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Reporter Nicolas Cornet: “Sending the love with Hanoi in photos”

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Reporter Nicolas Cornet: “Sending the love with Hanoi in photos”

QĐND – Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 20:33 (GMT+7)

PANO – French reporter Nicolas Cornet has taken thousands of photographs of Hanoi and Vietnam during his shuttle trips to this S-shaped country over the last two decades.

From his love for Hanoi, for more than two years now, Nicolas Cornet has paid much attention to its landscapes and inhabitants.

As a result, on November 23rd, he exhibited nearly 50 photos of Hanoi at every angle at an exhibition entitled “Hanoi, Hanoians, contemporary view” and introduced his pictorial book, Hanoi, at L’Espace, Hanoi.

Through the eyes of Nicolas Cornet, spectators could find out the ever-changing daily life and structures across Hanoi. The showcased photos bring them a close, familiar Hanoi with small alleys and streets, green tea and grilled rice.

PANO’s reporter has an interview with photographer Nicolas Cornet on his exhibition and aspiration for Hanoi.

As a photo reporter for several European newspapers and magazines such as L’Espresso(I), Mare(RFA), Figaro Magazine, Le Monde, you have travelled to various countries, what is the reason for your choice of Vietnam and the capital, Hanoi, to take these photos?

– My destiny with Vietnam came from my first visit here 23 years ago. I have shuttle trips between Vietnam and France and I love taking photograph of the daily lives of the Vietnamese. I cannot say exactly when I fell in love with this country with a thousand year-old culture.

I got married with a Vietnamese living in France in 1997. My Vietnamese language has been improved much, contributing to my demonstration here.

– With the theme of Hanoi, why did not you exhibit your works on the Great Anniversary of Millennium of Thang Long-Hanoi?

– There were a lot of artistic activities held during the Anniversary of Millennium of Thang Long-Hanoi. My photos are news photos; thus, they could be displayed at anytime without being out of date. I took these photographs with my deep love for Hanoi. What concerns me most is how spectators think of my works, not when the exhibition takes place.

– Of the exhibited photos, which is your most favourite one?

– I love the photo titled “Generations” most. That is the portrait of a grandmother and her grandchildren, representing two generations of Vietnamese women. The grandmother represents the past while the girl with bright eyes and smart forehead symbolises a bright future for Vietnam.

To take this unique photo, I have spent time talking with and getting acquainted with both of them. As there seemed to be no barrier among us, I found it easier to take their “souls” in my photos.

– As what I see, is your forte taking portraits?

– I do like taking photographs of portraits even such a genre is rather difficult and it takes much time. However, if I am successful the portrait will become convincing as it has its own soul.

– You have several photo collections on Hanoi, including “Elegant girls on Long Bien Bridge” and “Crossroads in front of Hanoi Opera House”. Will you pursue such topic?

– I am going to travel to countryside throughout Vietnam and take photographs of these places. Besides, I keep taking photographs of Hanoi.

After this exhibition in Hanoi, I will introduce my photos of Hanoi in Ho Chi Minh City, Paris and Canada, so that more and more people could have better understanding of the country where I have placed my love and career in.

– Thank you very much.

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

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