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How spinal patients can be re-integrated into society

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HA NOI — International and Vietnamese experts have gathered in Ha Noi to raise awareness about accident prevention to try and prevent spinal cord injuries.

During a three-day conference, which closed yesterday, medical experts and doctors also discussed ways to improve patients’ recovery process, help patients integrate back into the community and minimise burdens on families.

“It’s time to pay special attention to prevention in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, and the subsequent burden spinal cord injuries put on victims and their families,” said Tran Thuy Hanh, director of Bach Mai Hospital, adding that there are roughly 2,000 people receiving spinal cord injuries each year in Viet Nam.

Spinal cord injury cases in Viet Nam are purportedly caused largely by falling from heights,traffic accidents and work injuries.

“Without proper care to help them avoid depression and anxiety, these patients’ lives will certainly be impacted tremendously, and they have few chances to overcome their new situation,” said Eric Weerts, chairman of Asian Spinal Cord Network.

Bach Mai Hospital

Under the support of Handicap International Belgium and the Asian Spinal Cord Network, Bach Mai Hospital’s Rehabilitation Centre will continue establishing the necessary infrastructure in provincial health clinics to help decrease burdens on overloaded hospitals, including such things as proper beds and physical therapy rooms, according to a decision issued last year by the Ministry of Health.

“More than 100 spinal cord injured patients will be treated and rehabilitated by an international standard-based care model. All medical staff of six hospitals in the north will be given the knowledge and professional skills to build a rehabilitation network from the central to grass-root level,”, said Tran Van Chuong, director of the hospital’s Rehabilitation Centre.

Previously, the project implementation in 2007 supplied medical facilities, including 80 well-equipped beds, along with five therapy rooms with modern equipment to provincial hospitals in Khanh Hoa, Da Nang and Phu Yen Provinces. The project also included eight training courses for doctors and physical therapists in Thanh Hoa, Bac Giang, Son La, Thai Binh, Ha Tinh and Phu Tho. —


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