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“Green street” campaign kicked off in big cities

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2010 at 1:34 pm

A “Green street” campaign has just been kicked off in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang on October 21.

                   The 1st “Green street” is organized in 2009.

The 2nd campaign is part of the “Go Green Journey” program launched by the Go Green Club (GGC).

The GGC and residents will restore the habit of cleaning streets and their homes every Sunday morning.

The campaign has been implemented in offices, primary and high schools throughout the country.

The “Go Green Journey” program aims to create a hub to promote closely and systematically cooperation between environment protection activities of TMV with other organizations, and dedicated environment volunteer groups in Vietnam.

The program was first launched in 2008 by Toyota Motor Vietnam (TMV) in collaboration with the Vietnam Environment Protection Administration and Ministry of Education and Training.

The program is implemented in 2 phases (2008-2011; and 2011 onwards) to achieve 3 objectives: Raising awareness of the community towards environment protection and to ride on it to make people gradually change their behavior; directly implementing and supporting other environment activities to minimize and stop damages to the environment in Vietnam; supporting and helping individuals and organizations affected by environmental damages.

Source: SGGP

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