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Tourism helps boost the development of craft villages

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Tourism helps boost the development of craft villages

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Over recent years, many traditional craft villages in some southern provinces have faced various difficulties in developing their traditional trades. Tours to these villages are believed to be a good way to develop such projects.

 The southern province of An Giang alone has 29 famous traditional craft villages specialising in making many things, ranging from incense to rice paper, dry pancakes and fishing hooks. About 1,000 households with 5,000 workers are living on these traditional trades. Furthermore, many other villages are specialised in iron forging and carpentry.

In fact these trade villages are facing difficulty in finding outlets for their products and many of them have to rely on small orders to maintain their traditional trade.

In 2007, the province’s Department of Tourism launched the first tours in these villages successfully. These tours have increased the image of these villages and as a result they could continue to market their products.

According to Bui Thi Dung, Director of the Agriculture Development and Industry Consultation Center under the province’s Department of Industry and Trade, tours to trade villages help to maintain and develop traditional trades in the province.

The southern province of Dong Thap has 44 traditional craft villages. Some of them attract thousands of visitors every year. Nguyen Thi Nga, Director of the Dong Thap Travel Joint Stock Agency, said that her company delivers tours to trade villages for nearly 1,000 visitors every month. At present, the company plans to organise more tours to explore tourism potential in other craft villages.

According to Bui Thi Hong Ha, Vice Director of the An Giang province’s Department of Culture, Information and Tourism, cooperation between villages and travel companies should be improved to explore the tourism potential. In An Giang Province, tours should be launched in many special trade villages.

Despite all these efforts there remain several difficulties to develop tourism in such trade villages. “Tourism infrastructure and human resources in some villages are not good enough to promote tourism products,” said Mrs Ha. For instance, Tan Chau silk is famous but its products have not yet been introduced to tourists.

Vu Kim Anh, Vice Director of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Culture, Information and Tourism Department, said that the city has a lot of large travel agencies with various tourism products, but trade villages have not yet been included in the tours.

According to Nguyen Van My, Director of the Lua Viet Travel Company, tourism development in trade villages need investment into infrastructure, transportation and qualified staff.  Launching tours in trade villages is a new tourism product, which need to be explored effectively.

Source: Tien Phong

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

PetroVietnam table tennis team competes at regional games

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PetroVietnam table tennis team competes at regional games

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

The PetroVietnam table tennis team left on July 26 for the ASEAN Council on Petroleum (ASCOPE) Games in Singapore from July 27 to August 2.

The team, who won the men’s team gold medal at the International Table Tennis Golden Paddle Tournament last week, will compete with a five-member squad including two-time Olympian Doan Kien Quoc, Ho Ngoc Thuan, Ha Minh Tuan and two Chinese players Kou Lei and Yang Ce.

This will be the first time that the team have taken part in the annual tournament, said the team coach Truong Thoi Nhiem.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Government efforts to control prices pay off

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Government efforts to control prices pay off

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

The very slight increase in July’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) is attributed to the government and local authorities’ efforts to curb inflation, reports the General Statistics Office (GSO).

According to the GSO, July’s CPI is estimated to have risen by only 0.06 percent over last month, much lower than the earlier forecasts of 0.2-0.3 percent and is the lowest monthly growth in CPI for a past year.

The government’s policies to stabilise prices have started to pay off in recent months driving July’s CPI growth to a record low, said the GSO, citing the gradual decrease in the CPI, from 1.35 percent in the first quarter to 0.21 percent in the second quarter and to 0.44 percent in the third quarter.

However, there are still many things to do to achieve the government’s target for this year’s growth in inflation to be under 8 percent, as so far inflation this year has climbed to 4.84 percent, the GSO said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) seems to be more optimistic, predicting that the CPI in August will continue to increase slightly and inflation for the whole year will be kept below the target.

As the economy is still to make a full recovery and people’s incomes have not improved much, a rise in the prices of essential goods items will have a considerable impact on people’s lives, according to the GSO.

Moreover, factors emerging from the world’s economy recovery that may affect input costs as well as natural disasters are likely to result in a surplus in demand, making the prices of essential goods surge suddenly, leading to a rise in inflation, it said.

Therefore, according to the GSO, central government and local authorities should be well prepared to take flexible measures and stabilising exchange rates and ensuring the market’s liquidity are top priority.

Recent moves taken by authorities in the larger provinces and cities to help local businesses stock up with goods in anticipation of a possible surge in prices and the Ministry of Finance’s decision to ask petroleum traders to restrict changes to petrol prices are down to the government’s determination to stop inflation from rising.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Party and State leaders commemorate heroic martyrs

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Party and State leaders commemorate heroic martyrs

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

An incense offering ceremony was held in Hanoi on July 27 to commemorate the fallen combatants who sacrificed their lives for the nation’s independence and freedom.

Present at the ceremony were Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh, former Party leader Le Kha Phieu, State President Nguyen Minh Triet, former State President Tran Duc Luong, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong, former NA Chairman Nguyen Van An, President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee Huynh Dam and many other senior officials.

