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Another officer of listed pharmacist Vien Dong arrested

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Another official of the drug maker Vien Dong was arrested for manipulating share prices, according to the market watchdog.

Le Van Dung (left) shakes hand with an official of the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (

Nguyen Van Viet, member of Vien Dong Joint-Stock Company’s Board of Director, was taken into custody for manipulating share prices, the State Securities Commission of Vietnam said on its website on December 6.

In the same day, the stock market watchdog also asked the pharmaceutical firm listing on the Ho Chi Minh City bourse to inform its shareholders within 24 hours.

Earlier police kept three other officials under a temporary detention for the same violation. They include former chairman of the Board of Directors and general director Le Van Dung, his brother Le Van Manh, and deputy general director and chief accountant Cao Hong Van.

Dung and some other people reportedly created various share trading accounts to manipulate share price of the drug producer Ha Tay (DHT) listing on the Hanoi Stock Exchange.

He also set up many companies run by his friends and relatives to manipulate his own firm’s revenue.

Source: SGGP

Baby sister arrested for child maltreatment

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Nguyen Thi Phung pictured at her house on Nov. 23, 2010 (Photo: VNExpress)

Thuan An District People’s Procuracy on November 25 approved a decision to urgently arrest baby sister Nguyen Thi Phung, 52, for torturing a three-year-old girl in the district of the southern province of Binh Duong.

Phung, questioned by authorities one day earlier, admitted that she maltreated three-year-old Ho Thi Thuy Ngan at her baby sitting house on November 20.

An unidentified person recorded this scene and then posted the clip on the Internet.

Ngan’s family have had the Binh Duong Legal Assistance Center to protect their little girl’s right.

In the clip, Phung stepped on Ngan to bath her and grabbed the child’s hair to continuously slap in her face and mouth with water.

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Source: SGGP

US man arrested in Washington metro bombing plot

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2010 at 7:10 am

Federal officials arrested a Pakistani-American man for plotting a series of bomb attacks on Washington’s subway system with people he believed were tied to Al-Qaeda.

Farooque Ahmed, 34, had been allegedly observing, videotaping and photographing Metro stations in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, including near the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, since April to plan the attacks set for next year.

Over the course of six months, he allegedly told contacts he believed to be linked to Al-Qaeda that he wanted to “kill as many military personnel as possible” and suggested where bombs should be planted on Metro trains “to kill the most people.”

“Today’s case underscores the need for continued vigilance against terrorist threats and demonstrates how the government can neutralize such threats before they come to fruition,” said David Kris, assistant attorney general for national security.

A Metro Transit police officer watches Metro trains arrive at the Gallery Place – Chinatown Station in Washington, DC.

“Farooque Ahmed is accused of plotting with individuals he believed were terrorists to bomb our transit system, but a coordinated law enforcement and intelligence effort was able to thwart his plans.”

Ahmed, a naturalized US citizen who was born in Pakistan, later appeared in a Virginia court to hear the charges against him.

They included attempting to provide material support to a terror group, collecting information to help plan a terror attack and seeking to help carry out multiple bombings and cause mass casualties in the Washington area.

If convicted, he could be jailed for up to 50 years.

According to the indictment, Ahmed — of Ashburn, Virginia — is said to have spent months doing the groundwork for the attacks after an initial meeting in April with a courier he met at a Virginia hotel.

On several occasions over the next few months, he allegedly photographed, videotaped and drew diagrams of Metro stations, including at Arlington Cemetery, where military personnel and several US presidents are buried.

The targeted stations, which also included Pentagon City and Court House, are among the busiest in the area and are often crowded.

He allegedly gathered information about security and the busiest times at the stations, and handed the data last month to “an individual he believed to be affiliated with Al-Qaeda,” the indictment said.

The document said Ahmed suggested where to place the explosives on trains “to kill the most people in simultaneous attacks,” and wanted the attacks to take place at the start of the evening rush hour.

He proposed using rolling suitcases to carry the bombs into the Metro stations.

And he wanted an additional attack mounted at another station near the Pentagon, “to kill as many military personnel as possible,” the indictment added.

US Attorney Neil MacBride called the Virginia man’s alleged plans “chilling.”

The US public was never in danger from the alleged plot, and President Barack Obama was informed about it before Ahmed’s arrest, the White House said.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the Justice Department, the FBI and national security officials had been “on top of this case from the beginning.”

“The FBI was aware of Mr Ahmed’s activities from before the alleged attempt began and closely monitored him until his arrest,” said the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), which runs the Metro.

US media suggested the months-long operation that led to Ahmed’s arrest had been an FBI sting, but an official close to the case refused to comment.

Ahmed’s neighbor Anushaya Fitzgerald told AFP she was stunned when she learned of his arrest.

“I came home about noon and there was FBI and cops all over the place” in the quiet suburban Virginia neighborhood.

There was “no indication at all” that Ahmed, was involved in any extremist activity, she said.

Ahmed holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from The City University of New York and was pursuing a graduate degree online in risk management and data security from Aspen University, according to a profile in his name on social networking website LinkedIn. It said he was working at telecommunications firm Ericsson.

Ahmed is married and has a small son but Fitzgerald said they had left.

He is being held by US marshals and is due in court again on Friday for a detention hearing.

Source: SGGP

Man arrested over NY bomb attempt: reports

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A man identified as a US citizen of Pakistani origin was arrested in connection with an attempted car bombing in New York’s Times Square, news media reported Tuesday.

A police car is seen in Times Square, New York May 3, 2010.

MSNBC television identified the man as Shahad Faisal, a Pakistani-American, and said he was arrested on Long Island, New York.

The New York Times said the suspect lived in the US state of Connecticut.

Authorities had launched a massive manhunt with the FBI’s terrorism task force and local New York police to try to catch the would-be bomber.


Source: SGGP

Pakistani-American arrested over NY bomb plot

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Police arrested a Pakistan-born suspect trying to flee aboard a plane to Dubai after the failed Times Square bomb plot that officials said Tuesday was designed “to kill Americans”.

US Attorney General Eric Holder identified the suspect as Faisal Shahzad, a US citizen who the FBI said was born in Pakistan. Holder said the probe was focusing on “overseas” terrorist groups.

News reports said the suspect, aged 30, lived in Connecticut and had recently returned from a five-month trip to Pakistan and the city of Peshawar, a known jumping off point for Al-Qaeda and Taliban recruits.

“Mr. Shahzad, an American citizen, was taken into custody at JFK Airport in New York as he attempted to board a flight to Dubai,” Holder told a hastily called news conference in Washington after midnight.

Police officers stand guard in Times Square May 3, 2010 in New York City. A suspect in the attempted Times Square bomb attack in New York was arrested trying to board a plane for Dubai, US Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday

Authorities offered few other details but said the investigation into the attempted attack late Saturday was being pursued on several fronts.

“This investigation is ongoing, it is multi-faceted, and it is aggressive,” Holder said.

“As we move forward, we will focus on not just holding those responsible for it accountable, but also on obtaining any intelligence about terrorist organizations overseas.”

Holder said of the attempted attack that it was “clear that the intent behind this terrorist act was to kill Americans.”

A separate statement from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies said Shahzad was taken into custody after “he was identified by the Department of Homeland Security’s US Customs and Border Protection while attempting to take a flight to Dubai.”

The main was to appear later Tuesday to face “formal charges,” which were not specified.

News reports said the man was a 30-year-old Pakistani-American living in the state of Connecticut.

ABC News reported that Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen, had recently returned from a five-month trip to Pakistan.

ABC said officials tracked Shahzad over two days using evidence found in the Nissan Pathfinder left at the scene and the unexploded bomb components.

According to authorities, Shahzad bought the vehicle one week before the bombing attempt, paying 1,300 dollars in cash for the vehicle in 100 bills, the network said.

Part of the probe centered on two people captured on film leaving the scene late Saturday, New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Monday.

One was caught on security camera walking away from the green Nissan Pathfinder that had been left in the teeming tourist area with a large but misfiring bomb inside.

The man looked about in a “furtive” manner, Kelly said, and removed one layer of upper clothing.

Police were also combing the Nissan sport utility vehicle and its rudimentary bomb consisting of timers, wires, fireworks, gasoline, propane tanks and fertilizer.

New York has been on constant watch for potential attacks since the September 11, 2001, airliner attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, killing almost 3,000 people.

So far, the only group to claim responsibility for the would-be bombing is the Pakistani militant group Tehreek-e-Taliban.

This was quickly dismissed by Bloomberg and Kelly. However, a video emerged showing Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud — reported to have been killed months ago — vowing to attack major US cities.

Another possible indication of jihadist links is the similarity of the botched bombing to a failed double car bomb attempt in London’s entertainment districts in 2007.

In Washington, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the attack clearly qualified as terrorism. “I would say that was intended to terrorize,” he said. “Whoever did that would be categorized as a terrorist.”

Source: SGGP

Kyrgyz opposition leaders arrested: prosecutor

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Three leaders of the Kyrgyz opposition were arrested on charges of perpetrating “serious crimes”, Kyrgyzstan‘s prosecutor general Nurlan Tursunkulov said Wednesday, amid mass protests in the capital.

Source: SGGP

Anti-Chavez TV channel owner arrested in Venezuela

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The owner of a Venezuelan TV channel that takes a hard line against President Hugo Chavez has been arrested for remarks authorities deemed offensive, sending a powerful signal to government opponents that they should watch their words.

Opposition leaders and human rights groups condemned Thursday’s arrest of Guillermo Zuloaga, the owner of Globovision, who was detained on a warrant by military intelligence agents and released hours later after appearing in court. Critics called the case a major setback for freedom of speech, saying it shows the government is growing increasingly intolerant and authoritarian as its popular support has slipped.

Zuloaga was detained while authorities investigate his “offensive” remarks against the president at an Inter American Press Association meeting in Aruba, Attorney General Luisa Ortega said. Zuloaga had joined other media executives at the forum last weekend in criticizing Chavez’s government for limiting free speech and cracking down on critics.

