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Nearly 70 artists and works nominated for Golden Apricot Blossom Award

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The election round of the Golden Apricot Blossom Award for Television programs, serial, stage, cinema and music will start on December 10 and finish on January 20, 2011.

     Golden Apricot Blossom Award

In the board of music category, singers will compete for titles including “Best Pop Male/Female Singer”, “Best Male/Female Singer in revolutionary traditional song”, and “Best Male/Female Singer in folk song”.

The B board of the stage will include “Best dramatic actors/actresses”, “Best cai luong actors/actresses”, “Best comedian” and “Best drama/cai luong play” awards.

There will be also titles including “Best film” and “Best actor/actress” in the movies and TV serial of the C board.

Ta Minh Tam,  Do Thuy, Quyen Linh, Quynh Huong and Phan Anh will vie for Best MC “Master of ceremonies” award.

The award ceremony of the event will take place at the Hoa Binh Theater in Ho Chi Minh City on January 22, 2011. A music performance honoring the top ten favorite singers will be held on January 24.

The nomination round in which Nguoi Lao Dong’s readers named best artists was kicked off in last October and finished in the begining of this month. Artists, who won most votes, were listed in the election round with evaluation from experts and journalists.

Started in 1995, the Golden Apricot Blossom Award of the Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper has been popular and become an anual prestigous event.

Source: SGGP

Wushu artists win three silvers at ASIAD

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Hungarian artists display their works in Vietnam

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Child artists bring joy to wounded and sick soldiers

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Child artists bring joy to wounded and sick soldiers

QĐND – Friday, July 23, 2010, 20:42 (GMT+7)

PANO – 41 child artists from Hanoi Children’s Palace have recently visited wounded and sick soldiers in the Thuan Thanh War-Invalids Treatment and ConvalesceCenter in BacNinhProvince and Liem Can Seriously Wounded and Sick Soldiers Treatment and ConvalesceCenter in Ha Nam Province.

The young guests sung a number of songs praising the country, the sacrifice of soldiers in the war for national independence and salvation as well as childhood.

Their performance brought the war invalids back to their student-age, and partly relieved their physical pains and brightened their spiritual life.

Along with songs, the young artists also presented pictures painted by themselves to those who had devoted their youth for the country.

The visit is part of numerous significant activities towards the 63rd commemoration of War-Invalids and Martyrs’ Day on July 27th, and was a good opportunity for the younger generation to know more about the sacrifice of soldiers as well as to express their gratitude to them.

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Japanese artists give their impression of brave new world

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The Japan Foundation’s exhibition featuring 42 artworks by 11 Japanese contemporary artists from June 12 to 21 at HCMC District 1’s Labor Culture Palace portrays the drastic changes in world economics and politics over the past 20 years. 

“Japanese little kitchen” will appear at the exhibition from June 12-21 (Photo: Consulate General of Japan)

The exhibition, entitled “Passage to future,” features the work of Japanese artists such as Atsushi Fukui, Satoshi Hirose, Maywa Denki and Tomoyasu Murata and aims to introduce many new ideas and artistic creations born in Japan to Vietnamese art lovers.

The exhibits come from variety of fields, including painting, sculpture, arrangement, photography and video.

The collaborating artists all met during the 1990’s and were inspired to document their impressions from that era in which many drastic changes took place and influenced the way people viewed the world. The world changed and contemporary art morphed along with it, as did the artists themselves.
The exhibition has been organized by the Japan Foundation and will be co-hosted by the Consulate General of Japan in Ho Chi Minh City and HCMC Labor Culture Palace.

The exhibition opens from 9 am to 6pm daily, from June 12 to 21 (free entrance).

Source: SGGP

American hip hop artists swing through Vietnam

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Break-dancer Brandon “Peace” Albright, rapper Chen Lo and DJ Kyle Clinton will perform and teach hip hop classes across Vietnam in a unique US cultural exchange program this month.

The first show will take place in Hanoi on May 14 with participation of local hip hop groups including the Sacred Dance Company, Halley Crew and Joker’s Rule.

The artists will have open discussions with audiences to provide them with performance training.

The event will then be held in Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta city of Can Tho.

The exchange is one of many cultural activities taking place May 9 to 23 marking the 15th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States and Vietnam.

