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Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary to become an ecotourism area

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Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary to become an ecotourism area

QĐND – Friday, December 17, 2010, 20:57 (GMT+7)

The Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary, which is home to rare flora and fauna, will become an eco-tourism area, according to a decision by the Bac Lieu Provincial People’s Committee.

A VND100 billion project has been initiated by an investor, the Rong Vietnam Investment and Tourism Joint Stock Company, to build the Bac Lieu Eco-tourism Area on an area of 130 hectares with 12 zones, including a national park and a nature reserve, with some of them expected to be completed before the coming Tet holiday.

All rare flora and fauna as well as landscapes will be preserved and protected while tourists visit the site.

The sanctuary with a rich and diversified biology has attracted 78 species of birds, with many listed in the Red Book of Vietnam, said Mr. Luong Ngoc Lan, Deputy-Director of the Province’s Agriculture and Rural Development Department

Source: Vnexpress

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

1,200 school-bags-cum-lifebuoys presented to students in Bac Lieu

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1,200 school-bags-cum-lifebuoys presented to students in Bac Lieu

QĐND – Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 20:54 (GMT+7)

PANO – The Bac Lieu Provincial People’s Committee and VietinBank have recently organised a ceremony to present 1,200 school-bags which can also be used used as lifebuoys, worth VND 198 million, to students crossing rivers by sampan to school in Bac Lieu Province.

Such a 0.6kg lifebuoy, able to store nearly 50kg of books and notebooks for under 5th graders, will help reduce the casualties of children in waterway accidents.

Along with the school-bags, VietinBank also gave Bac Lieu Province VND 15 billion to build 420 houses of gratitude and the Vam Leo Bridge linking Bac Lieu and Soc Trang.

Translated by Mai Huong

Source: QDND

Consumer Goods Fair 2010 in Bac Kan Province

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Rare birds appear in Bac Lieu

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Rare birds appear in Bac Lieu

QĐND – Thursday, October 28, 2010, 20:45 (GMT+7)

Flocks of rare birds have appeared in the Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary in the southern province of Bac Lieu for over a month, according to Mr. Nguyen Trung Chanh, the Sanctuary’s Director.

In addition to the rare birds, the sanctuary, located on an area of around 280 hectares in Nha Mat Ward in Bac Lieu City, is home to other fauna, mainly storks, and amazing flora.  

As one of the most favorite tourist sites in Bac Lieu Province, the sanctuary has attracted 79 species of birds, with many listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Source: Dan Tri

Translated by Duy Minh

Source: QDND

Coming round mountains to Tay Bac

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Coming round mountains to Tay Bac

QĐND – Sunday, September 26, 2010, 21:0 (GMT+7)

Tay Bac, the mountainous region in the northwest of Vietnam, is famous for beautiful terraced fields, colorful love markets, magnificent mountains and valleys. The terrain is fascinating for tourists who can discover many riddles of nature and indigenous cultures. The spectacular hillside-hugging road to the northern province of Ha Giang has a few hair-raising turns but the marvelous landscape is irresistible for nature lovers and adventurers.

I came to Meo Vac, a mountainous district in Ha Giang Province where tourists can visit Khau Vai love market, in the late afternoon. The topography is limestone mountains that impose over the poetic Nho Que river running through.

The love market often opens on the nights of 26th and 27th days of the lunar month. Shops trade till after midnight and local residents also stay up late. Their life rhythm is slow; the market is busy but I still sense a tranquility of there that is different to the markets in lowland regions.

In contrast, Meo Vac market in the morning is rather quiet with dozens of ethnic women standing around with wooden packs, filled with vegetables and other agricultural products on their back. Buyers take a look and handle the produce before they start to bargain. The market doesn’t stay open long.

Leaving Meo Vac, I continued the journey to conquer Ma Pi Leng Mountain. I have traveled through many Highland passes, but I felt a bit giddy at Ma Pi Leng, the king of all mountain passes in Vietnam.

