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Procedures simplified for marriages to foreigners

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Procedures simplified for marriages to foreigners

QĐND – Wednesday, December 22, 2010, 20:28 (GMT+7)

Both local and foreign nearly-weds are set to enjoy simplified administrative marriage procedures as of early April next year thanks to a new Government resolution.

The resolution, approved early this month, stipulates that those who are going to marry foreigners will be able to shorten their marriage registration time.

They will be able to continue with their procedures immediately after posting the banns of marriage to relevant authorities, including the departments of justice and local authorities, instead of waiting for seven days as before.

Only one person will be required to be present when submitting the marriage certificate, and procuration and leave of absence letters for the absentee will not be compulsory in this case.

According to the Government Office’s Administrative Procedure Control Department, this step was not necessary as the legal issues were certified in the interview process.

Legal papers, including copies of permanent or temporary residence cards and general information on careers and the homeland of nearly-weds will also be eliminated.

All foreign-related marriage banns procedures would be solved within 20 days after all required papers had been registered. If the banns needed to be verified, the procedures would be completed within 30 days, the decree said.

Local nearly-weds will receive their marriage certificates three days after registration and five days in case verification is needed.

Nguyen Thuy Quynh, who is married to an American, said that it took them eight months to get their marriage certificate.

“We got married six years ago and the procedures were quite complicated and time-wasting. We still had to go from place to place to get the necessary documentation, even though we had been instructed carefully,” she said.

Quynh said that her friend who got married to an Australian editor, was luckier as ‘she finally got the certificate after around five months’.

Source: VNA/ Photo: congannghean

Source: QDND

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