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1,000 Youth Union members donate blood

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1,000 Youth Union members donate blood

QĐND – Tuesday, April 06, 2010, 21:6 (GMT+7)

Over a 1,000 Youth Union members from businesses, universities and army units in Quang Ngai province have donated over 500 units of blood in response to the blood donation campaign launched in the Central province on April 4th.  

Bui Quang Kieu, who has donated blood 21 times in the province, said donating blood is a meaningful deed and he had started donating blood since he was at high school. He added that he was very happy doing it because his blood can help to save a patient, especially poor patients.

At the event, the Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee presented certificates of merit to 34 groups and individuals to acknowledge their humanitarian acts.

On this occasion, hundreds of youth union members joined the parade on the streets to mobilise more people to participate in blood donation.

The event was organised by the Quang Ngai Steering Committee of Voluntary Blood Donation, the province’s Youth Union and the Quang Ngai General Hospital.

Source: TT

Translated by Phuong Linh

Source: QDND

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