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President Triet attends Vietnam- Japan trade promotion forum

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State President Nguyen Minh Triet attends APEC 18

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Pham Van Mach attends world champs

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Pham Van Mach attends world champs

QĐND – Friday, October 29, 2010, 23:19 (GMT+7)

Bodybuilder Pham Van Mach and his coach Huynh Anh have left for India to attend the 2010 World Bodybuilding Championships, scheduled to take place from October 30-31.

Mach hopes to preserve his championship title in this competition. 

He will then attend the second annual 2010 Asian Beach Games in December and hopes to win gold for Vietnam’s team.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Model Chung Thuc Quyen attends Miss International pageant 2010

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Model Chung Thuc Quyen will travel to China for the Miss International pageant 2010 to take place in Chengdu, Sichuan Province from October 21 to November 7.

                            Model Chung Thuc Quyen

Quyen has gained a lot of useful experience in previous international pageants.

She won Miss Humanity title at the Miss Tourism Queen International 2008, Best National Dress, Miss Internet, and was in the top 15 at the Miss Supranational 2009 pageant in Poland.

Fashion designers Quynh Paris will prepare evening gowns for the model. She will also wear Vietnamese traditional ao dai by Thuan Viet.

Quyen will compete with beauties from 80 countries at the 50th annual event.

Previously Pham Thuy Duong who was in top ten at the Miss Vietnam 2006 pageant won the Miss International Image title at the Miss International pageant 2007.

Source: SGGP

Vietnam attends Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

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Vietnam attends Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

QĐND – Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 20:43 (GMT+7)

A Vietnamese sports delegation led by Hoang Manh Cuong, deputy head of the High Achievements Sports Department, arrived in Singapore on August 10 to attend the first Youth Olympic Games scheduled for August 14-26.

Thirteen out of twenty-five members secured berths to compete in swimming, track and field, taekwondo, weightlifting, badminton, wrestling and shooting events.  

The team’s accommodation and travel expenses will be borne by Singapore.

The Youth Olympic Games is expected to draw the participation of around 5,000 athletes and officials from 204 National Olympic Committees.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

US attends Hiroshima memorial ceremony for first time

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HIROSHIMA, Japan, Aug 6, 2010 (AFP) – The United States on Friday for the first time attended a ceremony commemorating its atomic bombing of Hiroshima, 65 years after the Japanese city’s obliteration rang in the nuclear age.

Representatives from more than 70 nations joined tens of thousands at the emotional event, held under an azure sky as clear as that on the morning of August 6, 1945 when Hiroshima was transformed into a terrifying inferno.

Doves fly around the Atomic Bomb Dome at the Peace Memorial Park after their release during the memorial ceremony in Hiroshima, on August 6, 2010. AFP

The United States’ World War II allies Britain and France, both declared nuclear powers, also sent their first diplomats to the ceremony in the western Japanese city in a sign of support for the goal of nuclear disarmament.

The mournful toll of a temple bell marked the start of a one-minute silence at 8:15 am, when the US B-29 bomber Enola Gay had dropped a device that instantly killed tens of thousands in Hiroshima.

“The human race must not repeat the horror and misery caused by atomic bombs,” Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said in a speech after 1,000 white doves were released in a symbolic gesture for peace.

“Japan, as the only nation to have been attacked by the war-time atomic bombs, has a moral responsibility to lead the efforts toward realisation of a world without nuclear weapons,” he said.

“Little Boy”, the four-tonne uranium bomb detonated over Hiroshima, caused a blinding flash and a fireball hot enough to melt sand into glass and vaporise every human within a one mile (1.6 kilometre) radius.

An estimated 140,000 people died instantly in Hiroshima or succumbed to burns and radiation sickness soon after the blast, and over 70,000 perished as a result of another US atomic attack on the port of Nagasaki three days later.

Japan, a wartime ally of Nazi Germany, surrendered on August 15, ending the war in the Pacific after years of ferocious combat with US Marines on islands strung across the ocean.

The United States has never acceded to demands in Japan for an apology for the loss of innocent lives in the atomic bombings, which many Western historians believe were necessary to bring a quick end to the war and avoid a land invasion that could have been even more costly.

US ambassador John Roos laid a wreath to remember the victims, reflecting a shift in policy under Nobel Peace Prize-winning President Barack Obama.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday that Obama “thought it appropriate” to recognize the anniversary as he vies to rid the world of nuclear arms.

Some saw Roos’s attendance as an indication that Obama would visit Hiroshima during a trip to Japan later this year, as the sides seek to improve ties following controversy over an agreement to relocate a US airbase in Okinawa.

“For the sake of future generations, we must continue to work together to realise a world without nuclear weapons,” the US ambassador said in a statement.

Hanako Nogami, 92, braved the hot weather to attend the ceremony to pray for the soul of her brother, who was in Hiroshima at the time of the bombing, and whose remains were never found.

“I looked for him for days after the bombing, but he was nowhere to be found,” she told AFP.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also attended, becoming the first UN chief to take part in the annual event at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

“For many of you, that day endures, as vivid as the white light that seared the sky, as dark as the black rains that followed,” Ban said.

“For as long as nuclear weapons exist, we will live under a nuclear shadow.”

Two decades after the Cold War ended, the United States and Russia still have more than 22,000 nuclear warheads between them. France, Britain, China, India, Pakistan and Israel have a combined total of about 1,000, says the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament.

The global stockpile is equivalent to about 150,000 Hiroshima bombs.

Source: SGGP

Vietnam attends Asia-Pacific ministerial meeting on MDGs

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Vietnam attends Asia-Pacific ministerial meeting on MDGs

QĐND – Thursday, August 05, 2010, 20:48 (GMT+7)

Vietnam has voiced the need to have regional and international peace and security for each country with self-mastery in formulating its own development plan and promoting international cooperation effectively to step up the implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The statement was made by Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh at a special Asia-Pacific ministerial meeting on MDGs held in Jakarta , Indonesia , on August 3-4.

The meeting brought together 50 delegations from countries and territories inside and outside Asia-Pacific, including UN leaders and representatives of international organisations, to review the achievement of MDGs, sum up successful lessons, renew pledges and work out measures to boost MDGs productivity.

Mr Minh reported Vietnam’s achievements in implementing MDGs, attributing these to the government’s integration of MDGs in the national development strategy, its mobilization of the people, as well as taking advantage of international cooperation in other fields.

The participants adopted the Jakarta Declaration, in which they highlighted good experiences for boosting the implementation of MDGs in the region and the world, including a lesson on enhancing the cooperation model between the UN, the host country and donors as shown to be effective in Vietnam within the framework of one UN initiative.

They agreed that the Asia-Pacific region has recorded many MDG achievements, including reducing the number of poor by nearly 50 percent from 1990, enabling 90 percent of children of school age to attend school, promoting gender equality, and mitigating the spread of HIV/AIDS and other contagious diseases.

However, the region is still facing other challenges due to uneven MDG achievements between countries and even within countries. About 900 million people are still living under the poverty line, more than 60 percent of the regional population do not have access to clean water, and the environment is degrading.

They estimated that the entire Asia-Pacific region will need around US$1,000 billion for achieving all MDGs from now to 2015.

Source: VOVNews/VNA

Source: QDND

Prime Minister Dung attends G20 in Toronto

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Prime Minister Dung attends G20 in Toronto

QĐND – Friday, June 25, 2010, 20:6 (GMT+7)

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, as President of ASEAN, left Hanoi for Toronto, Canada on June 25 to attend the fourth summit of the 20 major economies (G20) at the invitation of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

This is the second consecutive year that ASEAN has been invited to the attend G20 summit. This shows that the international community is aware of the important role that ASEAN plays in the global economy.

Surin Pitsuwan, ASEAN’s General Secretary said that like China and Russia, major economies want to have a greater say in global economic management. The participation of ASEAN in the G20 also underlines that the G20 has become a more democratic forum in which ASEAN can make an active and responsible contribution to the international community.

Over the past 40 years, ASEAN has confirmed its position as a prestigious regional organization. In economic terms, ASEAN is one of the most dynamic trade centres as it has a population of 580 million with GDP reaching US$1,500 billion and total trade valued at US$1,700 billion.

ASEAN has rapidly recovered and regained its growth despite two recent economic crises. Situated in the centre of Asia, ASEAN can help to lead the global economy out of its current economic crisis.

