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Flood battered Quang Binh recovers

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The incessant floods have left much pain and suffering for people in the northern central province of Quang Binh, in the beginning of October. After a few months of recovery, the fields are beginning to be green again.


Residents in Tan Hoa Commune of Minh Hoa District have begun agricultural production after the severe floodings(Photo: SGGP)

Though the people in Son Trach Commune, one of the worse affected areas in Bo Trach District, are still affected by the flooding, they are gradually recovering from it.

Nguyen Van Ninh, Le Van Diep and Nguyen Van Phuong are three people considered as heroes. They saved over 300 lives in the fierce flooding in Van Tien Village.

One of the heroes, Ninh, now carries tourists by boat to visit the Phong Nha Caves. His house was swept away by severe floodwaters. Fortunately, donations from people around the country, has helped him to rebuild his home ahead of the Tet holiday.

Tan Hoa Commune was one of the worst flooded areas in Minh Hoa District, with 500 households losing their properties and 3,000 livestock were lost or swept away.

However, each home has stockpiled enough rice for about four months. Residents in the country have donated the rice, after the historically high floods.

Secretary of the commune Party Committee Cao Thanh Binh, said that Tan Hoa inhabitants have cultivated over 100 hectares of maize plants and vegetables. After the Tet holiday, when the relief rice runs out, they would harvest maize and other types of vegetables.

Gianh River sides revive

After three months of dealing with flooding, villages on both sides of Gianh River have made progress.

People from the Bo Trach District’s Lien Trach Commune, where seven drown due to the floods, are now growing potatoes to cope with a shortage of food and possibly starvation.

Nguyen Thi Chi said that the deluge had robbed people of much fortune; however, local residents are preparing the soil for agricultural production. Along the Gianh River, they have planted corn, mulberry and cassava.

In Thanh Hoa Commune, located in the upper reaches of the Gianh River, five men were swept away leaving a number of wives widowed and children orphaned.

Nguyen Thi Luong, whose husband died during the floods, said that her pain has been partly reduced with some material assistance and encouragement from neighbors and benefactors nationalwide.

With regard to the relief aid, the Sai Gon Giai Phong Newspaper Management has sent Luong VND2 million, from which she bought four pigs and some rice. The four pigs are now growing up and she is about to sell them. This will enable her to celebrate the Tet holiday and possibly buy some breeding pigs.

Source: SGGP

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