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Online conference discusses rural development

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Online conference discusses rural development

QĐND – Friday, August 06, 2010, 20:48 (GMT+7)

An online conference was held in Hanoi on August 6 to discuss ways to mobilise wider support for Vietnam’s rural development programme.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cao Duc Phat outlined the basic goals of the programme: build new and more modern rural infrastructure, combine agriculture with the services industry, build more democratic and stable rural communities, preserve cultural identities, and improve the living conditions of rural people.

The programme hopes to bring 20 percent of all communes up to the new rural standards by 2015 and 50 percent of the communes by 2020.

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung, head of the programme’s National Steering Board told the conference that to make the programme work, local communities must closely adhere to the programme’s recommendations and use resources effectively.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Over 1,000 scholarships granted to poor children

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Over 1,000 scholarships granted to poor children

QĐND – Friday, August 06, 2010, 20:44 (GMT+7)

The Vietnam Children Sponsor Fund (VCSF) and Bao Viet Life Insurance Corporation (BVL) signed an agreement to grant over 1,000 “Bao Viet – Education Welfare” scholarships worth 900 million VND to disadvantaged children with good study results on August 5 in Hanoi.

In 2010, BVL raised the value of each scholarship to 700,000 VND from 500,000 VND. Since 2005, VCSF and BVL have helped about 6,000 outstanding students nationwide with nearly five billion VND in scholarship.

Starting 1994, VCSF has donated about 2,500 scholarships each worth 500,000 VND per pear.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan expressed belief that VCSF and BVL will continue to help poor children in their study.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

North-South express train derails in truck collision

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North-South express train derails in truck collision

QĐND – Friday, August 06, 2010, 20:44 (GMT+7)

Four carriages went off the tracks and overturned when a North-South express train en route to Hanoi collided with a truck in Ha Nam province, about 70km from Hanoi, on August 6.

All 350 passengers on the train were safe with some sustaining minor injuries, but the truck driver was taken to hospital for emergency treatment. Dao Quang Huy, an assistant train driver, had one of his hands severed after being trapped in the smashed locomotive cabin. He was also admitted to a local hospital nearby for treatment.

The accident happened at 08.00am when the train crashed into a truck loaded with stones at a crossing in Tien Tan commune, Duy Tien district. There were no warning signs or barriers at the crossing.

The accident caused serious traffic congestion along National Highway No1A from Nam Dinh to Hanoi. Rescue workers used cranes to help with the rescue work.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Hanoi sets up a reserve fund for victims of natural disasters

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Hanoi sets up a reserve fund for victims of natural disasters

QĐND – Friday, August 06, 2010, 20:47 (GMT+7)

The Hanoi People’s Committee has allowed the Northern Foodstuff Corporation and the Hanoi Trade Corporation to disburse in advance VND 100 billion in reserve goods and foodstuff for emergency aid to people in natural calamity-hit areas during this year’s stormy and rainy season.

The sum, drawn from the city’s financial reserve fund, will be used to buy rice, instant noodles or dry provisions, candles and drinking water for people in the regions hit by natural disaster in the city.

The Department of Industry and Commerce and related agencies are in charge of the scheme to ensure stable life for local people in the stricken areas.

Also the Department of Industry and Commerce has a responsibility of supervising of the use of the reserve fund for the right purposes and ensure the refund is on time.

Source: Dantri

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

VNA’s news for foreign services honoured

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VNA’s news for foreign services honoured

QĐND – Friday, August 06, 2010, 20:44 (GMT+7)

The News for Foreign Service Department of the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has received the State’s Independence Order, third class, in recognition of its contributions to the country’s foreign news services.

At a ceremony to receive the Order in Hanoi on August 5, VNA Director General Tran Mai Huong affirmed that news for foreign services is always the foundation of VNA.

He stressed that in the transition from a traditional newswire agency to a powerful national communications group to meet news requirements in the new circumstance, VNA seeks to develop a variety of news products, including news for foreign services.

The VNA leader noted that the News for Foreign Service Department’s 65-year tradition, and especially contributions by its older generations, always serves as a fulcrum for its younger staff to further raise their sense of responsibility to and quality of the news they publish.

On the VNA’s founding day (September 15, 1945), the News for Foreign Service Department also made its first debut with the publication of the country’s Declaration of Independence in English and French languages.

During the two resistance wars against French colonialists and American aggressors, the News for Foreign Service Department played a key role in keeping foreign readers updated with developments of the wars.

It is noteworthy that that during the Vietnam War, the department’s English, French, and then Spanish bulletins greatly helped foreign readers and friends gain good understanding of the situation in Vietnam and the Vietnamese people’s just war.

