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French blues singer to come back Hanoi and HCMC

In Uncategorized on October 14, 2010 at 2:47 pm

French blues singer Roland Tchakounté and his band will come back Vietnam for performances at the HCM City’s Opera House on October 14 and the French Cultural Center in Hanoi on October 15-16.

French blues singer Roland Tchakounté

Roland Tchakounté will present to Vietnamese music lovers his compositions such as Soukous Blues (Nyangsah), “Hum hum (Tendi),” “Chunzela,” “Nju ne bala,” “Vae victis” and more.

Roland Tchakounté’s music is full of wild melodies, sadness and happiness, sometimes loneliness.

Born in Cameroon, far from the cotton fields that shaped his elders’ style, Roland Tchakounté started his musical career by recording 2 LPs in Douala’s studios before leaving for France.

Roland Tchakounté released his debut album titled “Bred Bouh Shuga Blues” in 1999, and “Abango” in 2005, “Waka” in 2008 and latest album “Blues Menessen” in May of this year.

Along with his partners Mick Ravassat (guitar) and Mathias Bernheim (percussion), he has many performances in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Canada, USA, Guinea, the Republic of Mali, Indonesia, Vietnam, Scotland, Croatia, etc.

He came to Hanoi and performed in the European Music Festival in 2008.

The tickets are available at the theater for VND100, 000 and at VND50, 000 for students.

Source: SGGP

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