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United in building an ASEAN community

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United in building an ASEAN community

QĐND – Thursday, April 01, 2010, 20:56 (GMT+7)

The 16th ASEAN Summit (ASEAN 16), the first summit of the 2010 ASEAN Year is due to take place in Hanoi from April 6-9. Sub-committees from the National Committee for ASEAN 2010 along with various ministries and sectors are finalising preparations to make the summit a great success.


A Voice of Vietnam (VOV) reporter interviewed the Head of Vietnam’s high-level ASEAN delegation, Pham Quang Vinh, on preparations for the summit.


Reporter: There are several days left before ASEAN 16 is held in Hanoi. Could you please elaborate on the preparations being made for the summit?

Mr Vinh:  The theme Vietnam has proposed for the Year of ASEAN Chair is “Towards ASEAN Community: From Vision to Action”. We had consultations with other ASEAN member countries at the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM), which was held in HCM City from March 1-3. At the 16th ASEAN Summit, three main proposals will be submitted to ASEAN leaders for their approval, including a statement on economic recovery and sustainable development, a statement on coping with climate change and the Chair’s statement on the outcomes of ASEAN 16.

In addition, Vietnam has also prepared an agenda, focusing on implementing the ASEAN Charter towards building an ASEAN community, strengthening communication within ASEAN and boosting ASEAN cooperation to cope with global challenges, particularly economic recovery and climate change. The agenda also underlines the need to enhance ASEAN’s international cooperation with its partners to maintain ASEAN’s central role and promote the bloc’s image.

Reporter:  How have Vietnam’s officials managed to prepare such a large volume of work?

Mr Vinh: In fact, as soon as Vietnam took over ASEAN’s Chairmanship, we started the preparatory work by way of mobilising all our resources from the relevant ministries and sectors. For example, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was responsible for itemising issues and the summit’s contents while the Ministry of Industry and Trade has worked with the Ministries of Economics in the other ASEAN countries to deal with issues related to economics and sustainable development.

In terms of climate change, we have liased closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment to gather the opinions from experts in this field.

Reporter: At this summit, what contents are considered to be on Vietnam’s initiative?

Mr Vinh:  Bringing all the agreements to life to build a united ASEAN can be seen as Vietnam’s initiative. We have formed an agenda with priority on creating an ASEAN Charter and building a united ASEAN community.

Concerning efforts to cope with climate change, Vietnam has put the issue into the main focus of ASEAN meetings and this has been praised by other member countries.

Apart from devising work programmes for ASEAN 16, Vietnam has put together a common programme for 2010 with different topics in line with the theme,” From vision to action”.

Reporter: Thank you so much.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

High-rises urged to check fire precautions

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High-rises urged to check fire precautions

QĐND – Thursday, April 01, 2010, 21:37 (GMT+7)

The Ministry of Construction has asked its provincial departments to check fire prevention regulations for skyscrapers, according to Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh.

The departments had to ensure that materials used in waste treatment systems in the buildings satisfy regulated standards, Khanh stressed.

Under the ministry’s investigation, the recent fire caused by the waste treatment system in Building SJC – 34 in Thanh Xuan district occurred because the system was made with products provided by Mai Dong Glass Joint Stock Company.

The ministry has also requests construction investors, who use products provided by this company, to double check their system.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Medical students get training on AIDS

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Medical students get training on AIDS

QĐND – Thursday, April 01, 2010, 21:37 (GMT+7)

More than 200 lecturers in Medicine from universities in the South and Central Highlands on March 31 met in Hai Phong Medical School to review a pre-service training project on HIV/AIDS care and prevention.

The pilot project under review that was carried out at Hai Phong Medical School and Hai Phong Medical College introduced HIV patient care as a specialised subject for medicinal students.

Representatives from Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC); representatives from practicum sites in Hai Phong, such as the city’s hospitals, health centers, drug addiction treatment centers; and representatives from international donors and non-government organisations, including United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Pathfinder International, Family Health International and PACT attended the conference.

Under the pilot programme, medical and nursing students
attended small community clinics to learn a more client-friendly approach to HIV care, and strengthen their counseling skills. It is critical that students in Hai Phong learn this, as the city is ranked third for HIV/AIDS infections, according to organisers.

The project, the first of its kind in Vietnam , has been implemented since 2007, funded by PEPFAR through USAID, PACT, CDC and technically supported by Pathfinder International and Family Health International.

So far, 382 medical students and 587 nursing students have been taught using the new HIV/AIDS curricula and in coming years all students at the two schools will participate, making a significant contribution to the health sector, since annually Hai Phong Medical School provides training for 500 medical doctors and 200 nursing students.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Red River sand exploitation still a threat to local residents

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Red River sand exploitation still a threat to local residents

QĐND – Thursday, April 01, 2010, 21:37 (GMT+7)

The illegal extraction of sand that has taken place since the beginning of March is threatening the Thuy Phu dyke corridor that runs alongside the Hong (Red) River in Hanoi ’s Phu Xuyen district and the lives and farmland of hundreds of families.

Lieutenant-Colonel Le Van Phuc, head of the city’s Waterway Police Unit 3, said that since the beginning of the month, more than 10 illegal sand dredgers had been seized and fined at 9.4 million VND per dredge.

Phuc said that the situation became serious when the dredgers took advantages of the ill-defined borders and boundaries of police jurisdiction between Hanoi and Hung Yen and Ha Nam provinces.

Do Chi Hoa, a citizen near Thuy Phu Dyke, said that the illegal sand exploitation activities took place at night when the policemen did not carry out patrols. They dredged sand just near the dyke.

Nguyen Van Muoi, a construction material dealer, said that the price of sand was much higher than last year, reaching 300,000-400,000 VND per cubic metre. In a night, sand dredgers are able to extract scores of cubic metres of sand.

Senior Lieutenant-Colonel Vu Son Hai, deputy head of Law Guidance and Waterway Transport Unit of Waterway Department, said illegal sand dredging on Red River was very dangerous because they changed the river current and caused riverbanks to erode, threatening the safety corridor system and other irrigation works.

Hai said that at least, each month the unit dealt with 10 illegal sand exploitation cases.

Khuat Duy Kieu, head of the Waterway Police Unit, said that illegal sand dredgers would have their transport vehicles seized by the capital’s waterway police if they were caught committing illegal acts.

Kieu said that this was one of the measures that deployed by the city’s waterway police during their one-month campaign to prevent and deal with illegal sand dredging.

Staff from the Waterway Police had been ordered to patrol at night and early morning, he said.

Phuc said that the city’s police would cooperate with neighbouring provinces as well as use more modern equipments to catch illegal sand dredgers.

According to city police statistics, there are 32 hotspots favoured by illegal sand dredgers along the river, with 111 reported cases of illegal sand dredging in the city.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Workshop calls for more advocacy for the disabled

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Workshop calls for more advocacy for the disabled

QĐND – Thursday, April 01, 2010, 21:37 (GMT+7)

The Vietnam General Confederation of Labour in coordination with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) held a workshop in HCM City on April 1 to discuss measures to help disabled people integrate more into the community.

Many participants at the workshop agreed that its is necessary to accelerate the dissemination of information to raise advocacy and awareness on the community’s responsibilities in caring for and assisting disabled people, as well as complete the draft law on employment for the disabled before submission to the National Assembly for approval.

They also mentioned helping the disabled in vocational training, finding outlets for their products and establishing funds for job generation.

According to Tran Van Tu, Director of the Policies and Mechanism Section under the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, so far, eight provinces have set up job generation funds for the disabled, but only three of them have been put into operation.

Currently, the disabled can only find jobs at establishments that are specifically designed to hire them, and which pay low salaries.

Over 5.4 million people across Vietnam are living with disabilities, making up 6.34 percent of the population.

According to statistics of the Social Welfare Department under the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs, 36 percent of the disabled in Vietnam are illiterate, 25 percent are employed, between 65-70 percent are living off support from their families, and over 30 percent of them are living in poverty.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Bull returns to Vietnam’s stock markets

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Ho Chi Minh City stocks on April 1 recovered as investors were back in a buying mood after selling off yesterday.

The index of 216 companies and four mutual funds finished at 508.18, gaining 1.79 percent, or 8.94 points. Around 53.6 million shares, worth 2.49 trillion changed hands.

Of the index, 162 shares advanced, 24 fell, and 34 were unchanged.

Hanoi-based technology company CMC Corporation (CMG), which closed up the maximum daily allowed limit of 5 percent to VND23,100, was the biggest gainer. Next were House Viet Nam Joint Stock Company (NVN), which increased 4.97 percent to VND31,700, and Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation (TTF), which moved up 4.93 percent to VND31,900.

Saigon Commercial Bank or Sacombank (STB) topped the list of the most active stocks in value as more than 2.47 million shares were traded. Saigon Security Inc. (SSI) came next with 1.74 million shares. The country’s largest brokerage added up 1.16 percent to VND43,700.

Dien Quang Joint Stock Company (DQC) followed with 1.51 million shares traded up 2.7 percent to VND57,000.

Decliners on the southern bourse were led by Sai Gon Telecommunication & Technologies Corporation (SGT), Van Phat Hung Corporation (VPH), and Techno – Agricultural Supplying Joint Stock Company (TSC).

The northern bourse also recovered as Hanoi’s HNX-Index rose 3.27 points, or 2.04 percent, to 163.82. Trading volume reached 21.8 million shares, worth VND764.4 billion.

The UPCoM-Index fell 0.33 points to close at 44.59. A total of 188,910 shares changed hands at VND2.81 billion.