When Vietnam entered a new phase of renovation and international integration, the News for Foreign Service Department has proved itself as one of mainstream and key foreign news channels to bridge the country with others around the world.

The department has exchanged news in English, French and Spanish with foreign news agencies partnered with VNA. Especially, its English bulletin is provided for the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, the NNN website of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Oorganisation of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA).

Apart from English, French and Spanish bulletins, the Department plans to launch its own Chinese bulletin on the occasion of VNA’s 65 th founding anniversary.

Everyday, news in English, French and Spanish are updated on VNA’s official website, Vietnamplus, to disseminate current events in Vietnam as well as the country’s viewpoints on regional and international issues.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Thu Thiem Tunnel three weeks from completion

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Thu Thiem Tunnel three weeks from completion

QĐND – Friday, August 06, 2010, 20:44 (GMT+7)

Work on the Thu Thiem Tunnel beneath the Sai Gon River has entered the home stretch and is likely to be completed next month.

The East – West Highway and Water Environment Project Management Board and Japanese contractor Obayashi began pouring concrete to connect the fourth section with the final section on the District 1 side.

A ceremony was held for the purpose on Wednesday and it was attended by the HCM City Party Committee Secretary Le Thanh Hai, HCM City People’s Committee Chairman Le Hoang Quan, and Party Committee Deputy Secretary Nguyen Van Dua.

The head of the board, Luong Minh Phuc, said the first four sections had been properly installed.

The fourth section was sunk in the river on June 5 after being delivered from Nhon Trach district in neighbouring Dong Nai province, where all the sections had been fabricated.

The tunnel is expected to be completed on September 2, the National Day, and connected with the completed East – West Highway next January.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Power supplies continue to be a problem

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Power supplies continue to be a problem

QĐND – Friday, August 06, 2010, 20:44 (GMT+7)

Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) on August 5 announced that power supplies this month would continue to face difficulties due to unpredictable weather patterns and repairs under way on many of the country’s thermal power plants.

According to EVN estimates, this month, the power sector could generate an average 300 million kWh per day, 1 million kilowatts higher than July, but the national grid had no capacity for reserves.

EVN said that by the end of July, although water levels in reservoirs in the north had improved, reservoirs in the central area of the country were still lower than average levels in previous years.

In particular, water levels in the Ialy, Tri An, Thac Mo and Ham Thuan reservoirs had been closer to levels at which hydro-power plants could no longer operate. The water level in the Tri An Reservoir was only 0.1m higher than dead level at which point it was no longer safe to operate turbines, while the difference at the Thac Mo Reservoir was just 0.5m.

Therefore, to ensure stable electricity supplies for production and consumer use, EVN had asked their hydropower plants in the north to accumulate water to as high levels as possible, continue increasing capacity of coal-and oil-based thermal power plants and buying electricity from China.

In the first seven months of the year, EVN produced 33.15 billion kWh and bought from abroad 21.70 billion kWh, an increase of 5.59 percent and 38.52 percent on the same period last year.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Liquidity falls to one-month low

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Movements of VN-Index on August 6. (Photo:’s benchmark VN-Index declined for the third day in a row August 6, as the stock market did not find necessary support to prevent the index from falling.

The shares of 251 companies and four mutual funds listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange finished at 482.82 points, losing 0.7 percent, or 3.39 points.

Of the index, 53 stocks gained, 156 dropped, while 46 treaded water.

Liquidity on the city bourse severely fell to its lowest level in a month, 36.66 million shares, worth VND1.03 trillion.

Vinafco Joint Stock Corporation (VFC) was the most active stock by volume with 1.4 million shares changing hands. The company’s shares traded up 4.49 percent.

From July 26 to 29, Vietnam Investments Funds I.L.P, a major shareholder of VFC, sold 300,000 shares, reducing its holdings to 1,379,016 shares, accounting for 6.9 percent of VFC’s chartered capital.

From August 9 to September 30, Vietnam Investments Funds I, L.P, registered to sell 1 million shares, sending its holdings to 379,016 shares, restructuring investment category.

Transport company Thuan Thao Corporation (GTT), located in the coastal central province of Phu Yen, tagged along with 1.07 million shares.

It was followed by Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading Joint Stock Company, which closed down 4.95 percent to VND21,100 today, with more than 1 million shares traded.

Movements of VN-Index from August 2 to 6. (Photo:

Cadovimex Seafood Import-Export and Processing Joint Stock Company (CAD), which contracted 7.26 percent to VND11,500, was the biggest loser on southern market. The company will issue 800,000 bonus shares to its current shareholders at a ratio of 10:1.

