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Foreign airlines add more flights to Vietnam

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Foreign airlines add more flights to Vietnam

QĐND – Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 21:54 (GMT+7)

Malaysia Airlines has applied for permission to increase its total flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Kuala Lumpur from currently 14 a week to 20, 3 flights from Monday to Saturday and 2 flights on Sunday, said Vo Huy Cuong, Head of the Air Transport Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV).

The new flight schedule will take effect as of March 31st.

In another development, a representative from Qatar Airways said that the airline will also increase HCMC-Doha flights to 7, from currently, 4 a week, and launch non-stop flights between Hanoi and Qatar to meet the increasing travel demand from Vietnam to the Middle East and European countries.

Source: TTO

Translated by Vu Hung

Source: QDND

Country has 13,200 newly established firms

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Country has 13,200 newly established firms

QĐND – Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 21:51 (GMT+7)

Some 3,600 enterprises, with a total registered capital of 25.5 trillion VND (1.34 billion USD), were created in March, pushing the number of newly-established enterprises in the first quarter of the year nationwide to 13,200, with a total registered capital of 89.3 trillion VND, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

The registered capital in the first quarter of the year increased by 5.3 percent compared to the same period last year, while the number of newly established enterprises declined by 31.2 percent.

HCM City had 5,000 newly established enterprises with registered worth 27 trillion VND during the first quarter of the year, according to director of the city’s Department of Planning and Investment Thai Van Re.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Free rice for hunger relief in Kon Tum

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Free rice for hunger relief in Kon Tum

QĐND – Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 21:51 (GMT+7)

The Central Highland province of Kon Tum plans to distribute 1,000 tonnes of rice to the poor in seven districts in March and April.

The provincial People’s Committee said each person would get 15 kg of rice per month.

Dak Glei district alone will receive 240 tonnes, while Sa Thay residents, 180 tonnes.

The province has set aside 2,000 tonnes of rice from the national reserve for hunger relief following Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s decision in February.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Ethnic girls to receive scholarships

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Ethnic girls to receive scholarships

QĐND – Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 21:51 (GMT+7)

Ethnic minority girls will receive seven-year scholarships to complete their high school and undergraduate university courses under a new scheme announced by its sponsors on March 29.

The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and Vu A Dinh Fund said they were entering into a partnership to implement an “innovative” programme to help educate ethnic minority girls, one of the most disadvantaged groups in the country.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by Don Lam, CEO of VinaCapital Group and Chairman of the VinaCapital Foundation, and Vu Quang Vinh, director of the fund, an NGO that focuses on providing scholarships for ethnic minority students.

The progamme called “A Brighter Path: Scholarships for Ethnic Minority Girls” will provide scholarships for girls from various ethnic minority communities throughout Vietnam who are exemplary students.

The initial donation of 13,500 USD to fund the first year of scholarships for 50 girls is being provided by Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (CanCham), and will be matched by the VinaCapital Group.

The programme will provide 100 girls from poor families with scholarships for seven years to attend high school and university.

Eligible applicants must be members of one of Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups, demonstrate high academic excellence, and come from families living at or below the national poverty line – monthly per capita income of 13 USD.

Once accepted into the programme, each student will receive a seven-year scholarship, including four years of university, that includes support for books, food, housing and uniforms or clothing.

In addition, VCF and Vu A Dinh will convene the girls once a year for the “Dream Meeting”, a workshop/retreat that will give them a chance to reflect on their progress and brainstorm future goals.

The girls will also be matched with mentors from Vu A Dinh, who will keep open lines of communication in the event the girls need academic or personal guidance.
The programme’s pilot year will support 50 15-year-old girls from various communities all over Vietnam , after which the number of students will be increased to 100.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Food inspections due in April

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Food inspections due in April

QĐND – Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 21:51 (GMT+7)

The Ministry of Health will inspect six food groups as part of the Month of Action for Food Hygiene Quality and Safety to be launched on April 15.

Nguyen Cong Khan, head of the Ministry of Health’s Administration for Food Safety and Hygiene Department, said the food under scrutiny included meat products, drinking water, soft drinks, wines, health supplements, and dairy products.

During the inspection, the ministry will do their rounds in 33 key cities and provinces.

Localities nationwide are also being asked to form their own teams to test food safety and hygiene.

Three ministry teams have been given the responsibility to recheck the quality of milk samples taken from Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Lang Son, Quang Ninh and Ha Nam.

As planned, the ministry will send out 39 inspection teams to recheck food safety and hygiene by the end of this year.

