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Students to get three days extra vacation during Tet

In Uncategorized on December 30, 2008 at 2:47 pm

HA NOI — Students in the capital city will get an extra three days off over Tet, the lunar New Year, to help them escape the northern winter cold, according to a report issued by the Ha Noi Department of Education and Training last week.

In other northern localities, which often get much colder than Ha Noi, schools themselves can decide the time of vacations to suit the local weather conditions.

Last year, intense cold caused suffering for many children at schools. Many developed severe colds because classroom heating was insufficient, if it existed at all.

Some children even died from the cold. Official discussions at the time centred around lengthening the Tet holidays, which has just happened.

The holiday is expected to run from January 23 to February 1, inclusive, next year. This is the first year Ha Noi and some provinces have extended the Tet holiday.

Another decision has been made to cut short the summer vacation in the central province of Nghe An because the blazing weather has affected some pupils’ health. They will also only take a week’s holiday for Tet.

However, in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta provinces, there was pressure not to extend the Tet holidays.

Deputy Director of the Long An Province’s Department of Edutcation and Training Tran Hoang Nhan said that in some districts, including Tan Thanh, Tan Hung and Moc Hoa, students often had to take leave of three or four weeks due to floods from August to November, so the Tet holiday should not be extended to ensure the students complete their studies.

Also for the Tet holiday, the Ha Noi Department of Education and Training has told schools and officials not to use State funds for making presents to higher authorities.

The department said they should follow the Prime Minister’s guidelines on practising thrift and combating wastes – and that this prohibited them from squandering public money on such things as imported spirits and using public cars for their own purposes, especially during Tet.

An official circular to schools has also asked teachers to pay attention to helping underprivileged families and retired officials celebrate Tet.

Deputy head of the Department of Education and Training’s Office in the central province of Nghe An Nguyen Trong Hoan said students of junior secondary and primary schools would have two weeks off for Tet because they started school two weeks sooner than schedule. —

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