They visited and laid wreaths at President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and the Martyrs’ Monument to express their great gratitude to the huge contribution made by President Ho and heroic martyrs to the nation’s glorious revolutionary cause.

Later the same day, delegations from several ministries, agencies and the Hanoi municipal People’s Committee also visited the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and paid tribute to fallen combatants.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Women play with dangerous animals

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Women play with dangerous animals

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Many women sell poisonous and dangerous animals like scorpions and snakes at Cho Xuan To, a market along the Vietnam-Cambodia border in the southern province of An Giang.

Tran Thi My sells scorpions, spiders and other insects at this market. Scorpions are considered a specialty. In front of many visitors, she naturally caught scorpions and spiders by hand. When asked if she has been stung by a scorpion, she replied “many times,” but maintained that now she is used to it.

 There are many other such young women at this market. Nguyen Thi Nam from An Giang province began this job four years ago. She remarked: “On my first day, I was stung by a scorpion. My arm was swollen and my whole body was stinging. The pain dissipated after a week.”

 “I’ve bitten and stung by scorpions and geckos many times, so now I only feel numb,” she added, admitting that the job is dangerous and selling wild animals is illegal. She must accept it to support her six-member family.

Some women in Ha Tien, Kien Giang “play” with snakes. Pham Thi Tien has been a snake breeder since 2000. She currently has nearly 400 vi tuong snakes. Tien observed that breeding snakes is lucrative. One kilo sells for 400,000 dong.

Holding several snakes in her hands, Tien explained: “This species of snake is not poisonous. You will only feel pain if bitten. But if its teeth break off and are stuck in your flesh, then the pain is very terrible.” She has been to the hospital several times to remove broken snake teeth.

In Hau Giang province, many women butcher mice. Truong Thi Be has sold mice at Seo Vong market for over ten years. She caught the tail of a mouse and spun it as she detailed how, to avoid being bitten by a mouse, one must quickly catch the head or tail and spin it to make the mouse dizzy.

This woman often goes to the forest to hunt mice. Sau noted that mice in mangrove forests are very cruel and will even attack cats and dogs. “I’m bitten by them very often. They are very wise,” she asserted.

Source: VNN

Source: QDND

Meaningful activities launched for social beneficiaries

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Meaningful activities launched for social beneficiaries

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

PANO – On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day (July 27th), various meaningful activities have been launched nationwide to support families of martyrs and wounded soldiers.

On July 26th, General Le Van Dung, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and Director of the Vietnam People’s Army General Political Department, visited and presented gifts to wounded and sick soldiers who are under treatment at the Military Hospital No110 in the northern province of Bac Ninh. The General praised efforts of staff of the hospital and the centre and wished wounded and sick soldiers a speedy recovery.

The Naval Service has presented 5 houses of gratitude to social beneficiaries, with officers and soldiers of the service also visiting and presenting gifts to wounded soldiers at three recuperation centers in Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and Ha Nam provinces.

Similarly, the Military Zone 3 has completed and presented 16 houses of gratitude to social beneficiaries in Hai Duong, Thai Binh and Ninh Binh provinces, while Military Zone also reburied 5 set of remains of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in Laos.

The High Command of Military Zone 4 has held a ceremony to rebury 427 sets of remains of Vietnamese martyrs from Cambodia at martyr cemeteries in Dong Thap and An Giang provinces.

On this occasion, all army units have launched various activities to help local social beneficiaries.

So far, unions and organisations nationwide have launched 32,516 programs and activities to support Vietnamese heroic mothers, wounded soldiers, families of martyrs and other social beneficiaries.

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Candles lit up to express deep gratitude to martyrs

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Candles lit up to express deep gratitude to martyrs

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Thousands of candles were lit up in over 2,000 cemeteries throughout the country on July 26th to express deep gratitude to martyrs who devoted their lives for the national liberation and salvation.

On the hill 82 of Tan Bien Cemetery, in the southeastern province of Tay Ninh, 1,500 youths offered candles and incense for 15,000 martyrs, some of whom have not yet been identified.  

93 martyrs who sacrificed their lives fighting for the country and fulfilling their international obligation in Cambodia have been recently brought to Tan Bien Cemetery after a long time lying in a forest in Cambodia.

During the war against the American aggressors, Tan Bien District in Tay Ninh Province witnessed numerous fierce battles and incredible bravery of Vietnamese soldiers.

While offering candles for the martyrs, Nguyen Minh Thanh, a Youth Union member touchingly said, “Each candle lit up reminds us of the pain of the war and the noble sacrifice of our elders. We promise to try our best to be deserved the devotion of the elders to the nation”.

Meanwhile, in Hanoi Martyrs’ Cemetery, in Tu Liem District, nearly 1,000 local citizens and youth lit candles for 1,800 martyrs, including reputable Heroine, Dang Thuy Tram, and Hero Nguyen Van Thac.

Along with candles, songs praising the sacrifice were also sung as an expression of thanks to Vietnamese heroic martyrs.

Moreover, thousands of presents were presented to Heroic Vietnamese Mothers, wounded and sick soldiers, families of martyrs and other social beneficiaries across the country on the 63rd commemoration of the War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, July 27th.