In this photo taken June 4, 2009, the president of Globovision television channel Guillermo Zuloaga, center, surrounded by bodyguards and media, leaves the attorney general’s office in Caracas, Venezuela.

The Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that prosecutors are investigating Zuloaga for violating a law prohibiting Venezuelans from spreading “false information through any medium,” including newspapers, radio, television, e-mails or leaflets, “that cause public panic.”

Zuloaga, Globovision’s majority shareholder, could face a five-year prison sentence if convicted, the statement said. He was released Thursday night after a judge issued an order preventing him from leaving the country while prosecutors proceed with their investigation.

Zuloaga said agents detained him at an airport in the northwestern state of Falcon as he was preparing to fly his private plane with his wife to the Caribbean island of Bonaire, where they planned to vacation.

His arrest could be a decisive development in Chavez’s drive to rein in a channel he has accused of trying to undermine his government. Globovision has been the only stridently anti-Chavez channel on the air since another opposition-aligned channel, RCTV, was forced off cable and satellite TV in January. RCTV was booted off the open airwaves in 2007.

Chavez said late Thursday, without mentioning Zuloaga’s name, that he is pleased to see justice functioning in Venezuela.

“I respect the autonomy of the branches of government, but I applaud … the end of impunity,” Chavez told reporters before leaving on a trip to Ecuador. “Whoever breaks the law has to respond before the authorities. … Who can criticize that?”

Pro-Chavez lawmaker Manuel Villalba urged prosecutors on Wednesday to investigate Zuloaga for allegedly saying Venezuela’s government is cracking down on critics and purportedly commenting that it was a shame a short-lived 2002 coup against Chavez failed.

Zuloaga said what he did was simply “relate some historical events,” insisting he did nothing wrong and that all Venezuelans have a right to say what they think about public figures such as presidents.

“I have a right to give opinions,” Zuloaga said after his release, speaking at Globovision’s studios while employees applauded and cheered. He called the accusations “ridiculous” and denied he had been planning to flee the country.

Arresting Zuloaga shows Chavez’s government is “acting like a totalitarian government, like Cuba,” said Alejandro Aguirre, president of the Miami-based Inter American Press Association, which has clashed with Chavez for years on free-speech issues.

Zuloaga has previously been singled out by authorities. Last May, prosecutors began investigating him for a suspected “environmental crime” related to wild animals he had hunted and mounted in his Caracas home. The following month, prosecutors charged Zuloaga with usury, alleging unlawful markups at two Toyota dealerships that he jointly owns after authorities seized 24 vehicles being stored at a home he owns.

Zuloaga’s arrest also came three days after opposition politician Oswaldo Alvarez Paz was detained for remarks made on a Globovision talk show March 8.

Alvarez Paz has been charged with conspiracy, spreading false information and publicly inciting crime after remarking that Venezuela has turned into a haven for drug traffickers. He also said he backed allegations by a Spanish judge that Venezuela’s government has cooperated with the Basque separatist group ETA and Colombian rebels.

Chavez has dismissed those accusations as lies. Alvarez Paz stands by his words and denies breaking the law.

Human Rights Watch condemned both arrests.

“To prosecute someone for speech, which should be protected under any standard of democracy, is a dangerous precedent,” Jose Miguel Vivanco, the group’s Americas director, said in a statement. “For years, Chavez has been pushing legislation to restrict free speech. … Now we seem to be entering a darker period in which he is enforcing these draconian laws.”

Miguel Henrique Otero, editor of the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, said Zuloaga’s arrest shows Chavez’s government is growing more authoritarian and starting to “look more like a traditional dictatorship.”

He said he thinks the government is acting now because Chavez has been losing popularity and “they’re nervous.”

Chavez remains the country’s most popular politician, but his support has dipped as the economy contracts and as Venezuelans cope with inflation, rampant crime and rolling blackouts in parts of the country.

Chavez’s popularity slipped below 50 percent in polls late last year, and has hovered between 40 percent and 50 percent in recent months, said pollster Luis Vicente Leon of the Caracas-based firm Datanalisis.

Source: SGGP

Traffickers of nearly 150 kg of elephant tusk arrested

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Traffickers of nearly 150 kg of elephant tusk arrested

QĐND – Monday, March 22, 2010, 21:38 (GMT+7)

The Quang Ninh Provincial Police put driver Le Van Cuong under arrest for illegally transporting 149.3kg of elephant tusk.

Born in 1976, Le Van Cuong, living in Long Thanh, Yen Thanh, Nghe An, was transporting a number of elephant tusks, including 30 tusks intact and 15 cut into pieces hidden under carpeting and hood and in the trunk, from Nghe An to Mong Cai, Quang Ninh on his truck with the number plate 29X-9797.

His companions, Ho Van Cuong (Born in 1979), Le Van Dien (Born in 1968), Doan Ngoc Hoang (Born in 1974), Doan Ngoc Tuan (Born in 1975), all living in the same town with Cuong, were also put under arrest.

The smugglers declared that the tusks were on their way to China.

Source: Tien Phong

Translated by Hoang Anh   

Source: QDND