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Vietnam’s IT industry yet to satisfy regional advanced standards

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Panda gives birth at advanced age of 17: report

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BEIJING, Aug 14, 2010 (AFP) – A panda bear mother managed to give birth in southwest China on Friday despite having reached the venerable age of 17, equivalent to a human in her 60s, state news agency Xinhua reported.

Jini gave birth to a female cub weighing 125 grammes (4.4 ounces) after four hours in labour. Both mother and daughter are doing well, said the Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in Sichuan province.

The mother had already defied expectations by delivering her first cub in 2007 at the age of 13-and-a-half. That pregnancy lasted 324 days, more than double the normal period of 120-150 days.

Pandas are notoriously reluctant breeders when held in captivity, but China has got nurturing their reproduction down to a fine art.

This handout photo taken and received on August 8, 2010 by Hong Kong theme park Ocean Park shows Le Le the panda with a block of ice carved into a panda shape to mark the animal’s fifth birthday, during a promotional event in Hong Kong. AFP

The Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre has overseen 11 panda births this year, with over 10 more expected in the next one to two months.

“Pandas come into heat in the spring and give birth in autumn. This is the main reason for the panda ‘baby boom’,” said Dang Chunxiang, an expert with the Centre.

Source: SGGP

Less than 1% of HCMC businesses use advanced technology, survey says

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Most factories in HCMC are using outdated technology and do not do adequate research to improve production efficiency, a recent survey by the city Department of Science and Technology showed.

Less than 1 percent or three businesses of about 500 surveyed at industrial parks and export processing zones were using advanced technology. Nearly half of the surveyed businesses were foreign invested.

Nearly a half of them used only medium-level technologies, while only 4 percent were using new modern equipment.

Eighty percent of the workforce surveyed were not trained to operate modern machinery.

To save costs, most of the businesses surveyed were using cheap imported second-hand machinery and equipment, 80 percent of which was from China.

A worker at Sameco. The company had used research to build a new production line that cuts costs by hundreds of billions of dong. A new survey in HCMC shows that investment in scientific research should be boosted. (Photo: SGGP).

A tenth of the businesses surveyed had bought the second hand machinery after it had depreciated in price by 50 percent.

Only a handful of businesses used equipment that would last 20 years.

Just 25 percent of the surveyed businesses used automated production lines and the rest used semi-automated ones.

The department said that the businesses had not spent enough on research and development. The survey showed the 500 businesses had spent only VND85 billion (US$4.47 million) on research in the last three years. A part of that money had been wasted on poor quality research that could not be applied to the factories’ operations.

A few companies had done some outstanding research, however.

For instance, Nosafood Company was very successful at applying its research on how to produce fermented soy sauce without 3MCPD.

Another example was the production line assembled by the Saigon Mechanical & Casting Joint Stock Co. (Sameco) that helped cut down production cost by hundreds of billions of dong. 

“It is a good outcome due to cooperation between the company and scientists,” said Le Viet, the chairman of Sameco’s management board.

Scientific research needs boost

Dr. Phan Minh Tan, director of the city Department of Science and Technology, said: “Proper investment in scientific research can create huge profits, even 20 times the cost of the research.”

Tan was referring to a State-run program that has been operating to assist businesses in designing, manufacturing and using advanced machines and technologies.

He said very few businesses have taken advantage of the Fund for Scientific and Technological Application, which offers non-mortgage loans to researchers.

So far, only 50 projects have been granted such loans worth more than VND70 billion ($3.68 million), he added.

To improve the situation, Tan said the department would do more to connect and assist scientists and businesses for the purpose of research.

The State should adopt more policies to encourage research and development, and issue specific regulations on intellectual property rights regarding research, he said.

The State should also set up liaison offices to bridge the gap between businesses and scientists, so that companies could apply to the offices to organize research, Tan said.

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Advanced dental technologies exhibition opens

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An odontology conference and exhibition was opened in Hanoi on July 31, giving domestic dentists a chance to see the latest in advanced dental technologies.

The conference drew 1,500 domestic and foreign dentists.

More than 30 world-leading companies specialising in dental facilities and materials introduced their products and services at the event.-