At the G20 summit, Vietnam, as ASEAN President in 2010, will confirm the bloc’s determination to cooperate with other countries in solving issues put forward by the international community to ensure that the global economy recovers and developing sustainably.

Nguyen Phuong Nga, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry said that Vietnam, will put forward ASEAN’s viewpoints, priorities and visions of ASEAN region for solving issues related to the global economy, strengthening links between the G20 and other groupings, especially newly-emerging and developing countries.

At the summit, the G20 and ASEAN leaders will focus on discussions on restructuring the world economy. Hopes are high that ASEAN will have a greater say in the development of the international community.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Vietnam attends int’l Microsoft Office contest

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Vietnam attends int’l Microsoft Office contest

QĐND – Sunday, June 20, 2010, 22:29 (GMT+7)

The national round of the Microsoft Office World Champion 2010 contest began concurrently in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Thai Nguyen, Danang, HCM City and Can Tho on June 20 with the participation of students from 35 universities.

Doan Hong Nam, President of the International Investment Group (IIG Vietnam) said that the contest aimed to create a healthy playground for students around the world to demonstrate their capacities in using Microsoft Word and Excel.

The final round will be held in Hanoi, Da Nang, and HCM City on June 27 and two outstanding candidates will be selected to participate in the world final to take place in the US on August 8-10. The winner will receive US$6,500 and other valuable prizes.

Microsoft Office World Champion 2010 is held annually to select candidates with outstanding Microsoft Office skills from 60 nations around the world. In Vietnam, the contest aims to promote and improve IT skills in schools, especially in universities, provide Vietnamese students with an essential tool for life after graduation and popularize international standards Microsoft Office skills among enterprises.

This is the first time the contest has been held in Vietnam and it was co-organised by the IIG Vietnam and the Ministry of Education and Training.

Source: VOV/VNA

Source: QDND

PM Dung attends MRC International Conference in Thailand

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PM Dung attends MRC International Conference in Thailand

QĐND – Sunday, April 04, 2010, 22:53 (GMT+7)

On April 4, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and his delegation arrived in Hua Hin, Thailand for the Mekong River Commission (MRC) International Conference after successfully concluding their three-day day visit to the Union of Myanmar.

PM Dung met with his Thai and Lao counterparts Abhisit Vejjajiva and Buasone Bouphavanh on the sidelines of the conference.

During his meeting with the Thai PM, Mr Dung expressed the hope that Thailand would successfully organize the MRC International Conference to promote MRC cooperation. He said Vietnam always attaches great importance to developing the friendship and comprehensive cooperation with Thailand including the MRC.

The Thai PM said Thailand will help Vietnam to assume the 2010 ASEAN Chair and will attend the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

The two PMs agreed upon measures to boost economic, trade, and investment cooperation and to hold an inter-government meeting for the two foreign ministries to arrange a convenient schedule.

They also underlined the need to promote an exchange of information and propose effective measures to cope with the challenges that face the MekongRiver. The two PMs believed that major step orientations would be devised at the conference to improve regional cooperation and encourage Myanmar and China to take part in the MRC.

Vietnam, Laos aim for US$1 billion in two-way trade turnover in 2010

In a meeting with his Lao counterpart, Bouasone Bouphavanh, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung expressed his delight at the strong development in the two countries’ investment and trade cooperation. Despite numerous difficulties in 2009, Vietnam-Laos two-way trade turnover reached more than US$420 million, equal to the previous year’s figure.

The two PMs agreed to introduce specific measures to increase the effectiveness of bilateral cooperation in various fields, with the aim of raising the two-way trade turnover to US$1 billion in 2010.

They pledged to instruct ministries and functional agencies in both countries to review the implementation of the 2006-2010 Vietnam-Lao cooperation programme.

Both sides also reached consensus on building the cooperation programme in 2011-2015 and the Vietnam-Laos cooperation strategy from 2011 to 2020 in combination with the plans and strategies for socio-economic development in both countries.

PM Dung and his Lao counterpart also appreciated this year’s MRC International Conference.

Mr Dung said that the MekongRiver is currently in jeopardy, thus requiring stronger cooperation to overcome challenges for mutual benefits.

Source: VOV 

Source: QDND