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CapitaLand increases investment in Vietnam

In Uncategorized on June 9, 2010 at 7:10 pm

CapitaLand increases investment in Vietnam

QĐND – Wednesday, June 09, 2010, 17:25 (GMT+7)

“CapitaLand considers Vietnam as its fourth strategic market after China, Singapore and Australia and decides to invest an additional US$299 million to expand trade in Vietnam”, said Liew Mun Leong, President and CEO of the Singaporean Group in Vietnam on June 7th.

The same day, CapitaLand also announced its plan to boost cooperation and capacity building in Vietnam and signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Academy of Management of Construction and Cities under the Ministry of Construction to hold meetings, forums and training courses.

The Group has also planned to support the construction of the first CapitaLand Hope School in Vietnam later this year through the CapitaLand Hope Foundation and finance Nang Yen Primary School in Phu Tho Province to build new classrooms.

Source: HNM

Translated by Vu Hung

Source: QDND

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