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Nation readies for UN review of human rights conditions

In Uncategorized on November 26, 2008 at 3:30 pm

HA NOI — Viet Nam is committed to the success of the UN’s Human Rights Council and the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism, said Deputy Foreign Miniter Nguyen Quoc Cuong at a workshop in Ha Noi yesterday.

“Viet Nam shares the hopes of the international community that the UN’s Human Rights Council will make a positive contribution to development in international co-operation over human right issues, serving as a forum for effective co-operation and mutual understanding, with adequate respect to the traditions, culture and self-determination of every nation,” Cuong said.

Viet Nam has established an inter-agency mechanism to make preparations for its first comprehensive report on human rights conditions.

UN’s acting resident coordinator in Viet Nam Jesper Morch praised the country’s participation in most of the major international conventions on human rights and cited its remarkable progress in poverty reduction and its implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, with a substantial portion of its social benefits allocated to the nation’s most needy.

However, he said, the protection of human rights, socio-economic development and social security expansion remained challenges to Viet Nam.

The two-day workshop was organised with the aim of providing knowledge and experience for Vietnamese experts in preparation for the submission of the country’s report next year.

Under the terms of the mechanism, the UN’s Human Rights Council reviews the human rights conditions of all 192 UN members every four years as a reminder to the countries of their obligations to the protection and implementation of basic freedoms and human rights. —

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