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85 percent road accidents caused by drivers’ faults

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Eighty five percent of traffic accidents occurred due to drivers’ carelessness, Transport Minister Ho Nghia Dung told Sai Gon Giai Phong newspapers at a conference on traffic accidents.

A laden vehicle travels  in streets ( Photo: SGGP)

Mr. Dung said that the authorities have tried to reduce road accidents by raising residents’ awareness of traffic safety issues, and by imposing heavier penalties for violating traffic laws.

However, there are many causes of traffic accidents, but most happened due to the carelessness of drivers.

Drivers travel at high speed along streets and encroach onto opposite lanes on the road. This has clearly showed that all efforts to educate people, regarding traffic laws have failed, said Mr. Dung.

The minister admitted that the use of textbooks, at drivers’ training classes for obtaining a license, has not concentrated on raising awareness of motorcycle hazards on the road. Therefore, the transport authorities have made some minor adjustments in the textbooks.

These adjustments include three additional chapters, which include predictions of dangerous situation in streets, knowledge on how to prevent traffic accidents and how to protect oneself, and first aid knowledge about road injuries.

Transport authorities may cancel and revoke a driver’s license, if a driver has violated traffic laws many times.

For Tet (lunar New Year) holidays, authorities will try to further reduce road accidents by way of prohibiting unsafe vehicles, from traveling on streets, and by controlling boats without lifebuoys.

Street wardens will impose harsh penalties on those drivers that violate law regulations. These traffic violations include vehicles that travel at high speed, vehicles who encroach onto opposite lanes, driving while drunk and over laden vehicles.

The National Traffic Safety Committee, the Ministry of Transport and local government’s officials will work to ensure that all drivers on the road adhere to traffic regulations from January 24 to February 7.

The National Traffic Safety Committee in Hanoi held the conference.

The number of traffic accidents in 2010 in Vietnam is 14,442, an increase of over 1,788 cases. Although the road crash fatalities have dropped by 47 cases, it is still high with 11,449 people dying on the roads.

The injury toll is also up by 2,500 cases, according to the National Traffic Safety Committee’s statistics.

The northern province of Lai Chau, the highlands province of Kon Tum and the Mekong delta province of Bac Lieu have witnessed a high number of traffic-related deaths.

The National Traffic Safety Committee plans to further reduce road accidents and traffic death by at least 3 percent.

Source: SGGP

No injury reported in two accidents inside Hai Van Tunnel

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No injury was reported in a lorry flame and a truck turnover as they went through the Hai Van Tunnel between Hue and Danang City Wednesday.

Entrance to Hai Van Tunnel (Photo: Q. Vu)

A lorry while going through the tunnel at 7AM blazed inside the tunnel. Hai Van Road Tunnel Management and Developing Company and firefighters of the central city of Da Nang arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire but the incident has caused traffic congestion in 20 minutes in the tunnel.

According to police, the accident happened may be due to electric fire risk.

Before the accident, a truck transporting over 30 tons beers from Hue to Da Nang had turned over suddenly when it passed through the tunnel, barricading the entrance into the tunnel.

It resulted in an enormous traffic jam all along the tunnel in 14 hours.

The truck was at last moved away the tunnel by the rescue crews and traffic flow again.

Source: SGGP

Tests blame some Toyota accidents on drivers

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WASHINGTON (AFP) – US Transportation Department tests of “dozens” of data recorders from Toyota vehicles involved in accidents blamed on sudden acceleration found many drivers mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

A Lexus SUV is seen traveling on a highway in Sunrise, Florida. (AFP file)

“The early results suggest that some drivers who said their Toyotas and Lexuses surged out of control were mistakenly flooring the accelerator when they intended to jam on the brakes,” the report said.

Yet the findings, part of a broad investigation into Toyota’s recalls, “don’t exonerate the car maker from two known issues blamed for sudden acceleration in its vehicles: ‘sticky’ accelerator pedals that don’t return to idle and floor mats that can trap accelerators to the floor,'” the report added.

The data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration included a sampling of “reports in which a driver of a Toyota vehicle said the brakes were depressed but failed to stop the car from accelerating and ultimately crashing,” the newspaper noted.

The Transportation Department however, “found that throttles were wide open and brakes not engaged on Toyotas involved in accidents blamed on sudden acceleration,” the report said, citing unnamed sources.

Toyota has pulled around 10 million vehicles worldwide since late last year, mostly due to acceleration problems.

The company is looking to improve its recall process following heavy criticism of the way it handled safety issues in the United States blamed for more than 80 deaths.

Toyota president Akio Toyoda in June apologized to shareholders for the recall crisis.

In Japan, Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco said Wednesday: “We haven’t received any official information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration yet, so I cannot comment.”

He added: “We are still giving them information about our own evaluations. We are still working for solutions on issues such as sticking accelerator pedals and pedals trapped in the mat. In no case have we found electronic throttles control to be the cause of unexpected acceleration.”

Source: SGGP

Preventing child injury accidents in Vietnam

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Preventing child injury accidents in Vietnam

QĐND – Thursday, April 15, 2010, 21:6 (GMT+7)

Injury accidents among children have become a public health concern and are a leading cause of child fatalities in Vietnam.

This problem was discussed at a meeting co-organised by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Hanoi on April 15.

A report announced at the meeting said that in 2007 alone, more than 7,890 Vietnamese children under the age of 19 were killed in injury accidents, half of them by drowning. Boys are at higher risk of injury accidents than girls. Injury accidents are more likely to occur in rural areas than in urban areas. Poverty was also a contributory factor to injury accidents.

According to Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affair Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Vietnam has made remarkable progress in preventing injury accidents among children since the Prime Minister approved a national policy on this issue for the 2001-2010 period.

Jean Dupraz, Deputy Representative of UNICEF in Vietnam, said that to effectively prevent child injury accidents, it is essential to build a comprehensive action plan and increase public awareness of children protection and health care.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND