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Students refuse to sit exams, others cheat

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Students refuse to sit exams, others cheat

QĐND – Saturday, June 05, 2010, 23:18 (GMT+7)

Approximately 5,000 of Vietnam’s one million high school students failed to take their graduation exams this week due to illness and traffic accidents, while scores of others cheated their way through the tests. 

In Ho Chi Minh City, some 540 students fell ill, 52 students had traffic accidents on the way to their exams and 35 learners showed up too late to take their tests, said the Ministry of Education and Training, adding that 62 graders were not allowed to take the exam after they violated test regulations.

Senior high school students underwent in literature and chemistry tests on June 2 and geography, history, mathematics and foreign language on June 3. The weather was cool after it rained in some parts of the country on June 3, creating favorable conditions for students to take their tests.

But students were found to have thrown various sized cheat sheets into trash bins outside classrooms and restrooms after the examinations.

Some Hanoian students were caught writing details about historic events on their hands so they could cheat in the exams.

Dinh Ngoc Binh, deputy chairman of the examination council at Phan in HCMC, said that although it was against the rules, it was normal that students brought cheat sheets because supervisors couldn’t search the students. Dang Luu High School

Binh’s counterpart Le Hong Son said a supervisor found a student carrying a mobile phone on him the Thu in HCMC’s district Thu Duc. The twelfth grader was then prohibited from taking the exam. Khoa Huan High School

Many students have complained that the history test is too difficult because it is too long and they are given too much information to memorize. Of the six compulsory subjects, foreign language and chemistry are administered in a multiple-choice format.

The Department of Education and Training of the central province of Quang Nam said that more students failed to take the exams this year because they were ill.

Ministry regulations allow students with good records to obtain exemptions from taking the tests if they are confirmed to be ill by a local hospital.

The Red Cross Society of the central province of Thua Thien – Hue provided free meals for over 500 poor students from remote districts who participated in the examination in the City Hue on June 3.

The Department of Education and Training in the Mekong delta province praised student Tran Thanh Lien who tried to sit for geography and history tests on June 3 although her right hand, thigh and hip were burned and blistered in an accident that morning. of Soc Trang

Source: VNN

Source: QDND

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