Source: SGGP

Vietnamese artists to attend Cannes Film Festival

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A delegation of famous Vietnamese artists will travel to France from May 9 to 19 for Cannes International Film Festival.

Famous Vietnamese artists will travel to France for Cannes International Film Festival in May.

The group includes actresses Truong Ngoc Anh, Ngan Khanh, Minh Huong, La Thanh Huyen, Mai Thu Huyen, actor Bao Son, directors Pham Viet Thanh, Ho Quang Minh, Nguyen Vinh Son and Nguyen Duc Viet.

Director and cameraman Pham Viet Thanh believed that attending the film festival is the best way for Vietnamese cinema to approach the world film industry.

The Vietnamese film Bi, dung so (Bi, don’t be afraid) by director Phan Dang Di will compete in the L’Atelier category of Cannes International Film Festival 2010.

The film’s script won the Pusan Promotion Plan’s “Asia Outstanding Project” award at the International Pusan Film Festival in 2007, and was one of 15 film projects selected by Cannes for the 2010 festival’s L’Atelier category.

The picture was also funded with US$10,000 from the Board of Vietnamese Film Project Management – Production, and US$67,100 from the Berlin Film Festival’s World Cinema Fund

Source: SGGP

Italian artists to perform in Hanoi

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Famous Italian soprano Francesca Patane and baritone Marco Chingari will perform in a concert at Hanoi Opera House on May 10.

           Famous Italian soprano Francesca Patane

Vietnamese music lovers will enjoy works by R. Leoncavallo, G. Verdi and Rogers to be performed by the two fine voices.

Francesca Patane has a great influence on her family of distinguished Italian musicians. Her grandfather and father were famous conductors Franco Patanè and Giuseppe Patanè. Her mother was a renowned vocal teacher Rita Patanè.

Started career under the baton of Maestro Gandolfi, baritone Marco Chingari has performed in all the major theatres in Italy and abroad, specialising in Verdi and belcanto-roles.

The concert is held by the Italian Embassy and the Art Performing Center of Vietnam to mark the celebration of the Thang Long-Hanoi Millennium Anniversary.

Source: SGGP

Vietnam hungry for creative young artists

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Vietnam has yet to find the potential heirs to an older generation of artists who bemoan the lack of creativity among emerging new talent

Artist Linh Nga (front right) became successful in Vietnam after studying abroad. (Photo: SGGP)

In the past, Vietnam had sent its best artists abroad for training among some of the world’s most celebrated entertainers.

Names that emerged to lead that generation of singers, musicians and artists were Prof. Dinh Quang, People’s Artist Tran Hoat, filmmaker Cong Ninh, and MC Thanh Bach.

They built the Vietnamese entertainment industry in its early stages.

They also played an important part in serving as role models for the next generation of artists.

But unfortunately, many of these newer artists strove to be perfect copies of the old generation rather than employing imagination and creativity to create their own new and unique voices.

Industry insiders thus suggest that the solution to the problem is to do what was done in the past: ramp up efforts to have local artists study abroad.

Mr. Le Duy Hanh, who heads the HCMC Theatre Association, said: “We’ve all but forgotten this kind of project for a long time. But, better late than never, it’s time for us make it happen again. This requires the city’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Association to discuss things seriously with each other to map out the best way to run such a project smoothly.”

Meritorious Artist Tran Minh Ngoc has recommended inviting some international artists to train artists right here in Vietnam. She said this idea would help save costs and overcome the foreign language obstacle.

Theater director Duc Thinh said theaters in the city should cooperate with world famous theatres around the globe to educate Vietnamese artists about international trends and developments. 

Source: SGGP

Vovinam artists to compete in France

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Vovinam artists to compete in France

QĐND – Friday, April 23, 2010, 21:27 (GMT+7)

An 18-member delegation of the traditional Vietnamese martial art (Vovinam) has arrived in France for a France-Vietnam international Vovinam tournament on April 24-27.

The delegation was led by Nguyen Danh Thai, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, who is also President of the International Vovinam Federation (IVF).

During the tournament, the IVF executive committee will meet with leaders of more than 30 European countries and territories to discuss ways of promoting the development of Vovinam in Europe. 

Delegates will also draw up a plan to establish the European Vovinam Federation in 2011 and organise a European Vovinam Championship on this occasion.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND