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22 works awarded at Int’l FICTS festival

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22 works awarded at Int’l FICTS festival

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Twenty two movies have been selected for awards at the fifth Vietnam International FICTS festival – Sport, Tourism Movies and TV which ended in the central city of Da Nang on May 30.

Out of 92 participating films by 34 domestic and foreign studios, six films each won the first and second prizes, three films were awarded the individual prizes and seven others received the jury board prize.

With the largest number of entries ever since, the festival has seen remarkable progress in the quality of works.

Source: VNA/ Photo: Tuoi Tre

Source: QDND

Contest tests students’ history skills, in English

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Contest tests students’ history skills, in English

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Nearly 2,000 secondary school students in Hanoi on May 30 participated in the first round of a competition designed to promote the study of the capital’s history in English.

The contest aims to provide Hanoi school students the opportunity to understand more about the capital’s history while at the same time improving their English language skills to celebrate 1,000th anniversary of the city, according to organisers.

The first round included tests on events, celebrities, cultural and historical sites, cuisine, costumes and traditional occupations typically associated with Hanoi.

In addition to the tests, students gave singing and dancing performances and told stories about the capital in English.

Nguyen Viet Anh of Hanoi’s Phan Dinh Phung Secondary School said, “we joined the contest to understand and improve our knowledge about our capital, its history and culture. It’s a significant way to celebrate the great event. Although many people thought that teenagers would not pay much attention to common issues such as the capital’s 1,000th anniversary, we’re proving that it’s not so.”

The competition was jointly held by the Hanoi Department of Education and Training and Apollo, and sponsored by Nokia-Ovi.

About 500 students will be selected to participate in the second and third rounds in July. The final ceremony is expected to be held at the Hanoi Opera House in August with a pool of 180 million VND (about 9,500 USD) worth in prizes for the winners.

Source: VNA/ Photo: Dantri

Source: QDND

Gov’t okays preservation of ancient northern port city

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Gov’t okays preservation of ancient northern port city

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has approved a master plan on preserving, restoring and promoting the values of the ancient town of Pho Hien in the northern province of Hung Yen by 2020.

According to the decision, the plan will zone the architectural space of for preservation and will be divided into seven sub-projects.

Subprojects No. 1, 2, 3 and 5, to be implemented between 2010-2015, will classify the relics, relocate residents from the relic sites and conduct excavation work.

Under subprojects No. 4 and 6, relics within and outside the boundary of the ancient Pho Hien will be restored, while subproject No. 7, to start in 2015, will improve the community’s capacity in management and protection of the relics.

Formed in the early 16th century, Pho Hien, 62km northeast of Hanoi, was a crowded and bustling commercial port, receiving ships from China, Japan, Indonesia, the UK and France.

At present, Pho Hien remains an ancient architectural area with streets bearing the Asian-European architecture, over 60 historical relics and 100 steles together with many temples and pagodas.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Hue Festival – a melting pot of global cultures

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Hue Festival – a melting pot of global cultures

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 21:0 (GMT+7)

The 2010 Hue Festival, the largest ever so far, will act as a melting pot of ancient capital cities and cities that are world cultural heritage sites, said a local official.

Ngo Hoa, Vice Chairman of the Thua Thien-Hue People’s Committee, said that from June 5-13, the festival will include artists from 31 countries around the world, including Russia, Denmark, China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Laos, the US, Mexico, Argentina, Australia and France.

Hoa, who is also Head of the Organising Board, further said that French performers, who are a regular feature of the Hue Festival, will put on a variety of entertainments including exhibitions, installation art works, street performances and a selection of concerts and displays.

With the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development”, in the lead up to the millennium anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi and the 50th anniversary of the sister cities of Hanoi – Hue – Saigon, the Hue Festival this year will feature a wide range of large-scale, impressive cultural shows.

In addition to the revived old imperial celebrations such as Le Te Giao (offering rituals), Dem Hoang Cung (Imperial Night), Kham Pha Huyen Thoai Song Huong (Exploring the legend of the Perfume river), this year’s festival will launch a programme named “Hanh Trinh Mo Coi” which presents the nation’s attempts to reclaim the lands in the south of the country from the 10 th century to 1945.

The Naval manoeuvres of Lord Nguyen Phuc Lan, will also be re-enacted on the Huong River to celebrate the 375 years since Lord Lan chose Kim Long as the capital city. Close to 1,000 people and 72 warships will take part in the event.

In particular, the three forms of traditional Vietnamese arts that have been recognised by UNESCO as world cultural heritages – Nha Nhac (royal music), Ca Tru (ceremonial singing) and Quan Ho (love duets ) and other traditional types of music like Cheo (traditional opera) and folk songs will be performed together in a programme called “The Breath of Water.”

Dem Phuong Dong (Oriental night) will spotlight the charming and unique beauty of several Asian costumes, including the Vietnamese Ao Dai (traditional long dress).

