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Tourism helps boost the development of craft villages

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Tourism helps boost the development of craft villages

QĐND – Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Over recent years, many traditional craft villages in some southern provinces have faced various difficulties in developing their traditional trades. Tours to these villages are believed to be a good way to develop such projects.

 The southern province of An Giang alone has 29 famous traditional craft villages specialising in making many things, ranging from incense to rice paper, dry pancakes and fishing hooks. About 1,000 households with 5,000 workers are living on these traditional trades. Furthermore, many other villages are specialised in iron forging and carpentry.

In fact these trade villages are facing difficulty in finding outlets for their products and many of them have to rely on small orders to maintain their traditional trade.

In 2007, the province’s Department of Tourism launched the first tours in these villages successfully. These tours have increased the image of these villages and as a result they could continue to market their products.

According to Bui Thi Dung, Director of the Agriculture Development and Industry Consultation Center under the province’s Department of Industry and Trade, tours to trade villages help to maintain and develop traditional trades in the province.

The southern province of Dong Thap has 44 traditional craft villages. Some of them attract thousands of visitors every year. Nguyen Thi Nga, Director of the Dong Thap Travel Joint Stock Agency, said that her company delivers tours to trade villages for nearly 1,000 visitors every month. At present, the company plans to organise more tours to explore tourism potential in other craft villages.

According to Bui Thi Hong Ha, Vice Director of the An Giang province’s Department of Culture, Information and Tourism, cooperation between villages and travel companies should be improved to explore the tourism potential. In An Giang Province, tours should be launched in many special trade villages.

Despite all these efforts there remain several difficulties to develop tourism in such trade villages. “Tourism infrastructure and human resources in some villages are not good enough to promote tourism products,” said Mrs Ha. For instance, Tan Chau silk is famous but its products have not yet been introduced to tourists.

Vu Kim Anh, Vice Director of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Culture, Information and Tourism Department, said that the city has a lot of large travel agencies with various tourism products, but trade villages have not yet been included in the tours.

According to Nguyen Van My, Director of the Lua Viet Travel Company, tourism development in trade villages need investment into infrastructure, transportation and qualified staff.  Launching tours in trade villages is a new tourism product, which need to be explored effectively.

Source: Tien Phong

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

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