At present, milk quality control measures had met difficulties and large amounts of substandard milk products have been found on the local market, Khan said. To effectively control food quality, especially dairy products, it is necessary to tighten management and strictly deal with substandard producers, according to Khan.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

ACE Life funds a school in Phu Yen

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ACE Life funds a school in Phu Yen

QĐND – Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 21:51 (GMT+7)

The construction of a VND 1.2 billion primary school has started recently in Xuan Lam commune, Song Cau district, Phu Yen province with the financial assistance from ACE Life Vietnam Company.

The school, named Xuan Lam is being constructed on a solid and hilly land, with a mountain at the back to avoid being hit by floods and storms.

The two-storey school will have 6 classrooms and in case of floods teaching facilities will be moved to the second floor.

The construction is expected to be completed by this July, in good time to welcome students to their academic year of 2010-2011.

ACE Life Vietnam has actively supported Vietnam’s education, and the company has so far provided financial assistance to 1,444 needy students nationwide, helped upgrade four schools in Ho Chi Minh City and taken part in various significant social activities.

Source: DDDN

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Stocks slip to near 500 points

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The Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange retreated on March 30 despite a rally on the US stock markets. Liquidity was significantly improved.

Vietnam’s benchmark VN-Index of 215 companies and four mutual funds fell 4.95 points, or 0.97 percent, to finish at 500.72. Most blue-chips declined while penny-chips climbed.

Of the index, 59 shares gained, 129 tumbled, and 32 were unchanged. Around 59.87 million shares were traded at VND2.24 trillion.

Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation (TTF), located in the southeast province of Binh Duong, and Vinalink International Freight Forwarders (VNL) led the list of losers. Both gave up the 5 percent daily limit to VND30,400 and VND19,000 respectively.

The furniture maker will hold its annual shareholders meeting on April 22 this year. Ta Thi Vu Van, related to Ta Van Nam, a member of the company’s Board of Directors, sold 15,000 holdings on February 25 this year without making a declaration.

The Hanoi-based Dong Do Marine Joint Stock Company, meanwhile, saw 4.96 percent of its share value trading at VND13,400.

Cables and Telecommunications Material Joint Stock Company (SAM), which added up 0.63 percent, was the most active share in volume as more than 4.8 million shares changed hands at VND32,100.

Saigon Commercial Bank, or Sacombank (STB), followed with 2.43 million shares traded at VND21,800. The bank’s shares continued to lose 1.36 percent today.

Sugar maker Société De Bourbon Tay Ninh (SBT) saw around 1.9 million shares of the company traded.

The biggest winners included Cavico Viet Nam Mining and Construction Joint Stock Company (MCV), Sai Gon Garment Manufacturing Trade Joint Stock Company (GMC), and Construction and Materials Trading Joint Stock Company (CNT).

The smaller bourse in the north also stayed red as Hanoi’s HNX-Index slid 0.84 percent, or 1.38 points, to close at 162.37. Around 27.7 million shares, worth VND906.8 billion changed hands.
The index of the over-the-counter market, UPCoM-Index, rose 0.11 points to 46.06. A total of 288,280 shares traded at VND3.95 billion.

Source: SGGP

PM orders inquiry into US drug-company kickbacks for doctors

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Following reports that the US’s Schering-Plough Pharmaceutical Company incited Ho Chi Minh City doctors to promote two kinds of drugs in exchange for commission, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has ordered the Ministry of Health to impose penalties on the drug company and doctors who took kickbacks.

Ho Chi Minh City doctors receive high commission if they prescribe the drug US’s Schering-Plough Pharmaceutical Company’s Pegintron 50 mdg and Pegintron 80 mcg ( Photo: SGGP)

The Ministry of Health will liaise with the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee to investigate the issue and report to the Prime Minister on suggested penalties for those involved.

Doctors in public HCMC hospitals reportedly received up to VND500 million (US$26,300) monthly as commission for promoting two types of Schering-Plough drugs used to treat viral hepatitis.

Leaders of the city’s Medical University and its hospital held a press conference March 29 to discuss the controversy as related to staff here.

Dr. Phan Chien Thang, deputy director of the Medical University Hospital, said that one his staff, Dr. Truong Ba Trung, has been temporarily suspended from his clinical and teaching work for his reported involvement in the case.

In addition, the hospital has terminated a contract with Dr. Dinh Da Ly Huong, also for allegedly taking kickbacks.

Co-deputy Director of the hospital Dr. Nguyen Hoang Bac said he had ordered the facility’s Pharmaceutical Faculty to investigate all drug prescriptions written recently, especially those for Schering-Plough’s Pegintron 50 mdg and Pegintron 80 mcg used to treat liver disease.

It would then be decided if doctors had prescribed the medicines inappropriately to receive commission.

Dr. Le Quan Nghiem, deputy head of the Medical University-turned-head of the Pharmaceutical Faculty, said the school has also suspended Dr. Nguyen Duc Tuan after rumors surfaced that he was working as a marketing director for Schering-Plough.

