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Volunteers pioneer in flooded areas

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Volunteers pioneer in flooded areas

QĐND – Thursday, October 14, 2010, 21:19 (GMT+7)

PANO – People in Ha Tinh and Quang Binh are struggling to resettle and stablise their lives and normal activities after the provinces were seriously hit by the recent floods. But they are not alone: voluntary youths are lending their helping hands to assist them in these efforts.


Five trucks loaded with relief aid, sent by Vietnam Youth Association’s Central Committee and Military Youth Committee from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, arrived in Ha Tinh and Quang Binh right after the flood receded.

Despite being tired after a one hundred-kilometre journey, the youths were gratified as the relief aid was handed out in time.

Boxes of instant noodles, dry provisions and drinking water were unloaded immediately and transferred to the worst-hit flood districts of Huong Khe and Vu Quang (Ha Tinh) and Bo Trach (Quang Binh).

The volunteer youths in blue shirts then quickly brought the aid door-to-door, and, after one week isolated by the floods, these families were quickly running out of food and drink. Therefore, the immediate relief aid, for them, were really necessary.

Within two days, 11 tons of dry provisions, 3,000 boxes of instant noodle and 1,200 boxes of bottled water were handed out to the people in many flooded localities in the two provinces.

With their great efforts, the volunteers managed to give the relief directly into the centre of the floods in Tan Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province.

The road to the commune was seriously damaged, preventing the trucks from travelling faster to the required area. However, with the timely assistance of the volunteers, the aid was delivered in time.

“You arrive in time. People here really need food and drinks,” said Cao Thanh Binh, Head of Tan Hoa Party Committee.

Meanwhile, Dinh Gia Tuyet, Secretary of Minh Hoa District Youth Union, said that nearly 1,000 young volunteers have been molilised to go to Tan Hoa to help the local people clean the environment and stabilise their lives.

Duc Linh, a Commune of Vu Quang District, Ha Tinh Province was also violently hit by the historic flood. During the flooded days, the most difficult things was to send relief aid directly to the people. Many hamlets in the commune are located close to Ngan Sau River and were isolated by the flood. As a result, to carry relief aids to the hamlets, many volunteers had to row boats for a long distance.

“There are always some members of the Commune Youth Union stationed at the Office of the Commune Committee to receive and transfer relief aid immediately to the families,” said Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Secretary of Duc Linh Commune Youth Union.

The Commune Youth Union also coordinated with other associations in the locality to support the local people to resettle. 200 of its members were mobilised to help the people repair their homes. They also planned to repair roads to schools when the flood is over.

When the flood level was rising in many localities in Quang Binh Province, many volunteers were mobilised together with the local soldiers to help evacuate people and their belongings to higher ground. Later on, when the water level reduced, they and students at university and colleges in Dong Hoi City headed to help the people overcome the consequences of the flood. Many youths just had no dry clothes while working hard from early morning until night fell.

In the upcoming time, youth unions in Quang Binh and Ha Tinh will continue their voluntary programs to help the people.

Ho An Phong, Secretary of Quang Binh Youth Union said: “We will continue to mobilise youths and voluntary students to repair roads and houses for the people”.

“When the flood is completely over, we will help the people to farm short-term crops to stabilise their lives,” he added.

Ha Van Hung, Secretary of Ha Tinh Youth Union said that, by October 13th, 6,000 volunteers had been mobilised to help the people province-wide.

“Our union will send voluntary teams to the flooded areas to clean the environment, provide health checks and medical treatment for people as well as raising funds to support them,” he said.

Translated by Ngoc Hung

Source: QDND

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