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Canadian opera star to perform ‘Phantom’ with local artist

In Vietnam Culture on November 30, 2009 at 4:11 am

Renowned Canadian opera singer Genevieve Charest spoke to the press November 28 in Ho Chi Minh City about her upcoming performance of The Phantom of the Opera with local singer Duc Tuan.

Duc Tuan and Genevieve Charest will perform The Phantom of the Opera November 29 in HCM City

The top opera singer has traveled the world performing in several musicals including Les Miserables, Don Juan and The Phantom of the Opera. Her voiced is described as haunting and beautiful, with audiences eagerly awaiting her duet with Tuan.

This is Charest’s first trip to Vietnam, though she said she wasn’t nervous as she had previously traveled to Korea and Japan to release albums.

During the press conference, Charest presented the song “I dream a dream” in French. The famous song is performed in the opera Les Miserables, in which Charest played one of the characters.

The vivacious singer trained as a soprano vocalist, but later crossed over into classical music. On her latest album, Charest returns to opera with the song Nessun Dorma in Turandot, proving her forte as an artist.

Charest has released three albums including H2O, L’ete du Labrador, and Tant Rever, receiving several nominations and prizes for her body of work. She credits her manager, Raymond du Berger, with helping to solidify her place as a top performer on the opera scene. Du Berger has also accompanied Charest on her trip to Vietnam.

Duc Tuan, who released the album “Music of the night” in July, will perform with Charest November 29 at HCM City’s Opera House.

In addition to singing with Tuan in the The Phantom of the Opera, Charest said she will wear a traditional Vietnamese gown known as an ao dai.

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