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Digital libraries gain popularity

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Recently, online digital libraries have gained popularity both at home and abroad and are proving useful for researchers, students as well as readers.

                     Phuong Nam Bookstore’s website is a popular website at home which introduces e-books of famous ancient works which have fallen into oblivion for almost a century, such as the collection of techniques on wood-block printing entitled “Technique du peuple annamite” by Henri Oger(1907-1909) and also national language newspapers likely Nong Co Min Dam, Thanh Nghi (1941-1945), Nam Phong and Dong Duong.

There are also many other online libraries such as,, and many more. does not digitalize books which are still in stock, respecting copyright laws.

The website of the National Library of France contains a grandiose treasure of more than 20,000 ancient documents and books on Vietnam dating from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Amongst their valuable collection is the book titled “Les Jungles Moi” by Henri Maitre, published in 1912. It was the first research document on the Vietnamese ethnic groups of the Highlands.

The digitalized collection in Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan is said to have the world’s largest Kanji-Japanese dictionary and the largest number of Japanese and Chinese classic books.

Many projects on digitalizing books are currently underway to help readers gain access to ancient and rare works easily.

Source: SGGP

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