Source: SGGP

Tests find foam food packages safe in Vietnam: official

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The National Institute for Testing Food Hygiene and Safety has carried out tests on polystyrene foam food packages and determined they don’t pose a health threat, said a health official on March 31.

A roadside vendor serves up hot food in a polystyrene foam carryout container (Photo: Thanh nien)

Nguyen Cong Khan, head of the Food Safety and Hygiene Department under the Ministry of Health, said the institute tested over 10 foam food package samples taken from roadside eateries in Hanoi.

The containers were subjected to heat and acid tests, but scientists failed to find any chemicals leaching out that would cause cancer or threaten human health.

Mr. Khan said the research was conducted on domestically made foam food packages after China recently announced a ban on the containers for food carryout.

He also warned that while the recent tests had not shown the Vietnamese containers to be dangerous, people should remain wary as some small-scale foam manufacturers may not meet quality standards for safety.

Moreover, there is no way to identify good-quality from low-quality products in terms of health safety, so many vendors simply use the cheapest ones available.

Other experts who were not involved in the recent tests have said that all foam carryout containers release toxic chemicals when used to hold hot food.

Dr. Tran Van Ky of the Vietnam Food Safety Association and Dr. Nguyen Xuan Mai of the Ho Chi Minh City-based Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, said foam and plastic packages are recycled products.

As such, during the processing of the containers, manufacturers must use industrial dissolvable and adhesive chemicals mixed with impurities, heavy metals and toxic substances.

Vietnamese people have used these foam packages for years to contain hot food. Sidewalk eateries and higher-end restaurants both use the containers, saying that currently, no affordable alternatives exist.

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Source: SGGP

Hanoi halts plan to build millennial time capsule

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The capital city will not carry out a planned project to create a time capsule for the upcoming Thang Long-Hanoi millennial celebrations, said Mr. Pham Quang Nghi, Politbureau member and secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee on March 31.

The time capsule covering on an area of 1,000 square meters in Hanoi Museum won’t be carried out.

The secretary said that it is not feasible to bury the capsule, which was to contain 1,000 cultural objects, underground.

Organizers could also not agree on which items to include in the capsule or when it should eventually be opened. Originally, the container was to be unearthed in 1,000 years by future generations. 

Mr. Nghi said all projects marking the grand celebration of the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi must be implemented carefully and thoughtfully.

Director of the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and tourism, Pham Quang Long, also admitted the mistake in organizing a press conference on March 22 to introduce the project which has not been approved by the municipal People’s Committee.

Originally, the Government was to choose 63 items representative of 63 cities and provinces nationwide to be included in the capsule. The remaining objects were to be chosen by the people featuring Vietnamese culture, science and technology as well as reflect the development of contemporary society.

The container was then to be buried underground on an area of 1,000 square meters at the Hanoi Museum in October.

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Source: SGGP

Exhibit raises money for poor children, photographers

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A photo display to raise money for poor children and photographers, titled “Vietnam’s Vitality 2,” is running at the Ho Chi Minh City Exhibition House until April 4.

A picture by  photographer Tran Duy Thuc is being held at the exhibition.

The exhibit introduces viewers to 92 vivid, realistic and diversified pictures of the Vietnamese land and people by 44 domestic photographers.

People can contribute to the charity fund by purchasing individual photos or a book of the exhibit.

Fifty percent of the proceeds will be donated to poor senior photographers and disadvantaged children in HCMC’s Can Gio District.

Artist Vi Quoc Hiep will also be on hand to paint portraits of viewers during the exhibition at 92 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, HCMC.

Hiep’s paintings are known for evoking the exquisite and sophisticated beauty of the resort town of Da Lat in the central highland province of Lam Dong.


Source: SGGP

Northern culture fest to highlight folk traditions

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The Bac Ninh Province People’s Committee March 31 announced an upcoming festival from April 14-18 titled “Bac Ninh Literature – Gather and Shine.” 

Quan ho performances, a unique tradition of Bac Ninh Province, will be officially recognized as “World intangible heritage” by UNESCO on April 17 during the “Bac Ninh Literature – Gather and Shine” festival Addressing the press at Kinh Bac Cultural Center, event organizers said the festival will feature several activities related to art, culture, music and sport.
In addition, there will be a relics exhibition and folk music singing contest along with local art displays including Dong Ho paintings, Phu Lang terracotta, Dai Bai bronze works, Dong Ky woodworks, and time-honored Quan ho performances.
Traditional folk games like chicken fighting, releasing pigeons and human chess will round out the event.
The highlight of the festival will be an April 17 ceremony to award a certificate of merit to Bac Ninh for its Quan ho songs, which are being recognized as a “World intangible heritage” by UNESCO.
On the occasion, provincial officials will grant certificates of merit to 40 Quan ho craftsmen.

Source: SGGP