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VND 8 billion presented to Vietnam Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin

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VND 8 billion presented to Vietnam Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin

QĐND – Monday, August 09, 2010, 21:37 (GMT+7)

PANO – As much as VND 8 billion was donated for Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in the VTV1 live-broadcast programme, entitled “Justice and the Heart” held on August 8.

The programme, co-organised by the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA), Vietnam Television and the Thang Long Culture and Information Joint-stock Company, is to commemorate the annual “Day for Victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam” on August 10th and to honour and express deep gratitude to local individuals and organisations as well as international friends who have been greatly supporting victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin of Vietnam.

“The campaign for raising VND 64 billions designed for building 550 houses, 55 daily care centers, creating 1,100 jobs and providing 1,100 scholarships granted to the victims of Agent Orange launched by the Central Association for Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam from August 2009, has achieved more results than expected”, said the VAVA President, Senior-Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Rinh.

He added that “As of June 2010, the fund already reached VND 50 billions, corresponding to 78% of the plan”.

Addressing the programme, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan wholeheartedly expressed gratitude for all the gestures of golden hearts expressed by comrades, fellow countrymen in the country and abroad and international friends towards the victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

He proudly spoke of the efforts and the extraordinary will of victims of Agent Orange in overcoming all adverse conditions and diseases so that they may integrate themselves into surrounding communities.

The Deputy Prime Minister expected more and more organisations and individuals to be involved in the support to the Agent Orange victims, so that the pain of the victims may be alleviated.

Along with positive signals shared by four Vietnamese participants of the third hearing on the Agent Orange in Vietnam opened by the US Congress July of this year, audiences of the “Justice and the Heart” programme were also entertained with several interesting songs.

Mai Huong

Source: QDND

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