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‘Improve socio-economics’ mountain provinces told

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‘Improve socio-economics’ mountain provinces told

QĐND – Friday, July 30, 2010, 20:57 (GMT+7)

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong has urged provincial Party committees of five northern mountainous provinces to improve their socio-economic development strategies.

The NA Chairman, also a Politburo member, met withrepresentatives of the provinces of Lai Chau, Cao Bang, Hoa Binh, Lang Son and Son La on July 29 to hear ideas and proposals for draft documents to be considered at their provincial Party congresses.

Concerning local development plans, he asked the provinces to improve their planning by reviewing the implementation of their five-year plan and 10-year strategy on socio-economic development, while also drawing lessons from the past 25-year of renewal in their provinces.

A better review of these plans and strategies would help better prepare for the coming years, said Mr. Trong.

The NA leader praised the provinces’ efforts and achievements in socio-economic development, despite the disadvantages of their remote and moutainous locations.

He said each province needed to work out its own long-term plan for development based on an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

The NA Chairman also asked them to work out firm measures to fulfil their own targets while continuing to cooperate with each other on regional and national development.

He insisted that the provincial Party committees pay due attention to making sure a balanced number of qualified young cadres, women and ethnic members are represented on the committees.

To achieve this it is necessary to improve education and training for the cadres, especially young, female and ethnic cadres, said Trong, adding that the provincial Party committees must focus on improving their management and effectiveness in governing and to redouble efforts in spurring socio-economic progress.

He said Lai Chau province needs to improve its infrastructure and develop its rural traffic network while paying more attention to work on alleviating hunger and poverty.

He said the province should prioritise a number of fields for development and mobilising sources for investing in development.

Mr. Trong said Cao Bang province should fully exploit its advantages, such as its border gates, tourism potential and mineral mines. He asked the province to uphold and take full advantage of its strength while maintaining political stability and border security as well as preserving the eco-system and environment.

The NA Chairman said Hoa Binh province, as a gateway to the capital city of Hanoi, should better invest in its tourism potential while controlling social evils.

Lang Son province, which shares a border with China, was urged to better develop new rural areas and further alleviate hunger and poverty while harmonising its economic growth with socio-cultural development.

Mr. Trong asked Son La provincial leaders to improve public relations work and strengthen the local unity bloc while building its Party, political system and human resources training, the province should take good care of ethnic minority people and those who have been resettled. “Good social policies and maintenance of socio-political stability will help the province fulfil its target,” he said.

Source: VNS/VOVNews

Source: QDND

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