The US pharmaceutical company merged with US-based Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) in 2009 and Ton That Luong Nguyen was appointed chief representative in Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen reportedly secured a high commission for doctors of 10-30 percent of the cost of the drugs if they prescribed Pegintron 50 mcg and Pegintron 80 mcg for patients.

The monthly turnover in Vietnam of the two types of drugs is around VND6 billion (US$ 315,000). Mr. Nguyen allegedly gained around VND1 billion a month after taking a percentage of the commission made by the doctors.

Source: SGGP

Boat heroes’ war memoirs tell of bravery, sacrifice

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The book “Memoirs of unlicensed boats,” compiled by Ma Thien Dong, moved many readers deeply when it was first launched at the recent HCMC Book Fair.   

Vietnam War heroes, whose memoirs appear in the recently released book “Memoirs of unlicensed boats,” attend a discussion with readers at the 6th HCMC Book Fair mid-March (Photo: SGGP)The memoirs of boat operators during the Vietnam War are being lauded for providing historical insight into the lives of those who supplied weapons to Vietnamese fighters during the conflict with the US.
Readers also said they felt extremely proud of the boat drivers after reading their accounts.
The book is a series of stories recalled by northern Vietnamese soldiers as they journeyed south in their small fishing boats to secretly deliver artillery to their comrades. Once the boats left home, they would never return.
The boats had license plates for fishing purposes, but not for delivering weapons to the south. Hence, the vessels became known as “unlicensed boats.”
Since the original stories were so impressive and touching, compiler Dong decided to retain all the memoirs without adding to or changing any of them. His goal was simply to ensure that all details listed in the book were accurate.
Dong also coordinated with book fair organizers to host a conference with readers, young people, and those whose lives and achievements had been carefully reported in the book.
Some of the heroes detailed in the memoirs included Tran Phong who headed Brigade No.125, his colleague Nguyen Van Duc who acted as Vice General Advisor of the brigade, and Nguyen Xuan Thom, former commander of Battalion No.7.
The heroes came to the forum armed with unforgettable stories, picking up where the book left off. The revered veterans also reminded young people attending the meeting of how their forefathers had defeated a large, strong country like the US with less artillery.  
Through their stories, rich in detail and emotion, readers said they were able to gain a greater appreciation for the sacrifices made by the soldiers. The courageousness, pride and spirit of the veterans were conveyed effectively to young reader at the conference, who sat quietly, hanging on every word spoken by the national heroes.  
The conference also served to bridge old and new generations from both war and peace times, with the attendance of young naval soldiers.
The young soldiers said the memoirs made a deep impression on them and that they felt a renewed sense of responsibility towards the country and past generations. 

Source: SGGP

Quy Nhon receives ‘National First Class City’ title

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Quy Nhon City in the south-central province of Binh Dinh will hold a ceremony March 31 to announce Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung’s decision to recognize Quy Nhon as a National First Class City.

          Nguyen Tat Thanh boulevard in Quy Nhon City.

The event will also mark the 35th anniversary of Binh Dinh’s provincial independence.

Quy Nhon has recently become a key economic area in the south-central region with the establishment of the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone in 2005 and Thi Nai Port in 2006. Living conditions in the area have also greatly improved, said Mr. Dinh Ba Loc, former deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

Binh Dinh is focusing on attracting more investment capital for the Nhon Hoi Industrial Park, which now has 28 projects with total capital of more than VND24 trillion (US$120 million). There are five are foreign investment projects worth a total of $364.7 million.

According to head of the Management Board of Binh Dinh Economic Zone, Man Ngoc Ly, Nhon Hoi Economic Zone will be developed into a general multi-field economic zone with its own operation regulations.

It will comprise a non-tariff zone, industrial zone, seaport service zone, and tourist and new urban areas operating under a special incentive mechanism to help Binh Dinh become a key economic region of central Vietnam.

Nhon Hoi Economic Zone will create jobs for thousands of people and change the province’s economic structure into one of industrialization and modernization.

The province will also focus on extending its export market and enhancing technology and advanced management skills to contribute to the local budget and improve people’s living standards.

Chairman of the Quy Nhon City People’s Committee, Thai Ngoc Bich, said the city is focusing on building Quy Nhon into a modern, civilized and green city.

The local government will carry out projects of Bui Thi Xuan, Phu Tai and Long My industrial parks, while roads linking the city to new urban areas will be built, he added.

In 1986, Quy Nhon Town was enlarged and recognized as a city of Binh Dinh Province. It received the title of “National Second-Class City” in 1998.

This year’s honor is seen as a step towards further development of the city in becoming a major economic area in the south-central region.

Source: SGGP