Petroleum Equipment Assembly and Metal Structure Joint Stock Company (PXS) gave up 4.96 percent to VND23,000. The company announced its net profits for the first six months of the year to be VND21.68 billion, which satisfies 64 percent of this year’s goal; the company’s profits for the second quarter reached VND16.83 billion.

Foreign Trade Development and Investment Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City (FDC) and South Vietnam Container Shipping Joint Stock Company (VSG) both edged down 4.84 percent to VND41,300, and VND11,800 respectively.

From August 9 to October 8, Do Hoang Hai, father of Do Le Hong Chau – member of FDC’s Board of Directors, registered to buy 151,000 shares and sell 112,000 shares, sending his holdings to 816,605 shares, restructuring his investment category.

In the same period, Tran Lan Thao Nguyen, daughter of Tran Huu Chinh – chairman of FDC, registered to sell 100,000 shares, and buy 120,000 shares to restructure her investment category. Her holdings will be at 132,145 shares after the transaction.

Hapaco Group Joint Stock Company (HAP) advanced 4.89 percent to VND19,300.

Information and Networking Technology Joint Stock Company (CMT) curbed its eight-consecutive-trading-session losing streak, rising 4.8 percent to VND34,900.

Meca Vneco Investment and Electricity Construction Joint Stock Company (VES) added up 4.7 percent to VND31,200.

Hanoi’s HNX-Index slashed 1.31 points, or 0.89 percent, to close at 146.14. Trading volume dropped to 27.53 million shares, valued at approximately VND738.48 billion.

The UPCoM-Index also dipped 0.83 points to 50.41 as of 11 am local time. A total of 193,910 shares changed hands at VND2.99 billion.

Source: SGGP

Blue ear sickness occurs in HCMC

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Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) – also called “Blue Ear” – has occurred in pigs in Ho Chi Minh City, warned a health official on August 5.

Good feeding is one way to prevent pigs from contracting the epidemic

Phan Xuan Thao, head of HCMC Animal Health Department, said pigs in some households in district 12 were found to have the virus; therefore, 194 pigs were destroyed to curb the disease from spreading. Breeding farms in district Cu Chi are at high risk for contracting the disease.

The city liaised with neighboring southern provinces Dong Nai and Binh Duong to test pigs from other provinces. If vets find pigs to be unsafe, the city would stop diseased pigs from entering the city, Mr. Thao said.

The southern province of Binh Phuoc claimed tests proved 72 pigs in district Bu Dang had contracted the disease, said deputy head of the province’s Animal Health Department Tran Van Phuong. The province had killed 30 pigs before.

Quang Nam authorities are pleading for help as spread of the disease has already become rampant, wiping out many herds in the province’s districts Dai Loc and Dien Ban. 9793 pigs were infected with the disease and vets destroyed 2,572.

Meanwhile, the highlands province of Dak Lak discovered seven outbreaks of blue ear in pigs in districts Ea Kar, Krong Pach and Buon Me Thuot City.

The government will provide each breeder who has lost their pigs to the epidemic with VND25,000 for each kilo of meat lost.

Source: SGGP

Central Highlands burning flame, once and forever

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Meritorious Artist Y Moan of the Ede ethnic minority will hold a music performance to celebrate his singing career at Au Co Cultural Center in Hanoi on August 6.

                      Meritorious Artist Y Moan

It will be the first and last solo performance of the leading Central Highlands singer, as he is enduring the last phase of cancer.

The “Highland flame” concert will demonstrate Y Moan’s burning devotion to singing; the concert event has been highly anticipated by his friends and fans.

Born in 1957, Y Moan was one of seven children in a poor family. He left school when he was in 6th grade to support his parents.

He joined a Dak Lak Province art troupe of at the age of 18 and won a gold medal at the National Dance and Singing Festival in 1976 for the song, Ganh thoc vao kho (Carrying rice to the store).
He then became popular for songs honoring the Central Highlands.

If you want to to visit him in Buon Me Thuot City, you can ask anyone, from taxi drivers at the airport to motorbike drivers at bus stations, everyone knows the location of his house in Dha Prong Commune.

Y Moan is the pride of all Central Highlands people.

Apart from singing, Y Moan also works as a farmer on a coffee field covering on an area of more than 4 hectares, to support his family, especially two sons Y Von and Y Garia, who study singing at the Military College Of Arts & Culture.

He also collects many Central Highlands traditional musical instruments and home appliances of the Ede people, which he displays at his house. He considers his home to be a small museum where he can preserve his national culture.

“Highland singers have to sing as though the forest is fluttering in the wind, the murmur of a brook and rumble of the fall,” the singer said.

Source: SGGP