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Danish artist joins Vietnamese group

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Ngoc Dai and his group Dai Lam Linh will perform with Danish saxophonist Lotta Anker in a concert of contemporary music in Hanoi on Dec. 10.

                       Musician Ngoc Dai

The concert will also include singers Thanh Lam, Linh Dung, and Ha Linh, the Thai Ha ca tru (ceremonial singing) troupe, and a 12-member string band from the Vietnam Academy of Music.

The programme would aim to combine traditional and modern, Eastern and Western music, Dai said.

“The artists will perform as they tell stories in their own ways,” said Dai.

“For instance, the song “Regret” will be performed three times, experimentally by Linh Dung and Thanh Lam, in a pop style by Ha Linh, and in Lotta Anker’s version.

“I met Lotta last year and I like her very much,” he added. “She listens my music too and I wanted to collaborate with her.”

Anker arrived in Vietnam last week and has been rehearsing with Dai’s band and material.

Dai debuted his first symphony in 1979 before he had even graduated from the Vietnam National Academy of Music. He has written about 500 songs in various genres and released four CDs. His 2002 concert Solar Eclipse I was a shock to the Vietnam music scene and was recognised as a landmark of innovation and originality.

For this Dec. 10’s concert, the stage will be designed by artist Dang Huy Quyen in a black-and-white motif echoing the yin and yang.

The concert, funded by the Danish Culture Exchange and Development Foundation, will take place at the 8pm at the Kim Ma Theatre, 71 Kim Ma Street.

Source: SGGP

Karate martial artist wins silver at 16th ASIAD

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Karate martial artist wins silver at 16th ASIAD

QĐND – Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 20:33 (GMT+7)

Vietnamese karate martial artist Nguyen Anh scored a silver after defeating opponents from Iran, Taipei (China) and the Republic of Korea to take part in the final match of her division at the 16th Asian Games on November 24.

Anh competed as the defending champion of the Asian Games’ under 50kg event.

Facing Ghasemi Laskou Kalayeh Fetemeh from Iran, she was held to a draw for most of the competing time but succeeded to score 2 successive points in only one minute of extra time.

Anh easily defeated Chen Yen Hui from Taiwan (China) in the quarter-final with a final score of 4-1 and entered the semi-final.

In the early minutes of the semi-final match, Anh played an offensive style and won 2 points to secure a place in the final to compete with Chinese rival Li Hong, who won the championship title at the World Tournament in Serbia in October.

Despite competing very hard at the final, Anh failed to score and lost to 2-0 Hong.

This was also the first medal for the Vietnamese karate team in their first day of competition.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

German artist Michael Vorfeld performs in HCM City

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Family artist members shine in special cai luong show

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Cai luong’s lovers will have chance to enjoy a special program of the Southern traditional music performed by five generations of famous actors and actresses of the Minh To troupe.

Cai luong veteran actress Bach Le (L) and People’s Artist Thanh Tong. (Photo: Sggp)

The program titled, “Gin vang giu ngoc” (Keeping valuable treasure of traditional music), introduces two well-known cai luong classical plays to audiences: Cau tho yen ngua and Dieu Tam Xuan bao phu cuu (Dieu Tam Xuan takes a revenge of her husband) or Tram Trinh An (Beheading military general Trinh An).

Onstage, veteran couples Thanh Bach and Bach Le, Dien Thanh and Bach Luu, People’s Artist Thanh Tong, Truong Son, Thanh Loan, Bach Long, dramatic actor Thanh Loc and young actresses Tu Suong, Trinh Trinh and Que Tran will perform.

The Minh To troupe is regarded as a cai luong family with many talents, who always have done their best to restore and preserve the family tradition.

Director Vu Minh, who has a great love for cai luong, persuaded the Minh To Troupe to organize a special program to commemorate the traditional career of their family. Thanh Bach and Bach Le from France and Dien Thanh and Bach Luu from Australia were planning to visit their mother, the artist Huynh Mai, in Ho Chi Minh City, making the show possible. 