Almost all the events will be held outdoors, which will add a new dimension to the festival and be new and interesting for the tens of thousands of visitors both at home and abroad, Hoa stressed.

Thua Thien-Hue province will also launch a number of new tours, to give holidaymakers the chance to explore local lagoons, go on pilgrimages to various holy sites, or simply enjoy songs and music along the banks of the Huong River.

First held in 2000, the biennial Hue Festival has been a tremendous success. In 2008, the festival attracted nearly 2,000 domestic and foreign artists and 180,000 visitors, including 30,000 from overseas.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Vietnam to hold tourism festivals in Japan, Korea

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Vietnam to hold tourism festivals in Japan, Korea

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Vietnamese tourism authorities will organize two festivals in Japan and the Republic of Korea next month to promote the country’s cultural and tourism attractions in the two major markets.

The festival in Tokyo, Japan, would be held from June 22 to 24 and in Seoul, South Korea, from June 25 to 27, Nguyen Van Tinh, head of the International Cooperation Department, the organizer of the events, said.

Vietnam Airlines, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, and officials from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, the central city of Danang, and the central provinces of Quang Nam and Thua Thien-Hue will attend the festivals, according to Thoi Bao Kinh Te Sai Gon Online (Saigon Economic Times Online) newspaper.

“Some 30 Vietnamese businesses have signed up to take part,” Tinh said.

“A 20-member art troupe is preparing for the events. We will introduce Vietnamese culture and tourism as well as investment opportunities in the two markets.”

The focus would be on promoting coastal tourism, the 1,000th anniversary of Hanoi, and some attractions in HCMC and the Mekong Delta, he said.

Japan and the Republic of Korea are among the countries that send the highest numbers of tourists to Vietnam, Tinh said to explain the rationale for the festivals.

In the first four months this year 176,199 Koreans came to the country, 31.4 percent up year on year, making the country the second biggest source market for the tourism sector after China, according to VNAT.

Japan was in fourth spot with 146,818 arrivals, up 14.2 percent.

Hanoi, HCMC, Danang, Quang Nam, home to ancient Hoi An, and Thua Thien-Hue are among the popular destinations for tourists from the two countries.

Source: vietnewsonline

Source: QDND

Kayaking on Huong River for the first time

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Kayaking on Huong River for the first time

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

PANO – Kayaking on the Huong River, for the first time in Hue City, has been organised to show tourists the real nature of the peaceful river and daily life of local people along the two banks. Along the journey, travelers have an opportunity to discover the Dong Ba Market, Bao Vinh Old Street and Hen Dune. After kayaking, tourists will take part in a three-hour trek, by bicycle, to Sinh Village to see artistic works by folk painters.

* A website,, has been launched recently by the National Tourism Administration to help stimulate the sector’s growth. Stimulating policies of the tourism sector, including promotion programmes for international and domestic tours, are available on the website.

Translated by Hoang Anh

Source: QDND

Tours to Thailand resumed

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Tours to Thailand resumed

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 21:0 (GMT+7)

Some domestic travel agencies will resume tours to Thailand as of June 1st after a halt for two months.

Doan Thi Thanh Tra, head of the Saigontourist’s Marketing Department, said that the agency will launch a promotion program offering tours to Thailand from June 1st to 19th for its customers who will get preferential treatment.

The TST Tourist is planning to open tours to Thailand from June 5th, and other travel companies, such as Vietravel, Fiditour, Thanh Nien and Lua Viet, are following suit.

According to Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the country’s political situation has returned to normal. Tourist sites in Bangkok and other cities are now prepared to receive visitors.

Tourists will not have to pay insurance and visa fees from now to March 31st, 2011, said the Ministry.

Source: HNM

Translated by Duy Minh  

Source: QDND

New national golf tourney tees off next month

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New national golf tourney tees off next month

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

A national golf tournament, the Matrix Golf Trophy Series, will tee off at the Vietnam Golf&Country Club in Ho Chi Minh City next month. The tournament, open to all golfers, both locals and foreigners with a handicap from 0-24, will have two qualifying rounds.

While the qualifying round for golfers in the southern region will take place at the Vietnam Golf& Country Club on June 11, the round for northern residents will be held at the Phoenix Golf&Resort on July 30.

A total of 60 golfers, with 30 selected from each of the qualifying rounds, will play in the final round at the Da Nang Golf Club on November 26-27.

Besides men’s and women’s divisions, the tournament also has a division for juniors aged 12-16.

The tournament, organised by the Phuc An Ngoc Viet Golf Company and Golf Today Magazine, is intended to be an annual event.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Real estate over-priced, say experts

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Real estate over-priced, say experts

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Government agencies are seeking ways to control property prices, which are far exceeding their real value, according to a report from Government real estate market experts.

A group of interdisciplinary experts specialising in real estate recently submitted the report, which focuses on housing development and the real estate market in 2009, to Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai.

