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Vietnam’s path to socialism discussed in Argentina

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Argentina seeks to lessen tensions over Falklands

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Argentina pledged to use diplomatic channels to protest British military exercises near the disputed Falkland Islands that have provoked new tensions between London and Buenos Aires.

“We are very concerned by this acceleration or provocation by the United Kingdom, but we are not going to fall for any provocation and we will not stray from the law, diplomacy and peace,” Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman told reporters.

He said Argentina had not been informed ahead of time about the British military exercises around the disputed territory, which Buenos Aires calls the Malvinas Islands.

The Foreign Office has said the exercises are “routine” and have “been carried out every six months for the last 28 years.”

An Argentine war veteran wears a t-shirt reading Will be back!… for our Land… for our death… for our honor…in April 2010 in Buenos Aires

But Argentina on Saturday decried the maneuvers and military build-up as an “unacceptable provocation,” and on Monday lodged a formal complaint with the United Nations in response.

The country’s UN envoy Jorge Arguello told Argentine radio he had delivered a letter of protest to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, a copy of which had been given to the British embassy in Buenos Aires.

President Cristina Kirchner has denounced the exercises as a “militarization of the South Atlantic” and warned that the maneuvers could spark an arms race in the region.

She posted several messages on the social networking site Twitter, including one describing the British moves as “typical 19th century colonialism.”

On Tuesday, the twelve-member Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) issued a statement “expressing its most formal and energetic protest” against the British operation, “demanding the British government to abstain” from carrying them out.

The statement, issued in Quito — Ecuador currently holds the group’s rotating presidency — adds that the regional group reiterates its “firm support for the legitimate rights” of Argentina over the archipelago, and the regional interest for a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

Around 3,000 people live on the barren South Atlantic islands, which lie 450 kilometers (280 miles) off the Argentine coast.

Britain has held the archipelago since 1833. In 1982, Argentina’s military junta invaded, prompting a short but bloody war that left 649 Argentine troops and 255 British troops dead.

Source: SGGP

Deadly cold snap hits Argentina, Uruguay, Chile

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An intense cold front is rearing its head across South America, killing dozens, closing down highways, and killing cattle across the Andes.

At least 26 people have died in Argentina, from a combination of exposure to harsh climates, poisoning from carbon monoxide inhalation, and other factors, according to the Associated Press.

The front, which set in Saturday, has remained over much of the countries in the Southern Hemisphere, which are in the height of winter now.

As authorities respond to shelter for thousands in need, the cold snap could wreak havoc on farmers for months to come. Argentina is just coming out of one of its worst droughts in five decades, which saw cows dying and grassland shriveled last year. In neighboring Paraguay, authorities say approximately 1,000 cattle have frozen to death.

Ten people have died in Paraguay, while in Uruguay, some two deaths have been reported due to low temperatures as of Tuesday. The Andina news agency reports that pregnant alpacas in Peru have been losing their babies.

As one reader noted on the CNN website: “I think many people are failing to realize that in some parts of these countries there is no infrastructure to handle these temperatures. While it may seem like a mild winter to some of us in the US, these places do not have similar well-heated homes. Some of them live in basic shacks.”

In Bolivia, school was cancelled through at least Wednesday, as the nation faced 18 deaths due to low temperatures. In the eastern city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, an opposition stronghold in this normally tropical region, the temperature, at 37 F, was the lowest reported in nearly three decades. Elsewhere in the country it dropped below freezing.

In Chile, the Associated Press reports that the capital, Santiago, has turned a sports stadium into a shelter after one reported death linked to exposure.

And further south, in the Aysen region (Summer Photo Essay), heavy snow has cut off access to many small towns that dot this sparsely-populated province. Weather forecasters say that this cold front could persist through tonight, and into tomorrow.

Source: SGGP

Argentina bestows artistic gift on Vietnam

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A lively and colorful mural depicting the cultural treasures of Argentina has been unveiled in Hanoi to welcome the capital city’s 1,000th anniversary celebrations.

Artists Maria Teresa Bobbio, Christina Diaz and Sonja Vitulic worked with Vietnamese artists for three weeks to complete the 25-meter ceramic mural.

Located along the embankment under the Long Bien Bridge Pier, the 65 ceramic tiles illustrate idyllic Argentinean landscapes as well as the country’s famous Tango dancers.

The ceramic tiles used in the mural came from Bat Trang, Vietnam’s most famous handicraft village where some of Vietnam’s most talented artisans ply their trade.

While the mural was under construction in Vietnam, Vietnamese artists also traveled to Rawson, the capital city of the southern province of Chubut, Argentina, where they made a mural for the city as a gift in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Argentina’s May Revolution (May 25, 1810).

The picture, titled “New Era” and located at the Rawson capital city center in the city’s administrative district, has historical and cultural themes, featuring images of Vietnam and Argentina including Vietnam’s peach blossoms and Khue Van Cac (Pavilion of Literature), Ceibo flowers of Argentina, the Rawson City Church and a battleship.

Three Argentinean artists and one Vietnamese work together on the ceramic mural in Hanoi (Photo:Mai An)

Source: SGGP