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Vietnamese Judo competes for Olympic London 2012

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Vietnamese Judo competes for Olympic London 2012

QĐND – Saturday, December 11, 2010, 21:8 (GMT+7)

Two Vietnamese judo martial artists Van Ngoc Tu (under 48kg) and Nguyen Thi Lan (under 57kg) are participating the Olympic London 2012 qualifying round held in Japan from December 11-13.

Tu is now number 58 in the world group A but in the group B for the Asian region ranks second after a martial artist from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with only 2 points less.

The International Judo Federation will select 20 martial artists from group A and one another from group B for the coming Olympic.

Based on her performance, Tu has a chance to top group B with 28 points gained from qualifying round in Mongolia before arriving to the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou, China in November.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Sarkozy appoints right-wing cabinet with eye on 2012

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Hue Festival 2012 to be held in July

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The next Hue Festival, slated for 2012, will be bumped back a month to July instead of June like in previous years, announced event organizers at a press conference on June 14.

A dancing performance in the opening ceremony of Hue Festival 2010  (Photo: SGGP)

The festival has been moved to ensure the festival does not coincide with events for “National Tourism Year 2012,” scheduled for June in the historic former imperial capital of Hue, explained the organization board.

Organizers also said July would not be a rainy month, ensuring good weather for the event.

The Hue Festival 2010 just ended on June 13.

That chairman of that festival, Ngo Hoa, who is also Deputy Chairman of the Thua Thien-Hue Province People’s Committee, said it was the most successful festival in recent years. He said it met all the criteria for a great event by impressing visitors with spectacular displays of both tradition and modernity.

The quality of performances has improved over precious years, said Hoa, who also noted that more visitors had been drawn to the event.

The Hue festival 2010 featured a giant stage that showcased local and foreign artists backed by a vast set.

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Source: SGGP

Vietnam asks to host 2012 women’s U20 World Cup

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Vietnam asks to host 2012 women’s U20 World Cup

QĐND – Wednesday, May 05, 2010, 21:32 (GMT+7)

The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has asked for FIFA’s permission to host the 2010 women’s U20 World Cup.  

During the meeting on May 4, FIFA appreciated Vietnam football’s recent efforts, especially, turning the V-League into one of the top 100 best tournaments in the world as well as winning the ASEAN Football Association Cup.

FIFA will make plans to survey the stadiums and other facilities in Vietnam before making its final decision.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Putin hints at 2012 presidential run

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Russia’s strongman Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Thursday he would consider running for president again in 2012, putting him on a potential collision course with incumbent Dmitry Medvedev.

“I will think about it. There is plenty of time,” Putin said in televised remarks when asked whether he would seek to return to the Kremlin when Medvedev’s first term expires.

But just hours later Medvedev, Putin’s handpicked successor in 2008, said during a visit to Italy that he might run for a second term.

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“If Putin is not ruling it out, neither am I,” Medvedev told a press conference in Rome.

Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

There has been intense speculation that Putin, who is still widely seen as Russia‘s most powerful politician, might be planning a return to the presidency.

Putin stepped down as president in 2008, barred by Russia’s constitution from running for a third consecutive term, but nothing prevents him from running in 2012 and he has never ruled out the possibility.

The president and premier have portrayed themselves as a unified “tandem”, even though Medvedev, a 44-year-old former corporate lawyer, is often seen as more liberal than Putin, a 57-year-old ex-KGB agent.

“We have known each other many, many years,” Putin said, referring to Medvedev, during a live phone-in show where he took questions from ordinary Russians.

“Both of us graduated from the same university, learned from one and the same professors, who instilled in us not only knowledge but (the same) approach to life.”

Putin also stressed it was too early to talk of 2012: “Right now it is only 2009. I think the biggest mistake would be to take efforts going on right now and make them subordinate to the interests of a future election campaign.”

Medvedev for his part indicated that the two men would continue working in close cooperation.

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“We are close to each other and work well together,” he said in Rome. “We can come to an agreement. We will take a reasonable decision.”

Of the two men, it was Putin who commanded the attention of Russians on Thursday as he answered 80 questions during a marathon four-hour, phone-in show, a tradition he has continued from his presidency.

Putin urged “very tough” measures against terrorism, as he sought to assure Russians shocked by a weekend train bombing that killed 26 people and injured around 100 more along one of the country’s busiest railroads.

“It is necessary to act in a very tough way against criminals who carry out these kinds of terrorist attacks,” he said.

“We need all of society — every one of us — to be aware of this threat which has been with us all these years,” said Putin, who earned a reputation for toughness by cracking down on Chechen rebels during his rise to power a decade ago.

Most questions in Putin’s phone-in focused on bread-and-butter economic issues such as pensions, unemployment and even the low salaries of kindergarten teachers.

In one of the few forays into foreign policy on the show, Putin lashed out at the United States for “hindering” Russia’s long-running bid to join the World Trade Organization.

The back-and-forth between Putin and Medvedev reflected growing competition within their tandem, said political analyst Alexander Konovalov, president of the Centre for Strategic Assessments, a think tank in Moscow.

“Medvedev is more and more coming out of Putin’s shadow, competition between the two men can be felt more and more,” Konovalov said.

“It’s clear now that if they both run, it is Putin who will win because he is more entrenched, with more financial and economic resources.”

State television said over two million questions had been sent to Putin by telephone, SMS and email for Thursday’s phone-in, the eighth such show he has conducted and the second since he became prime minister last year.

Some questions were also asked by video link from people in various parts of Russia, including hardhat-wearing workers who addressed Putin from factory floors.

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Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite to be orbit by 2012

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Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam plans to launch its first remote sensing satellite by 2012, chairman of the national Research Programme on Space Science and Technology Nguyen Khoa Son announced on Dec. 11 at this year’s Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-15).

“When the VNREDSAT-1 is operational by 2012, Vietnam will be able to take photographs of the Earth from outer space, which will help improve the efficiency of our natural resources management, environmental protection and disaster prevention,” Son said.

This is an important advance that Vietnam is making in developing space technology and science which has already begun with the country’s successful launch of its first telecommunication satellite VINASAT-1 in April this year, he stressed.

“Currently, to observe our country for the purpose of forecasting weather, protecting the environment and studying natural resources, we still have to buy images taken by satellites of foreign countries. It is very costly, in some urgent cases, we will be on the defensive and become dependent.”

“If we have our own satellite, we can respond more promptly to natural disasters and be more active in defence and security activities,” Son said.

Investments for the satellite-launching project, worth about 100 million USD, includes funds to manufacture, launch, and control the satellite; build a control station; transfer technology and train experts. These funds would mostly come from Official Development Assistance (ODA), he added.

“Many countries have expressed their willingness to cooperate with Vietnam on the project. We are actively discussing and seeking more partners who can provide both capital and technical assistance so that the pre-feasibility research can be conducted in the near future,” Son said.

The project, along with a strategy for space technology research and application by 2020, was approved in principle by the Prime Minister last year.-