Expenses needed to build 20 – and 25-storey buildings in Hanoi are on average 16.7-17.5 million VND per square metre, while the common price is much higher, standing at between 28 million VND and 32 million per sq.m, according to the report.

Experts blamed the price difference on several reasons, one of which was the habit of “mob” investing, with many people flocking to buy a certain kind of property only because they saw many others do the same.

Lack of information has also influenced buyers who were not aware of the real value of property.

In addition, the poor management ability of real estate market management agencies has contributed to chaotic market pricing.

The report also says that although the country’s per-capita housing area in 2009 doubled compared with the figure recorded 10 years ago, there were still seven million people in urban areas who needed to buy or rent housing.

To meet this demand, the country should build an additional 150 million sq.m metres of housing, which would require combined capital of 3 trillion VND (158 million USD) to 4 trillion VND (210 million USD).

In Hanoi, about 5.5 million sq.m of housing is needed, in addition to about 11,000 accommodations for workers in industrial parks.

HCM City needs about 5 million sq.m of housing and more than 50,000 accommodations for workers.

The real estate market faces a lack of houses at affordable prices and suitable sizes for a majority of customers.

Houses for rent were in great demand in 2009, but they accounted for just 6.3 per cent of the country’s total housing fund.

Based on these figures, experts said the country’s housing demand was still high, especially for low-income earners, including workers in IPs and the poor living in rural and urban areas.

Experts also said the domestic real estate market this year would continue to recover thanks to favourable conditions.

The Government has allowed commercial banks to automatically regulate loan and deposit interest rates, which will create conditions for a more active real estate market.

Experts predicted that there would be about 90,000 apartments sold this year and more than 80,000 others completed. Apartments of 18 million VND per sqm would attract many customers in Hanoi and HCMCity, they said.

Many investment sources are expected to be poured into HCMCity and Hanoi’s neighbouring provinces like Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Vinh Phuc and Hung Yen.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Schools in Bac Ninh to keep playgrounds open in summer

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Schools in Bac Ninh to keep playgrounds open in summer

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Schools in the northern province of Bac Ninh will be allowing youngsters to use their playgrounds this summer to keep them away from busy roads.

Nguyen Van Chau, 12, is one of those who will be visiting his local school this summer.

“Up to now we have been forced to play in the street because we didn’t have anywhere else to go during the holidays,” Chau said.

Truong Quang Hai, deputy secretary of Bac Ninh Youth Union, said youth organisations have asked primary and secondary schools in the province to allow children to use their playgrounds because of the chronic shortage of playgrounds in the province.

Hai added that provincial youth organisations have also asked relevant agencies to organise activities such as martial arts, foreign languages and computer training and chess clubs for children over the summer.

“We hope our children will have a healthy and safe summer holiday,” Hai said, adding that the initiative had been warmly received by parents.

Chau’s mother, Thu Hang, said the scheme will make her life as a parent a lot less stressful over the holiday.

She said last year, Chau had nearly burnt her house down because he had been forced to stay at home.

“After that accident, I had to bring my two children to the office for almost three months during the summer holiday,” Hang said.

Meanwhile, the central city of Da Nang has organised life classes, which contents include how to have a good behaviour, arrange time, introduce one’s self, meet new friends and speak easily in front of a crowd as well as learning in a group, and openly discuss matters, for third to ninth graders, said Mai Xuan Mui, deputy director of Da Nang’s Culture House for Teenagers.

About 500 pupils have already registered for the class, he said.

“While city children study endlessly, cram in many hours of extra tuition and are excused from doing chores around the house, their country cousins usually come home and do household chores or work in the fields before setting down to study.

“As a result, urban students are often far less attuned to the business of living, relating to others and solving simple problems that arise in daily life,” Mui said.

“I hope the class will not only be useful but will also discourage children from wasting their time playing computer games or taking drugs this summer,” Mui said.

Meanwhile, the youth union in the southern cape province of Ca Mau, in conjunction with provincial departments of Education and Training and Culture, Sports and Tourism, plans to hold swimming classes.

Nguyen Minh Luan, secretary of the provincial youth union, said each ward and town would mobilise 20 youth volunteers to teach teenagers to swim.

“In rural areas, volunteers will hold swimming lessons for primary school children in safe canals and ponds during the summer holiday, which will hopeful mean they are safer during the wet season,” Luan said.

A UNICEF representative in charge of the Child Injury Prevention Programme in Vietnam, said children often played in ponds and streams even though they did not know how to swim.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of child mortality in Vietnam, said the deputy minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA), Phung Ngoc Hung.

The ministry has started implementing a programme to teach primary and secondary school children to swim, said Nguyen Trong An, deputy director of the ministry’s Child Care and Protection Department.

About 5,000 children are now learning how to swim in the Cuu Long (Mekong) province of Dong Thap, according to the Population, Families and Children Committee.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND