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Two Vietnamese to attend Int’l Youth Tiger Summit

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15 finalists attend pageant for Vietnamese women living with HIV

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Prime Minister to attend G20 Summit

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1,300 outstanding people to attend emulation congress

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1,300 outstanding people to attend emulation congress

QĐND – Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 20:41 (GMT+7)

1,300 people have been selected as delegates to attend the 8th National Patriotic Emulation Congress, which will take place from November 29th-30th, according to the organising board.

The delegates are people who have been creative at work or made large contributions to national development and society over the past five years.

The organising board unveiled on October 26th that 30 per cent of the delegates work in economic sectors, 20 per cent belong to defence and security and the remainder are related to education and training, health care and other sectors.

Especially, examples in fight against corruption and outstanding youths in movements will be honored at the congress.

Source: TT

Translated by Thu Nguyen

Source: QDND

260 Vietnamese athletes to attend ASIAD 2010

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260 Vietnamese athletes to attend ASIAD 2010

QĐND – Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 21:22 (GMT+7)

Of 392 members of the Vietnamese sport delegation to the Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou, China, there are 260 athletes and the remaining members are officials, doctors, experts and coaches.

The list has surprised many people since the number of athletes was previously scheduled to be 300 people. Non-athlete members are equivalent to one half of the athletes, with 132 people. The group has two German experts and four doctors – three German and one Vietnamese.

The ASIAD organizing board will cover expenditures for 30 Vietnamese athletes. The General Department of Sports and Physical Training will pay airfares for the remaining 352 people. The Golf Vietnam Association and the Hanoi Department of Sports and Physical Training will cover payment for six golfers and four sport dancers.

The General Department of Sports and Physical Training chief Vuong Bich Thang said that some officials will attend ASIAD 2010 to gain experience in order to prepare for hosting ASIAD in the future.

The head of the men’s football squad is the HCM City Football Federation Secretary General Duong Vu Lam. Coach Henrique Calisto and his four assistants will go to Guangzhou with 18 players. The women’s football squad will also go to China with 18 players and the chief Nguyen Trong Giap.

The shooting team has the highest number of members after football, with 22 people, including stars like Nguyen Manh Tuong, Hoang Xuan Vinh and Tran Quoc Cuong.

The wushu team will not have Vu Tra My, Mai Phuong and Thuy Linh because they have got injuries.

The badminton team will have only two representatives, Nguyen Tien Minh and Vu Thi Trang.

There will have only one gymnast – Do Thi Ngan Thuong – in the delegation.

The track-and-field team will not have star Bui Thi Nhung. She will end her career later this year.

The ASIAD 2010 is scheduled to take place in Guangzhou, China from November 12 to November 27. A total of 476 events in 42 sports will be attended by athletes, making it the largest event in history of the Games. It will also be the last one to have presented such big events, as the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has enforced new hosting rules for future games, beginning with the 2014 Games.

Source: VietnamNet

Source: QDND

UN chief to visit China and attend ASEAN summit

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UNITED NATIONS, Oct 19, 2010 (AFP) – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will visit China and attend an ASEAN summit on a four-nation Asian tour starting next week in which the Myanmar election and human rights could be key topics.

AFP – United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaks to journalists on October 19, 2010 after addressing deputies at the European Parliament in the northeastern French city of Strasbourg.

Ban will go to Thailand and Cambodia, before the key summit in Vietnam and talks with China’s President Hu Jintao in Beijing, UN spokesman Farhan Haq told a press briefing.

The UN leader will hold talks with Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and other Thai government representatives during a brief stay in Bangkok on October 26 before moving on the same day to Cambodia.

In Phnom Penh, he will meet with King Norodom Sihamoni and Prime Minister Hun Sen. Ban will also visit the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), the UN-backed tribunal dealing with mass killings and other crimes committed under the Khmer Rouge three decades ago.

Ban moves on to Vietnam on October 28 to attend a summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the UN, and meet with President Nguyen Minh Triet and Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, officials said.

The UN leader has urged ASEAN to put more pressure on Myanmar to free Aung San Suu Kyi and other opposition figures ahead of the country’s much criticised election on November 7.

Ban will start the key China leg of his tour on October 30 in Shanghai.

He will attend the closing of the World Expo in Shanghai before a brief visit to Nanjing and then head for Beijing for the talks with China’s president and other leaders.

The visit will come as China maintains its angry campaign against the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo.

Ban has not criticised China but said the Nobel award recognized a “growing international consensus for improving human rights practices and culture around the world.”

It will be Ban’s fourth visit to China since taking over as UN secretary general in 2007. He was previously there in July 2009 and twice in 2008.

Source: SGGP

Top leaders attend opening ceremonies for new school year

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Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh attended the new school year opening ceremony at Chu Van An High School in Saturday, hailing the school’s achievements.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh beats the drum to start the new school year at Chu Van An High School in Hanoi September 4 (Photo: VNA)

He congratulated the school’s teachers and students on their new academic year, saying they should maintain and promote their teaching and studying to obtain more achievements.

The Party leader on this occasion asked the education sector to continue improving management and education quality, creating strong and comprehensive changes in the sector.

He stressed the ultimate goal of the education-training sector and the socialist school which is teaching and educating pupils with great aspirations toward the motherland.

Chu Van An is considered a cradle for outstanding students. Many students from the school became patriotic personalities, intellectuals and leaders of the Party and State such as Ngo Gia Tu, Nguyen Van Cu, Pham Van Dong. Uncle Ho visited the school three times and the hundred-year old school has been recognised as a national cultural and historical relic site.

On the same day, State President Nguyen Minh Triet attended and beat the drum to open the new academic year at Thang Long Secondary School in Hanoi.

Speaking to teachers and students at the school, President Triet highlighted the school’s achievements in the past year.

He asked every teacher and officer of Thang Long School to uphold tradition and chalk up even greater achievements in the future, so that their school will deserve to bear the name of the capital city and its glorious thousand-year history.

The State leader told the school students to exert more efforts in their studies, practice good morals and actively take part in social activities.

In Ho Chi Minh City the same day, thousands of students and teachers at Tran Dai Nghia High School participated in an opening ceremony for the new academic year with the attendance of the city Party Committee Secretary Le Thanh Hai.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and teachers , students at Chu Van An High School

Stating at the ceremony, Mr Hai highly appreciated and praised great efforts of the school’s teachers and students to obtain excellent achievements in the last school year.

He hoped that the school should continue improving education quality to train high quality human resources, meeting the city’s development demand.

In the meantime, Le Hong Phong High School organized a ceremony to start the new school year with the attendance of some city senior officials.

The city People’s Committee chairman Le Hoang Quan ordered the school should show more efforts to become a high-ranking school not only in the country but also in the Southeast Asian region.

At the Gia Dinh High School’s ceremony, the city People’s Council chairwoman Pham Phuong Thao gave certificate of merit and excellent emulation flag for the school as it has got plenty of achievements over the past school year.

Other high schools like Vo Truong Toan and Nguyen Thuong Hien also hosted their new school year opening ceremonies with the participation of permanent deputy secretary of the city Party Committee Nguyen Van Dua and permanent deputy chairman of the city People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Tai respectively.

Source: SGGP

1,500 representatives to attend the National Patriotic Emulation Congress

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1,500 representatives to attend the National Patriotic Emulation Congress

QĐND – Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 20:45 (GMT+7)

PANO – A press conference to introduce the 8th National Patriotic Emulation Congress was held in Hanoi on October 11th.

The Congress will take place at the My Dinh National Convention Center in Hanoi with the presence of the Party and State’s leaders, central and local ministries and agencies, and 1,500 outstanding representatives in the patriotism emulation movement nationwide.

The Congress will review and assess the implementation of the patriotic emulation movement and the State’s commending and rewarding policy during the past five years, as well as honour outstanding individuals and groups in the movement.

In addition, directions and measures aimed at renewing and enhancing the quality of the patriotism emulation movement, contributing to implementing the socio-economic development tasks and maintaining defense and security during the period of 2011-2015, will also be discussed at the event.

Translated by Vu Hung

Source: QDND

Catholics attend La Vang festival

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Catholics attend La Vang festival

QĐND – Saturday, August 14, 2010, 20:50 (GMT+7)

Catholic followers flocked to a church in the central province of Quang Tri on August 13 to attend the opening ceremony of their annual La Vang festival.

The authorities of Hai Phu commune where the two-day event is taking place have created favourable conditions for local Catholic dignitaries and followers to practice their faith.

They have mobilised forces to ensure security, food hygiene and traffic safety for the festival.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

US to attend Hiroshima atom bomb memorial for first time

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HIROSHIMA, Japan, Aug 3, 2010 (AFP) – Sixty-five years after a mushroom cloud rose over Hiroshima, the United States will for the first time send an envoy this Friday to commemorate the bombing that rang in the nuclear age.

Its World War II allies Britain and France, both declared nuclear powers, will also send their first diplomats to the ceremony in the western Japanese city in a sign of support for the goal of nuclear disarmament.

Japan, the only country that has ever been attacked with atomic bombs — first on August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima, and three days later in Nagasaki — has pushed for the abolition of the weapons of mass destruction ever since.

A Japanese couple prays before the altar for victims of the 1945 atomic bombing at Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park in western Japan on August 1, 2010. AFP

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who arrives in Japan on Tuesday, will be the first UN chief to attend the ceremony.

UN spokesman Martin Nesirsky said Ban wanted to draw attention to “the urgent need to achieve global nuclear disarmament”.

In Japan, a pacifist nation since its WWII surrender six days after the Nagasaki bombing, memories of the nuclear horror still run deep.

“Little Boy”, the four-tonne uranium bomb detonated over Hiroshima at 8:15 am, caused a blinding flash and a fireball hot enough to melt sand into glass and vaporise every human within a one mile (1.6 kilometre) radius.

An estimated 140,000 people died instantly as the white-hot blast turned the city centre into rubble and ash, and in the days and weeks afterwards from burns and radiation sickness caused by the fallout dubbed the “black rain”.

The death toll from the second bomb, the plutonium weapon dubbed “Fat Man” that hit Nagasaki on August 9, has been estimated at 70,000.

Japan surrendered on August 15, ending World War II in the Pacific.

The United States has never apologised for the twin attacks which, surveys show, most Americans believe were necessary to bring a quick end to the war and avoid a land invasion that could have been more costly.

Others see the attacks as unnecessary and perhaps experimental atrocities.

The US ambassador to Japan, John Roos, is due to attend and lay a wreath “to express respect for all of the victims of World War II”, the US State Department said.

Since the end of the Cold War, worries have grown about the nuclear ambitions of states such as North Korea and Iran, and the threat of “non-state actors” such as militant groups getting the bomb.

US President Barack Obama outlined his long-term goal of a world free of nuclear weapons in an April 2009 speech in Prague that was cited as a key factor in his winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

“The existence of thousands of nuclear weapons is the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War,” Obama said, stressing that “generations lived with the knowledge that their world could be erased in a single flash of light”.

Pointing to the danger of terrorist groups acquiring the deadly technology, Obama said that “in a strange turn of history, the threat of global nuclear war has gone down, but the risk of a nuclear attack has gone up”.

A year later, in April this year, Obama signed a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia and hosted a 47-nation summit that pledged to stop militant groups from acquiring fissile materials.

Many in Japan expect Obama to become the first US president in office to visit Hiroshima when he travels to Japan in October for an Asia-Pacific summit, after he earlier signalled an intention to do so.

The group Mayors for Peace, which now counts 4,069 local governments worldwide, last week reiterated its call on nations to immediately start talks for an international treaty to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020.

Two decades after the Cold War ended, the United States and Russia still have more than 22,000 nuclear warheads between them, and France, Britain, China, India, Pakistan and Israel have a combined total of about 1,000, says the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament.

The global stockpile has a blast capacity of 150,000 Hiroshima bombs.

Source: SGGP