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Vietnam Airlines offers big discount on route to Nagoya

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Vietnam Airlines offers big discount on route to Nagoya

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:53 (GMT+7)

Vietnam Airlines will resume direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Nagoya of Japan twice a week from August 13 and offer a discount up to 60 percent on the resumed route.

The flight will serve passengers every Monday and Friday on Airbus A321. The airline began the route in 2005, but suspended it in December 2007 due to low demand.

As a result, the national flag carrier will operate eight direct routes with the total of 45 flights a week from Vietnam to four major Japanese cities – Tokyo , Osaka , Fukuoka and Nagoya.

On the occasion, the airline offers a discount up to 60 percent to 299 USD, excluding taxes and other charges, for flights coded VN968 and VN969 from HCM City to Nagoya and vice versa.

The promotion programme is only applied for ticket sold from Vietnam from July 25 through August 4 on flights departing from August 13 to the end of December 31.

Also in the period, Vietnam Airlines carries a promotion programme on the HCM City-Hong Kong route with a one-way ticket priced at 198 USD, a nearly 20 percent discount. The discount price is applied for ticket sold from Vietnam on flights departing from July 1 to October 31.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Domestic banks increase their presence overseas

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Domestic banks increase their presence overseas

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:55 (GMT+7)

Many local banks have been seeking opportunities to expand their businesses abroad, particularly in similar markets or with major trading partners.

After it started to operate in Laos and Cambodia in 2008 and 2009, the Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Sacombank) drew up plans to penetrate China and expand its network in Cambodia ’s key economic provinces later this year or early next year.

In addition to Sacombank, in Cambodia , two other Vietnamese banks, the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank) opened its first branch on June 28 this year while the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (VIDV) opened its first branch in the middle of last year.

This trend is continuing as the Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank has recently announced a plan to set up a branch in Laos in 2010.

Domestic banks are also seeking ways of expanding their business in Europe. For example, the BIDV-owned Vietnam-Russia Joint Venture Bank (VBR) officially opened in Russia late last year. This is also the first fully Vietnamese bank in Europe.

Earlier, the State Bank of Vietnam allowed the BIDV, the Vietnam Bank for Foreign Trade (Vietnambank) and the Asian Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ACB) to set up representative offices in the United States.

This is being applauded by Vietnamese businesses overseas because the banks can provide them with consultancies and information on investment opportunities, services on capital arrangement, guarantees and the appraisals of partners and projects.

However, entering major markets also means facing fiercer competition, and domestic banks need to prioritise urgent issues, such as risk and the use of modern technologies if they choose to venture overseas, say experts.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Candles to be lit up at 3,000 martyrs’ cemeteries

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Candles to be lit up at 3,000 martyrs’ cemeteries

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:53 (GMT+7)

PANO – The Ministry of Labour, War-Invalids and Social Affairs, in association with other localities nationwide, will offer incenses and light candles in 3,000 martyrs’ cemeteries across Vietnam in order to express the Vietnamese people’s gratitude to heroes and martyrs on July 26th and 27th, said Bui Hong Linh, the Deputy Minister of Labour, War-Invalids and Social Affairs at a press conference  on July 1st in Hanoi.

Also at the press conference, the Deputy Minister added that the State President has just signed a decision, in which more than 2 million beneficiaries of social welfare will be presented gifts, worth around VND 360 billion.

In addition, on July 7th, a three-day meeting will be held to honor 253 revolutionary contributors nationwide, in Vinh City, Nghe An Province, by the Ministry of Labour, War-Invalids and Social Affairs, in conjunction with the Ministry of National Defence, Nhan Dan Newspaper and Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee.

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Southern birth rate falls 2.8 percent in first six months

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Southern birth rate falls 2.8 percent in first six months

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:53 (GMT+7)

The birth rate in southern provinces reduced by 2.8 percent during the first six months this year, reports the Ministry of Health’s General Department of Population and Family Planning.

The total number of children born during the first half of this year was reported at 538,280, a reduction of 2.8 percent against the same period las year, Tran Mai Hoa, deputy head of the general office, said at the July 1 online meeting to review population planning during the past six months and map out future plans.

About 23 provinces have a higher birth rate compared with the same period of 2009.

Nguyen Ba Thuy, Deputy Minister of Health, said at the conference 24 of 63 provinces and cities haven’t assigned population officers to commune level.

Birth rates reduced sharply, about 1.8 children for each woman, in localities including HCM City, Tien Giang, Binh Thuan, An Giang, and Ca Mau. The nember of third children went down by 2,323 or four percent during the period.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Hanoi accelerates clean-up of river filth

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Hanoi accelerates clean-up of river filth

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:55 (GMT+7)

Hanoi People’s Committee has urged sectors and authorities to speed up the cleaning of the banks of the To Lich and Nhue rivers, which flow through six major city districts.

In recent years, the streams have become dumping sites for all sorts of rubbish, which has seriously polluted the sites.

The clean-up is part of the city’s preparation for the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi in October.

Speaking at a meeting of the committee on Wednesday, vice chairman Vu Hong Khanh said the work had lagged behind schedule because of numerous people encroaching on space along the rivers.

Khanh asked the Department of Construction to mobilise workers and vehicles to clear away domestic waste along the banks. He said the job should be finished by the end of this month.

He said the amount of waste should be calculated and plans made to cart it all away. An initial survey shows that nearly 20,000cu.m of domestic waste were involved along the 11,400 metre-long-bank of the To Lich River. And there are also numerous waste sites scattered along the banks of the Kim Nguu River.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Foreign students sit for university entrance exams

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Foreign students sit for university entrance exams

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:55 (GMT+7)

Fifty-one foreign students, mostly from the Republic of Korea, sat for university entrance exams on July 1 at HCM City Social Sciences and Humanities University.

Seven visually impaired students will also take the exam, four more than the previous entrance exam period.

Candidates who do not pass the Vietnamese-language test will be able to retake it next year.

The visually impaired students will take their tests in Braille in a separate room.

Universities nationwide have completed preparation for the tests, including selection of rooms, supervisors, security and health offices.

Although Hanoi Power Corporation has promised not to cut power during exams, the Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine has set aside electric generators at the test sites.

Many universities around the country could face power shortages during exams. They are working with local power companies and others to ensure that power is maintained.

Thai Nguyen University, for example, said Thai Nguyen Power Company would ensure power during the exams.

Thai Nguyen University has also received financial support from the departments of Transport and Health as well as other relevant authorities.

Because of the large number of candidates, in large cities like Hanoi and HCM City, universities have rented high schools and primary schools for the examinations.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Large investment for hydrometeorology system

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Large investment for hydrometeorology system

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:55 (GMT+7)

The Prime Minister has approved a 1.3 trillion VND (73.2 million USD) project to modernise the hydrometeorology observation network and forecasting system for the 2010-2012 period.

The project comprises five small projects, including a 342 billion VND plan to install 127 automatic meteorological stations in the north as well as rainfall measurement equipment at 25 gauging stations in the Red River and 412 others nationwide.

Another sub-project will install four weather radar and two radiosonde stations at a cost of 292 billion VND and a third project will equip meteorological stations with modern data transmission machines and database with an estimated budget of 294 billion VND.

The fourth project, to cost 151.8 billion VND, aims to modernise the hydrometeorology forecasting system and the last will build a coordinating centre for the sector at a cost of 262 billion VND.

Earlier, the Japanese Government has pledged to help Vietnam improve the rain and flood forecast and warning system in the northern region with a programme worth 2 billion JPY (22 million USD).

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Infant gender imbalance reaches alarming levels

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Infant gender imbalance reaches alarming levels

QĐND – Friday, July 02, 2010, 21:55 (GMT+7)

Vietnam is facing a growing gender imbalance among newborns, with 110.6 boys born as compared with 100 girls in 2009, said a health official.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Nguyen Ba Thuy, released this information at a press conference in Hanoi on July 2 to introduce activities to be held in response to the World Population Day (July 11).

Ten years ago, the infant gender ratio was 106.2 boys for every 100 girls, he said, citing the prenatal gender selection which occurs mainly in the Red River Delta provinces and in well-off families as a major reason.

According to last year’s census, by April 1, 2009, Vietnam ’s population had reached 85.79 million, of whom 70.4 percent were living in rural areas and the rest in urban centres.

The total fertility rate has dropped to below the replacement level, from 2.33 children per woman in 1999 to 2.03 children per woman last year.

Thuy said Vietnam’s population is aging, while the quality of the population and the human development index, especially in terms of height, weight and strength, remain low compared with regional nations.

He added that the country would cope with more challenges in the years to come as the numbers of child-bearing age women, unexpected pregnancy and abortion among juveniles and adults are on the rise.

To improve the quality of the population, the population and family planning sector will continue to better reproductive health services, keep the birth rate at a reasonable level and ensure the infant gender imbalance not exceed 115 boys for every 100 girls.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Stocks close week on low note

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Movement of VN-Index on July 2. (Photo:’s benchmark VN-Index extended its losing streak for a third straight day on July 2, amid investor caution.

The shares of 244 companies and four mutual funds listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange slid 0.07 percent, or 0.37 points, to finish at 503.65. Trading value dropped to 15-session low of VND1.09 trillion, approximately 43.2 million shares were traded.

On the city bourse, 123 stocks advanced, 69 declined, while 56 treaded water.

Petrolimex International Trading Joint Stock Company (PIT) lost 9.09 percent to VND20,000 from VND22,000 yesterday.

Hanoi Maritime Holding Company (MHC) ended its four-day gaining streak, reducing 4.72 percent to VND10,100.

Plastic producer Do Thanh Technology Corporation (DTT) traded down 4.29 percent at VND15,600.

From July 5 to September 5, Ngo Minh Hai, deputy general director of Do Thanh Technology Corporation (DTT) registered to sell 5,000 shares to cover family expenses, sending his holdings to 5,419 shares.

Between July 5 and 30, Nguyen Anh Dung, brother of Nguyen Anh Hao – chief executive officer of the company, registered to sell 2,110 shares, reducing his holdings to 5 shares, reorganizing his investment category.

Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Bank or Sacombank (STB) won the position of most active shares in volume with 1.9 million. 

Thuan Thao Corporation (GTT) followed right behind with 1.84 million shares changing hands, tagged along by Ocean Group Joint Stock Company (OGC), which saw 1.72 million shares traded.

Foreign Trade Development and Investment Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City (FDC) and Meca Vneco Investment and Electricity Construction Joint Stock Company (VES) were the biggest gainers today, adding 5 percent to VND39,900 and VND27,300 respectively.

From July 5 to September 5, Nguyen The Hau, deputy general director of Foreign Trade Development and Investment Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City (FDC), registered to sell 8,000 shares and buy 5,000 shares to restructure his investment category.

Construction and Materials Trading Joint Stock Company (CNT) and Ha Tien Transport Joint Stock Company (HTV) advanced 4.98 percent to VND29,500 and VND21,100 respectively.

Between January 1 and June 20, Tran Minh Huy, chief accountant of Ha Tien Transport Joint Stock Company (HTV) registered to sell 5,000 shares and sold 2,000 shares, decreasing holdings to 3,000 shares, accounting for 0.03 percent of the company’s chartered capital.

In contrast, the smaller bourse in the north performed better and closed week on a bright note as the Hanoi’s HNX-Index gained as much as 0.26 percent, or 0.41 points, to close at 158.39. Liquidity fell sharply to 30.6 million shares, worth VND898.5 billion.

The UPCoM-Index rose 2.64 points to 52.42. Around 1.2 million shares changed hands, at VND23 billion, as of 11:15 am local time.

Source: SGGP

Dai Nam Tourist Site gets US$150 million expansion

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More than VND3 trillion (US$150 million) will be invested in the second phase of the Dai Nam Tourist Site, announced the Dai Nam Joint Stock Copmany at the 2nd anniversary of the parks’ founding on July 1.

                  Dai Nam Tourist Site

“The company will focus on building a miniature of Vietnam and a miniature world,” said Dai Nam Director-general Huynh Uy Dung.

“The second phase construction will be completed soon. We hope that the park will be a pride for Vietnamese people and a place honoring Vietnamese traditional culture” he added.

The Dai Nam Tourist site covers on an area over 450 hectares in the town of Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong Province, about 45 minutes drive from HCM City.

The first stage of the park was put into operation at a total cost of more than VND2.5 trillion (US$125 million).

The park received more than 3.5 million visitors last year and is expected to attract over 5 million in 2010, and 10 millions in 2012, the company said.

Source: SGGP