It is also a chance for family members to gather onstage.

The cai luong show will take place at Ben Thanh Theater in Ho Chi Minh City from July 23 to 25 and 30 to 31.

Source: SGGP

Australian aboriginal artist performing in HCM City

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The Australian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City will organise a music performance titled “Australia- A Cultural Journey” on the April 19 night, featuring Australian indigenous artist Jeremy Donovan as well as five artists from the band  Indigenous Hip Hop Projects.

A photo of Australian Aboriginals (Photo: Courtesy of Australian Consulate General)

The show, held at the Youth Cultural House, is part of the program “The World Within Reach of the Youth Cultural House”. 

“The artists visit to Ho Chi Minh City promises to bring a stronger understanding of Australian Indigenous arts and culture to the people of Vietnam,” Australian Consul General Graeme Swift said.

In addition to the performance at the Youth Cultural House, Jeremy Donovan and the five artists will participate in workshops with the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University and the Choreographer College of Ho Chi Minh City. The Australian artists will work with Vietnamese students to  enhance the cultural exchange between Australia and Vietnam and contribute to strengthening the friendship between the two countries.

Jeremy Donovan is a descendant of both the Gumbaynngirr and KuKu-Yalanji tribes and has been playing didgeridoo in both traditional and contemporary performances for over 10 years, according to the Australian Consulate General.

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects is a team of artists in elements of hip hop, media, entertainment and performing arts, who have been working extensively in Aboriginal communities around Australia since 2004, the Consulate General says.

Source: SGGP

Local artist explores ‘consumption’ in new HCMC exhibit

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Vietnamese contemporary artist Bui Cong Khanh delves into the themes of modernization and its consequences in a new exhibit titled “Life is Consumption,” opening soon in Ho Chi Minh City.

An ad for contemporary artist Bui Cong Khanh’s “Life is Consumption” exhibit running from April 22 – June 6 at San Art in HCMC (Photo: San Art)The 38-year-old artist will launch the solo exhibition at the city’s San Art beginning at 6pm on April 22.

In his work, Khanh reflects on the social and psychological effects of wealth and power on society by tracing the idiosyncrasies of the human condition, and its compulsion to throw its doubts and insecurities into religion, politics, labor and media-fuelled ideas of love and desire.

A common discarded soda can, for instance, is re-branded with Khanh’s caustic humor painted on canvas. Such new “products” refer to Vietnamese society and it’s complex, and at times contradictory, embrace of modern life, which is entangled with traditional and political ideas of culture.

Questioning the power of the individual, “Life is consumption” also includes a series of small sculptural “stories” using the ubiquitous red plastic chairs of Vietnamese cafes and public meetings.

Born in Da Nang in 1972, Khanh belongs to a generation of artists who witnessed the beginning of Vietnam’s “Post Doi Moi” era.

The artist found himself marveling, but also alarmed, at the recklessness in which Vietnamese contemporary society threw ideas of progress into a heady rate of production with little organizational foresight or consideration of community.

Khanh graduated from the Painting Department of the Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts University in 1998. Frustrated by the rigid structure imposed on him at university, the young artist initially turned to his body as a form of canvas and it was these early public performances, where he invited audiences to stamp and paint his skin, that first became his international signature.

In recent years, Khanh has returned to his love of painting, further exploring sculpture and installation in his continual investigation of the relationship between mind, body and society.

“Life is Consumption” is on display at San Art (3 Me Linh Square, Binh Thanh Dist.) until June 3.

Source: SGGP

Artist ‘paints’ with rice

In Vietnam Culture on January 11, 2010 at 5:55 am

A rice painting created by local artisan Ho Nghia. (Photo: SGGP)

Artisan Ho Nghia began producing a unique form of art in 2008, using grains of rice to create elaborate images.

The rice paintings are meticulously crafted. Each individual grain must be slim, firm, and the same size. For this reason, the rice is always carefully selected.

