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Three more bridges to be built in Western Hanoi

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Three more bridges to be built in Western Hanoi

QĐND – Thursday, November 25, 2010, 20:57 (GMT+7)

Hanoi will build three more bridges, namely Zet, Yen Vy and My Hoa, in the western suburbs of the city, according to the Hanoi Transport Department, which has been entrusted to manage the investment in the projects.

Zet Bridge, costing nearly VND 50 billion will be built in Chuong My District, while Yen Vy Bridge, with VND 29 billion of investment, is in My Duc, near the renowned Huong Pagoda.

My Hoa Bridge, the largest one, costing VND 152 billion will connect the two banks of the Day River in the districts of My Duc and Ung Hoa. Under the design, the bridge will be modern and architecturally suitable to the panorama and environment.

According to the investment manager, all the preparations will be finished by March 2011 and the projects will then be started.

The City’s officials stated that the construction of the bridges will ease the current traffic congestion, assist local people’s transportation and contribute to local socio-economic development and tourism.

Source: DDDN

Translated by Thu Nguyen

Source: QDND

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