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Comedies on traffic to be staged

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Comedies on traffic to be staged

QĐND – Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 20:20 (GMT+7)

On December 15th, the director, Le Hung, will introduce to the public a series of comedies on traffic culture themed “Traffic- National Calamities” at the Hanoi Opera House.

The show with four short comedies “Cultural Family”, “The Mad people on the road”, “A sad story in the emergency room” and “Being drunk is zero”, is a part of the program “Bring traffic culture to the community through the media and arts” led by the Centre for National Cultural Preservation and Management.

According to actor Si Tien, assistant to Le Hung, the series is created by about 30 actors and actresses of the Youth Theatre and many stage properties such as motorcycles and bicycles, etc to make a program closer to the daily life theme for audience.

The “Traffic- National Calamity” will be broadcasted live on the Hanoi Radio and Television and is seen as a good way to highlight some of the major issues of traffic already in the national consciousness.

Source: ANTD           

Translated by Van Hieu

Source: QDND

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