The grains are then roasted for a length of time depending on the color tones required for the works which are drafted in advance. Finally, the rice is attached to paper according to the draft painting.

The longevity of rice paintings is around 2-3 years.

Nghia has now created 25 rice works, including portraits of the country’s leaders and scenes of Vietnamese villages.

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Canadian opera star to perform ‘Phantom’ with local artist

In Vietnam Culture on November 30, 2009 at 4:11 am

Renowned Canadian opera singer Genevieve Charest spoke to the press November 28 in Ho Chi Minh City about her upcoming performance of The Phantom of the Opera with local singer Duc Tuan.

Duc Tuan and Genevieve Charest will perform The Phantom of the Opera November 29 in HCM City

The top opera singer has traveled the world performing in several musicals including Les Miserables, Don Juan and The Phantom of the Opera. Her voiced is described as haunting and beautiful, with audiences eagerly awaiting her duet with Tuan.

This is Charest’s first trip to Vietnam, though she said she wasn’t nervous as she had previously traveled to Korea and Japan to release albums.

During the press conference, Charest presented the song “I dream a dream” in French. The famous song is performed in the opera Les Miserables, in which Charest played one of the characters.

The vivacious singer trained as a soprano vocalist, but later crossed over into classical music. On her latest album, Charest returns to opera with the song Nessun Dorma in Turandot, proving her forte as an artist.

Charest has released three albums including H2O, L’ete du Labrador, and Tant Rever, receiving several nominations and prizes for her body of work. She credits her manager, Raymond du Berger, with helping to solidify her place as a top performer on the opera scene. Du Berger has also accompanied Charest on her trip to Vietnam.

Duc Tuan, who released the album “Music of the night” in July, will perform with Charest November 29 at HCM City’s Opera House.

In addition to singing with Tuan in the The Phantom of the Opera, Charest said she will wear a traditional Vietnamese gown known as an ao dai.

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Hanoi’s past, present inspire young artist

In Vietnam Culture on September 9, 2009 at 2:46 am

An exhibit, “Bui, xe mo bong pho Ha Noi” (Dust, Bikes and Dim Streets), will bring a new view about Hanoi in the past and the present via an arrangement by young artiste Bang Nhat Linh. The exhibit will open at the Viet Art Center (42 Yet Kieu, Hanoi) on September 5.

The tortoise towers on the shelf at the exhibit, which will open from September 5 to 9 at the Viet Art Center, Hanoi (Photo: Courtesy of CDEF)
According to the artiste, his exhibit is inspired by his thoughts over whether present Hanoi is more beautiful than the Hanoi that he knew in the past.

“Like the dust that keeps flying in the air, the city never stops its development and evolution. The present Hanoi is very different to the one that I knew while I was studying at university. In addition, it’s more different to the one during my middle school years and completely different to the one of my childhood.

“The city is becoming larger and larger. But, is it more beautiful than the one in the past? To me, my exhibit is a way that I can express the contradiction between the past and the current city,” the artiste confided,

The exhibit features five works inspired by ‘arrangement art.’ They are the hundred mini tortoise towers made of plaster on a shelf; a bike stuck onto the wall; a photo collection featuring contrary views between a beautiful past city and a crowded and dark city in the present; an urban tower shaped by use of some of Hanoi’s traditional coal cookers; and a photo which overlaps Hanoi’s past with the present.

Visitors are encouraged to paint the tortoise towers. The artiste said: “Please come to the exhibit, choose a color and paint one of the tortoise towers on the shelf. Return it to the shelf when you finish. That’s the way you choose your own color for Hanoi.”

Bang Nhat Linh, 26, had his early steps in the exhibit of ‘arrangement art’ during his undergraduate years from 2002 at the Vietnam Fine Arts University. After graduating in 2005, he started creating many new ideas about arrangement art.

The exhibit over September 5-9 is sponsored by the Cultural Development and Exchange Fund from the Danish Embassy.

Source: SGGP