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East Sea experiences fierce stormy weather

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2011 at 4:30 am

The East Sea has turned rough and gloomy, threatening shipping during the next 6 to7 days, the national weather bureau has said.

The East Sea will be very rough in the next several days as cold fronts has clobbered Vietnam

The cold front, which was heading towards Vietnam the previous day, coated and froze some areas in the northern mountainous regions on Wednesday morning.

From today onwards, the cold front will affect other portions in the northern region and then spread to the central region.

The Gulf of Tonkin has seen northeasterly winds up to level 6 (39-49 kilometers an hour) and gusts up to level 8 (62-74 kilometers an hour).

The central and southern parts of East Sea are likely to see even stronger winds.

From January 1 and January 5, two more cold fronts will move into Vietnam, and as a result, the northern region is forecast to get much colder and frost may occur.

In the central and southern seas, the northeasterly winds will strongly operate with waves up to 3-5 meters during the next ten days.

On Wednesday, the National Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention instructed coastal provinces and cities from Quang Ninh to Kien Giang, to notify boats about the changes in weather conditions, so that they may be able to prevent any damage to shipping or loss of life.

In the Red River Delta and the mountainous areas, farmers need to take precautionary measures, in order to protect their rice, cattle, chickens and seafood, from the extreme cold weather.

The southern coastal provinces and Ho Chi Minh City will introduce measures to cope with salt intrusion, caused by the high tide.

Source: SGGP

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