Source: TP/PANO

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Waste clean-up to cost 3 million USD

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Waste clean-up to cost 3 million USD

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Ho Chi Minh City will spend 60 billion VND (3.15 million USD) to collect and treat hazardous waste accumulated at factories, according to the city People’s Committee Vice Chairman Nguyen Trung Tin.

This follows a back-up of dangerous wastes at the factories after the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, early this year, ordered waste-processing units to stop collecting hazardous wastes following a pile-up at these units too.

Tin ordered the Urban Environment Company to quickly build more warehouses and incinerators at Dong Thanh garbage dump to increase its waste-handling capacity from 30 tones a day to 80 tonnes.

According to the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the city’s treatment facilities receive and treat 30-40 tonnes of hazardous wastes every day but enterprises in industrial and processing zones produce around 300 tonnes.

No factory or any other facility in the city has the capability to treat hazardous wastes generated by industries.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Flood surges in northern provinces

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The engineer force resume installation of Duong floating bridge on July 27. (Photo: heavy rains and floods caused serious traffic jams and damaged many construction projects in northern provinces on July 26.

In the early morning, rainfall of 63-67 mm was recorded in parts of Lao Cai Province, including Van Ban and Bat Xat districts. The torrential rain destructed many rural infrastructures, injuring three people.

The Hoang Lien Son 1 line was blocked by scree, which slid from the mountain, causing a serious traffic jam.

In Yen Bai Province, there were 13 more houses submerged by rising Hong River’s water level, increasing the number of houses flooded by tropical storm Chanthu’s gyre to 145.

However, according to the National Hydro Meteorological Forecasting Center, floods left the storage tanks of hydropower plants completely full, including Hoa Binh, Tuyen Quang, and Thac Ba, ensuring that power generators were running at full capacity. This helped to ease the tension caused by a shortage of power in the north, as well as in the country in general.

In related news, many streets in the northern gate of Hanoi experienced major congestion after the Duong floating bridge had to be removed because water levels in the Duong River surged too high. Despite the efforts of traffic police, traffic jams continued to prolong commutes. Local residents said after the floating bridge removal, relevant streets have been jammed between 6am and 10am and from 4pm to 8pm each day.

The Hanoi Transport Department said the engineer force started to install the Duong floating bridge to restore traffic order in the area in the evening of July 26. However, they had just finished 50 percent of the installation as of 6pm, as the river’s water level remained high. The engineers had to call a halt the project in order to monitor the water level.

Source: SGGP

VN-Index continues downward trend

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Movements of VN-Index on July 27. (Photo: VN-Index unsuccessfully returned to the psychological resistance mark of 500 points on July 27, sliding 0.09 percent, as most stocks suddenly dropped at the end of the trading session.

The benchmark of 250 companies and four mutual funds listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange finished at 497.67, eroding 0.43 points.

Among the index members, 65 gained, 148 dropped, while 41 remained unchanged.

Liquidity improved faintly. Around 43.16 million shares, worth VND1.33 trillion, changed hands.

Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Bank or Sacombank (STB), with 3.04 million shares changing hands, was the most active share in volume for the third consecutive day.

Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading Joint Stock Company (TCM) came next with 2.49 million shares traded, up 3.14 percent. The company announced that it bought 7,002,900 shares of Thanh Cong Securities Company (TCSC), increasing its holdings ratio at TCSC to 19.45 percent on July 21.

On July 22, the company signed a contract to assign 45 percent of its assets at Thanh Chau Joint Stock Company, reducing its holdings to 5 percent of Thanh Chau Co.’s chartered capital.

Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation (REE) tagged along with 1.61 million shares.

DIC Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company (DIC), which gave up 4.99 percent to VND36,200, led the losers on the city bourse.

Techno – Agricultural Supplying Joint Stock Company (TSC) slashed 4.87 percent to VND25,400.

From July 27 to September 29, Nguyen Thi Chau, wife of Le Van Phuoc – member of Board of Directors of Techno – Agricultural Supplying Joint Stock Company (TSC), registered to sell 30,000 shares, decreasing her holdings to 20,000 shares, improving her family’s finances.

Ho Chi Minh City Metal Corporation (HMC) declined for a second day, losing 4.85 percent to VND21,600.

Meanwhile, Hoa Binh Rubber Joint Stock Company (HRC), and Investment Commerce Fisheries Corporation (ICF) both hiked the daily maximum allowed limit of 5 percent to VND63,000 and VND16,800 respectively.

From July 28 to September 27, Le Huu Cong, brother of Le Hao – member of Board of Directors of Hoa Binh Rubber Joint Stock Company (HRC), registered to sell all 1,540 of his shares, balancing his family’s finance.

Hanoi-based Lilama 10 Joint Stock Company advanced 4.9 percent to VND40,700.

The Hanoi-based HNX-Index lost 0.78 points, or 0.5 percent, to 154.92. Trading volume was at 31.1 million shares, approximately VND879 billion.

The UPCoM-Index closed down 0.46 percent, or 0.25 points, to 54.06. Around VND6.2 billion was spent on 337,500 shares as of 11am local time.

Source: SGGP