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Dance to elevate awareness of HIV/AIDS

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Dance to elevate awareness of HIV/AIDS

QĐND – Thursday, November 25, 2010, 21:0 (GMT+7)

Thousands of Vietnamese and international youth, as well as popular artists, will take part in a big event, “Dance for life”, scheduled to take place on November 27th, as part of the forthcoming World AIDS Day.

In Vietnam, 1,000 Vietnamese will dance together at the My Club at 19-21 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi.

Popular artists, including singers Minh Quan, My Dung, comedian Xuan Bac and Big Toe dance group, will also participate in this event to be broadcast live on VTV6 and abroad via satellite.

At the same time with the event in Vietnam, thousands of international youth from 27 countries from all over the world will also “dance for life” to send a message of “acknowledging HIV/AIDS and easing discrimination against people living with HIV” to the public.

Source: LDO

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Overseas Vietnamese stars raise public awareness of traffic safety

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Overseas Vietnamese stars raise public awareness of traffic safety

QĐND – Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 20:54 (GMT+7)

Movie star Kathy Uyen and Australian Idol Thanh Bui were chosen as Goodwill Ambassadors for the public awareness campaign launched by the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP Foundation) in coordination with the HCM City Traffic Safety Committee.

For the first time, Vietnam has joined the event together with more than 100 other nations to remember road accident victims and share the suffering of the injured. The event also helps raise public awareness of road accident deaths and injuries in hopes preventing more road injuries and fatalities.

In 1993, the Road Peace initiated the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Accident Victims and on 27 October, 2005, the United Nations endorsed it as a global day to be observed on the third Sunday in November every year. This year’s event was celebrated on Sunday 21, November. 

Kathy Uyen and Thanh Bui will be involved in many activities including visiting road accident victims, meeting with government officials to come up with solutions to prevent road accidents, and raising public awareness of traffic safety via the mass media.

Source: VOV


Source: QDND

Miss Earth 2010 contestants raise awareness on environmental protection

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Miss Earth 2010 contestants joined in environmental protection activities in the ancient town of Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam on November 22.

Miss Earth 2010 contestants join a bike parade in Hoi An Ancient Town on Nov 22, 2010 (Photo: Vnexpress)

The activities included the “Earth Hour and Hoi An ancient town” program; a bicycle parade; and an exchange featuring music performances, traditional festivals, folk games and more between beauties and local residents and visitors at the An Hoi statue garden.

The beauty queens also gave gifts and medicines to disadvantaged children in Quang Nam Orphan Education Center and the Hoi An Red Cross.

Mr, Nguyen Cong Khe, chairman of the Thanh Nien Media Corporation donated VND500 million (US$25,000) to a fund for poor people in Quang Nam.


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Project to raise public awareness of traffic safety

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Contest to raise public awareness of traffic safety

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Contest to raise public awareness of traffic safety

QĐND – Saturday, August 14, 2010, 20:50 (GMT+7)

A contest entitled “The scourge of traffic accidents- the community’s story” will begin on June 22 to publicize Vietnam’s Road Traffic Law and raise public awareness of traffic safety.  

The contest was announced at a press briefing held in Hanoi on August 13.

The contest will be held in two phases, from June 22 to September 23 and from October 15 to December 30, with 24 prizes including a special prize worth VND 75 million.

To take part in the contest, contestants can write and send messages to switchboard No 8558 or call 1900571531 for further information.

According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, 12,492 traffic accidents were reported in 2009, leaving 11,516 dead and 7,914 injured. Despite a drop in the number of accidents, there was an increase in the number of fatalities and injuries compared to 2008.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Better first aid system, awareness needed in Vietnam

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Around 50,000 people accident victims need emergency treatment in Vietnam each year, but only 5,000 are provided with proper first aid before they reach the hospital.

If accident victims received prompt and proper first aid, their lives wouldn’t  be in danger ( Photo: SGGP)

Viet Duc hospital in Hanoi admitted T.T.Hung from the northern province of Ninh Binh with life-threatening injuries from a traffic accident on Highway No.1 nearly four hours after the incident. Hung had gone into shock due to blood loss.

Doctors said that if Hung had received prompt and proper first aid, the bleeding would have stopped and his life would not have been in so much danger.

Another victim, Ms. Huong from the northern province of Hoa Binh, had broken her legs and cut herself after a fall while collecting wood in the forest. Although she was taken to the nearby medical clinic, the site was ill-equipped to administer first aid, and she too had gone into shock and lost copious amounts of blood by the time she reached Viet Duc.

Dr. Cao Doc Lap, chief of the hospital’s emergency room, said Viet Duc receives over 100 emergency cases per day whose serious conditions have deteriorated due to the lack of good first aid. Some are saved from lasting injury, but others must endure lifelong handicaps because they did not receive first aid, he said.

Recent studies conducted by the Department of Preventive Health at the Ministry of Health found that most accident victims in Vietnam are taken to hospitals by any available means of transports and very few of them receive proper care before arriving in the emergency room.

Only 4% of victims are hospitalized in ambulance, 55% don’t have any first aid on the spot and around 10% are given aid but half of those receive improper care. Many are taken to the hospital in unsafe vehicles like motorbikes or cyclos (also called rickshaws or pedicabs).

Dr. Tran Ngoc Lan, deputy director of the Department of Preventive Health Care and Environment, said the lack of special transport for emergency was making it harder to treat accident victims.

No Vietnamese province has emergency first aid centers that can act as first responders.

Even Emergency Transport Center 115 in Hanoi only satisfies 20% of the local demand, and in the meantime, district clinics are short of capable medical workers and proper equipment.

The worst part of the situation is that so many children suffer the consequences of poor first aid. Around 0.3% of child patients die each month because people, clinics and transporters administer improper first aid techniques or none at all, said Le Thanh Hai, deputy head of the National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi, adding that over 2,000 kids are hospitalized at his facility each month.

If authorities do not address the issue from the ground up, providing special equipment for first aid and skilled health workers on a large scale, the Vietnamese medical system will never be effective, experts said.

Source: SGGP

‘Green’ classes aim to raise teens’ environmental awareness

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Students from four high schools in Ho Chi Minh City are participating in a series of “green” classes this month aimed at raising their environmental awareness. The classes are part of a program organized by Vietnamese information portal 

Students from HCMC’s High School for the Gifted attend a “green” class aimed at raising their environmental knowledge (Photo: ZING)The website, part of online game publisher and e-commerce company Vinagame, launched the project in collaboration with the Saigon 350 Group.
Under the program, teens from HCMC’s High School for the Gifted; Nguyen Thi Minh Khai High School; Practicing High School under the HCMC University of Pedagogy; and Le Hong Phong High School are learning about environmental issues and responsibility.
The three-hour classes are designed to be dynamic and engaging, beginning with a short documentary film about environmental topics, followed by a talk from a representative of the HCMC Institute of Tropical Biology.
Students are encouraged to ask questions during the discussion and are then quizzed on the material they’ve learned.
Organizers hope the classes will help teens come away with a greater appreciation for the environment and become more involved in environmental protection efforts.

Source: SGGP

Public awareness of domestic violence rising

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Public awareness of domestic violence rising

QĐND – Monday, March 15, 2010, 20:55 (GMT+7)

The Vietnam Women’s Union Central Committee has coordinated with the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development in a project to combat domestic violence.

The project was announced in Hanoi on March 15, with the aim of increasing financial capacity to reduce domestic violence. It will also help increase public awareness.

The project gives a new approach to prevent domestic violence in Vietnam, said Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, head of the Vietnam Women’s Union. “Most victims of domestic violence are women, so the Vietnam Women’s Union considers protecting women as its major task,” she said. “The Union has organised many activities to fight domestic violence and cooperate with local police to deal with violations.”

The two-year project is divided into two phases, with the first to be carried out at the central level and in four provinces and cities namely Bac Ninh, Da Nang, Kon Tum and Can Tho. Under the project, officers of local women’s unions will be provided with various ways to mobilise financial sources and get better knowledge of the law on domestic violence.

Benito Alvarez Fernadez, chief representative of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development in Vietnam, stressed the need to apply a new comprehensive approach to ensure gender equality in Vietnam.

Source: VOV


Source: QDND

Youth undertake environmental awareness campaign

In Vietnam Environment on December 28, 2009 at 7:49 am

More than 1,000 young people from 11 cities and provinces around the country took part in an environmental awareness program on December 27. The youth rode bicycles and performed activities aimed at raising awareness about the negative impacts of using plastic bags.

Young people in Ho Chi Minh City create pictures using plastic on December 27 to spread a message about the importance of environmental protection. (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

The event was organized by the Global Citizen Program, Vietnam Association for Conversation of Nature and Environment, and the Cycling For Environment (C4E) club.

In Ho Chi Minh City, more than 30 young people gathered at Tao Dan Park, District 1 for a cycling tour in the city.

Others created pictures using plastic to spread a message about the importance of environmental protection.

La Thuy Diem Hang, a student from the HCM City University of Science said she hopes that as a result of the project, people will reduce their use of plastic bags.

On the same day, more than 10,000 students took part in a walk at Tan Phu Ward, district 7 to raise funds to build 200 toilets for Vietnamese children. The event was organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Committee of HCM Communist Youth Union in collaboration with Vietnam Unilever Company.

Vim, a trademark of Vietnam Unilever, donated VND 1.5 billion during the walk to start the publicly-funded project.

In Hanoi, members of C4E created a large globe out of plastic measuring 2 meters in diameter. The model will be sold at auction with the money going to buy lifejackets for children who live near waterways.

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ASEAN forum raises awareness on initiatives

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Hanoi (VNA) – The Secretary-General of ASEAN Surin Pitsuwan launched on July 4 a forum to raise awareness on ASEAN’s initiatives among the ASEAN Secretariat’s staff, government officials and the public at large.

The ASEC Brown Bag Series serves as a venue to share ideas and insights on key issues facing the region and generate public interest in the activities of the ASEAN Secretariat in an informal setting.

The forum will forcus on the theme of “Climate Change and Deforestation: What Role for the New ASEAN?” with the main objective of arriving at a better understanding of the kind of policy coordination and integration that will be required in both the forest and the coronment policies in order to mitigate the risks of climate change.

More ASEC Brown Bag Series will be organised in the coming months as the ASEAN Secretariat intensifies its public outreach efforts.-