are expected to discuss ways to accelerate implementation of “South-South Cooperation for Poverty Reduction” plan that has been adopted since the previous meeting.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen is expected to open this event, the press release said.

The Cambodian government, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) are jointly organising this event.-

Indonesia says no to IMF aid offer

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Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia will not take loans offered by the International Monetary Fund to deal with the impact of the current global financial crisis, said a senior government finance officer.

“We will not use the IMF programme because the problem of overcoming the crisis is not on the balance of payment but on maintaining budget deficit,” State Minister for National Development Planning Paskah Suzetta was cited as saying by Antara news agency.

Indonesia ’s confirmation came in reply to the IMF’s earlier offer to give loans to developing countries including Indonesia five times higher than their earlier loans for three months. The IMF and the World Bank have also committed to giving a standby loan of 5 million USD to Indonesia .

State Minister Paskah said what the government would do was maintaining the national budget deficit through issuance of bonds. He added the country’s debt ratio was still below 30 percent and therefore the government would not increase its debts.-

Malaysia seeks cooperation with European trade area

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Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – Malaysia is exploring a framework for trade and investment co-operation with the European Free Trade Area (EFTA), according to the Bernama news agency.

The framework will provide an avenue to discuss and undertake programmes aimed at promoting trade, investment and economic cooperation, International Trade and Industry Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, was cited as saying on November 13 at the opening of the Asia-Pacific headquarters and manufacturing facility of Swiss-based Gutor Electronics in the central Malaysian state of Selangor.

The framework will also be aimed at technical cooperation in all areas for mutual benefit, Muhyiddin added.

As a member of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Malaysia has signed FTAs with Japan , China , the Republic of Korea , India , Australia and New Zealand .

Such FTAs will create more opportunities for companies like Gutor as there is a wider market to explore as they will be able to take advantage of the rules of origin and enjoy preferable market access, Muhyiddin said.-

EC set to review anti-dumping duties on Vietnam’s leather shoes

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Hanoi (VNA) – The European Commission (EC)’s Trade Defence Directorate is set to launch a term-end review of the current anti-dumping duties imposed on leather shoes imported from Vietnam, at the request of European shoe manufacturers.

Trade Defence Directorate Director Stefaan Depypere informed a press briefing in Hanoi on Nov. 13 that the aim of his visit to Vietnam was to make inquiries and hold discussions with local relevant parties regarding a number of issues related to anti-dumping duties levied on Vietnamese leather shoes.

Depypere said that his directorate would make an objective announcement following discussions with European leather and shoe producers, as well as manufacturers, exporters and other concerned agencies in Vietnam .

According to the EC trade official, the review would be conducted at any one out of a total of 450 local shoe businesses. The European Union member states will then make a decision on the possibility of lifting the anti-dumping tariffs.

Vietnam Leather and Footwear Association (Lefaso) Chairman Nguyen Van Thuan said that Lefaso has officially lodged a document opposing the imposition of anti-dumping duties on Vietnamese leather shoes.

The anti-dumping taxes have had a negative impact on the employment status of 500,000 local workers and the leather footwear industry as a whole, Thuan said.

The EC has imposed anti-dumping duties of 10 percent on leather shoes imported from Vietnam since July 2006, after it claimed the Vietnamese leather shoe industry was devaluing the prices of its products in the EU market.

Over 120 million pairs of leather shoes were exported to the EU in 2005, but this number fell to 107 million pairs in 2006 and slumped further to 91 million pairs in 2007 due to the anti-dumping measures.

In August 2008, Lefaso invited a Belgian law firm to help them argue their case.

Late last year, the EC also decided to remove Vietnamese footwear from its generalised system of preferences (GSP) for the 2009-2011 period.-

President: Vietnam opens door to welcome foreign investors

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Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam has an open door to welcome foreign investors and the State and Government will do their utmost to create a favourable environment for investors, President Nguyen Minh Triet said on Nov. 13 during his reception of a delegation from the Asia Business Council (ABC).

Speaking with the council’s members, who are all CEOs of large groups and companies that have made long-term committments to development in the Asia-Pacific region, President Triet appreciated the fact that Hanoi was chosen by the ABC to host its annual conference from Nov. 13-15.

“This is a good chance for Vietnamese businesses to learn and gain experience and to introduce images of Vietnam to the world,” he said.

Answering the visitors’ queries on the impact of the global financial crisis in Vietnam , President Triet said that Vietnam has undertaken serious considerations to discover areas of weakness, and has applied a range of solutions that have demonstrated their effectiveness in stabilising the economy.

According to him, the country’s economy has maintained stability and inflation has been brought under control. The country’s nine-month industrial production value recorded a year-on-year increase of 15.8 percent and export turnover has increased by 30 percent. These figures have helped to strengthen investors’ confidence in Vietnam and this has been manifested through the fact that total foreign direct investment capital so far this year stands at around 60 billion USD.

Regarding the role played by education and training in the country’s development, President Triet said Vietnam has put the issue at the top of its priorities and each year allocates 20 percent of the State budget to this sector.

Vietnam now has about 400 universities and colleges, and has been expanding its educational cooperation with numerous other countries.

He also stressed that Vietnam has been gradually introducing fresh blood to its management staff in order to meet developmental demands.

On behalf of the ABC delegation, ABC’s President N.R. Narayana Murthy said Vietnam ’s economic developments over recent years have attracted the attention of almost all members of the council, and as a result, the council decided to hold its annual forum in Vietnam , even though the country has no ABC members.-