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Nigerian military frees 19 hostages

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Over 19,000 laid-off workers in Mekong registered unemployment insurance

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Taiwan ex-president gets 19 years in prison

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19 killed in Love Parade stampede in Germany

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 Some were trampled to death, some crushed against the walls of a tunnel, Germany on Sunday mourned 19 people killed in a sudden stampede by thousands trying to get to a huge open air music festival.

Another 340 people were injured in the mass panic to get to the Love Parade dance party in the western city of Duisburg that drew about 1.4 million partygoers from across the world, according to a new mounting toll given by police.

Authorities have not yet given any indication as to what set off the sudden fright. But questions were immediately raised about the safety of the 200 metre (650 feet) long and 30 metre (100 feet) wide tunnel that was the main access to the giant rave being held in a former railway freight yard.

Participants of the Love Parade 2010 dance at the festival in Duisburg, western Germany.

Police said the main crush was inside the tunnel, but a Duisburg city official said some people also died on the steps leading up to the tunnel.

Most revellers remained unaware of the incident and kept on dancing into the night as authorities kept a lid on the news to avoid another panic.

Eyewitnesses described horrific scenes however.

“Everywhere you looked there were blue faces,” one young female partygoer told the Die Welt daily.

“My boyfriend pulled me out over the bodies, otherwise we would both have died in there. How can I ever forget those faces. The faces of the dead.”

Several people fell to the ground and were trampled underfoot, another witness told the NTV news channel.

“Some people were on the ground while others were climbing up the walls,” said the witness, Udo Sandhoefer.

Police and security officials tried to get into the tunnel “but it was already too full,” he added.

“People kept trying to get into the tunnel for about 10 minutes, then realised what had happened and turned around,” he said.

Another 18-year-old witness named Marius told the Bild daily: “There was no way of escaping. There was a wall of people in front of me. I was scared I was going to die.”

Panicked friends and family sent a raft of messages on Twitter in a bid to locate missing partygoers.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was “aghast” at the catastrophe.

“In these difficult hours, my thoughts are with the relatives of the victims. They have my sympathy and my condolences.”

“Young people came to party. Instead, there was death and injury. I am aghast and saddened by the sorrow and the pain,” she said in a statement.

President Christian Wulff said: “Such a catastrophe that has caused death, sorrow and pain during a peaceful festival involving young people from many countries is dreadful.”

Shock turned quickly to anger as partygoers criticised organisers for only allowing one entrance through the tunnel to the festival.

There was “simply nowhere to get out” of the area around the tunnel, one survivor told WDR television.

Focus magazine quoted the founder of the Love Parade, who goes by the name of Dr Motte (Dr Moth), as saying: “The organisers are to blame … they showed not the slightest responsibility for people.”

The influential mass circulation Bild asked on its website: “Why did the police let people carry on the party?”

Duisburg mayor Adolf Sauerland vowed to hold a comprehensive enquiry.

“In the run-up to the event, we worked out a solid security plan with the organisers and everyone involved,” he said.

“The investigations that have already been launched must uncover the precise course of events.”

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Thailand in turmoil after 19 die in bloody clashes

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Thailand‘s “Red Shirt” demonstrators defied the government and vowed to keep up their protests Sunday, after the country’s worst political violence in decades left 19 people dead and over 800 injured.

Protest leaders, who have promised to maintain their campaign until the government dissolves parliament and calls fresh elections, demanded Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva step down and leave the country.

Fourteen civilians, including a Japanese TV cameraman, and five soldiers were killed in Saturday’s crackdown on the red-shirted supporters of fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra in Bangkok, the emergency services told AFP.

The violence erupted when troops tried to clear one of two sites in the centre of the capital occupied by the protesters for the past month. Soldiers fired in the air and used tear gas while the Reds responded by hurling rocks.

A protestor rests on the street after overnight clashes between the army and Red Shirt demonstrators in central Bangkok.

As the clashes intensified gunshots echoed around the city and both sides accused the other of using live ammunition. Emergency services said two protesters were killed by gunshot wounds to the head.

At one stage protesters overwhelmed and captured an armoured personnel carrier, while army spokesman Sunsern Kaewkumnerd said government weapons had fallen into the hands of the demonstrators.

The army later retreated, calling for a truce with the demonstrators, who were holding five soldiers hostage. Thousands of protesters remained on the streets at the two main protest sites on Sunday.

“Abhisit must leave Thailand,” Reds leader Veera Musikapong told supporters. “We ask all government officials to stop serving this government.”

“We call for Abhisit to resign immediately,” added Nattawut Saikuar, another protest leader. He said the protesters would later hold a mourning ceremony for the dead and vowed that those killed “did not die in vain”.

Government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn said an investigation had been launched into the violence and that negotiations were under way to bring about a resolution to the stand-off without further unrest.

“The prime minister’s secretary is coordinating with protest leaders to solve the situation and would like protesters to stay put,” he said.

The Thomson Reuters news agency said one its journalists, Japanese cameraman Hiro Muramoto, died after being shot in the chest during the protests.

Tokyo urged Bangkok to investigate the death and called on the Thai government to ensure the safety of Japanese nationals. Related article: Japan urges probe into journalist’s death

The unrest marked Thailand’s worst political violence since 1992 and the United States urged both sides to show restraint.

The mostly poor, rural Reds say the government is illegitimate as it came to power with military backing in 2008 after a court ousted Thaksin’s allies from power.

The protesters called on the country’s revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej to intervene to prevent further bloodshed.

“Did anybody inform the king that his children were killed in the middle of the road without justice?” Reds leader Jatuporn Prompan said. “Is there anyone close to him who told him of the gunfights?”

Although he has no official political role, the hospitalised king is seen as a unifying figure. And during a 1992 uprising he chastised both the military and protest leaders, effectively bringing the violence to an end.

“It’s frightening. We heard explosions and people were running all around,” said Sharon Aradbasson, a 34-year-old Israeli tourist in the city’s historic area near the Khaosan Road backpacker district.

Thai flags, red roses and incense sticks were placed on pools of blood where protesters were killed or wounded.

Subdued tourists mingled with protesters below buildings pocked with bullet holes, some taking photos, a few yards from a clump of ruined cars with their windows smashed in. Shopkeepers nearby swept up glass from a shattered door.

Abhisit offered his condolences over the deaths but refused to bow to the protesters’ calls to resign.

“I and my government will continue to work to resolve the situation,” he said in a televised address to the nation.

Arrest warrants have been issued for many of the senior leaders but so far none is reported to have been taken into custody.

It was the latest chapter in years of political turmoil in Thailand pitting Bangkok’s ruling elite against the mainly working class Reds.

The country has been riven by political tensions since a bloodless coup ousted premier Thaksin in 2006.

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Philippine truck accident kills 19

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Nineteen people were killed after the truck they were riding turned over in the southern Philippines, a police official said on Monday.

The dump truck was carrying 56 people back from a wedding when it turned over while driving through V. Sagun town in the southern island of Mindanao on Saturday, said Senior Superintendent Ramon Ochotorena.

Thirteen people died at the scene while the others died in hospital, he added.

Ochotorena, who is the regional police chief, said the driver of the truck was in police custody and could face charges of reckless driving leading to multiple deaths.

Heavy rain may have made the road slippery, Ochotorena said, but he also said that witnesses reported the driver was drinking heavily before the accident.

Source: AFP

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19 workers killed in Turkish mine blast: report

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Nineteen workers were killed when an explosion caused a coal mine to cave in in northwestern Turkey, the Anatolia news agency reported on Friday, quoting Labour Minister Omer Dincer.

“Rescue teams have reached the accident area. Unfortunately, all the workers are dead,” Dincer said.

Officials had earlier said that the explosion late Thursday in the mine near the town of Mustafakemalpasa in the province of Bursa had killed six workers and trapped another 13.



Source: AFP

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