Ethnic kids carry water large distances in the dry season

Ma Pi Leng is located on the border of Ha Giang Township and Dong Van and Meo Vac districts. The road runs round the sides of black limestone mountains, which are typical features of Dong Van Plateau. Wall-like rocks of all shapes also beautify the pass between Dong Van Town and Lung Phin Commune. The Nho Que River adds the finishing touch to nature’s masterpiece.

In the dry season, ethnic people have to carry water large distances. I felt touched to see their hardship.

The next stop is conquering Lung Cu Mountain in Dong Van Plateau. It is in Lung Cu Commune, which is about 1,600 meters above sea level. On the peak of the mountain is a flagpole about 30 meters tall.

From the top, tourists can see the terraced fields and lakes below. It was breath-taking. I felt a sense of awe that I cannot forget.

Then I arrived at Dong Van District near sunset. Dong Van, about 155 kilometers from Ha Giang Commune, is the most developed district among the ethnic districts in Ha Giang.

Women carry firewood to Dong Van District in late afternoon

Dong Van is famous with old quarters, old markets, especially with its name meaning a plateau of limestone. Dong Van’s old quarter is different from Hoi An ancient town as most of houses here are built the Chinese way with 60-80-centimeter-thick clay walls and tiled roofs.

The market days in Dong Van left the biggest impression on me. Groups of H’Mong, Dao, Tay and other ethnic peoples in their colorful costumes walk from every corner of the mountains to the market to buy and sell. They arrive on foot with oxen, pigs, horses, chicken and every type of livestock and fowl. It’s exciting to watch the noisy bargaining at the trading area for animals and the tinkling sounds of spoons, pots and bowls when food sellers prepare for the market.

The market is a place where the Kinh people can meet and exchange culture with minority peoples.

Source: VietNamNet Bridge

Source: QDND

Wartime UXO found in Bac Lieu province

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Wartime UXO found in Bac Lieu province

QĐND – Friday, August 13, 2010, 21:0 (GMT+7)

A 125kg unexploded bomb has been found in the southern province of Bac Lieu by workers at the Khanh Tam building material warehouse.

Lieut.-colonel Ho Van Dai, head of the Bac Lieu Military Headquaters’ sapper force, said the unexploded ordnance, which was made by the US in 1971, was inadvertently scooped from the Hau riverbed during the sand mining process in southern Can Tho City and was transported by the sand ferry to the warehouse.

Earlier, on August 2, two unexploded bombs, weighing 125kg and 250kg respectively, was also found among sand transported from the Hau river to another building materials warehouse in Bac Lieu.

According to Director of Vietnam’s Bomb and Mine Disposal Technology Centre Nguyen Trong Canh, many places in the country are still heavily contaminated with UXO, particularly the six central provinces of Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien-Hue and Quang Ngai.

Thirty years after the war, bombs and mines are still taking a heavy toll on human life. To date, over 100,000 people in Vietnam have fallen victim to UXO, of which 42,000 died.

Every year, 20,000 hectares of land are cleared of UXO, yet there remains a lot of work to do before all contaminated land can be declared safe.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Bac Lieu Buddhists celebrate capital’s birthday

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Bac Lieu Buddhists celebrate capital’s birthday

QĐND – Thursday, July 29, 2010, 20:39 (GMT+7)

A Buddhist Festival was held in the Mekong delta province of Bac Lieu on July 28 as part of activities by Buddhists nationwide to celebrate the millennial anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

The festival drew the participation of provincial authorities, the committee of religious affairs, local people and more than 300 monks and nuns.

Superior Bonze Thich Quang Thiet, Deputy Chief of the Executive Board of the Bac Lieu Buddhist Shangha, delivered a welcome speech to open the festival. In his speech, he recalled the merits of King Ly Thai To and his advisors, as well as monks, in maintaining national peace and integrity.

Buddhist pagodas and temples have recently held activities to celebrate the capital city’s 1,000th birthday and have organized requiems for the former kings of the Ly family and monks of that time.

On the occasion the Bac Lieu Buddhist Association organized a ceremony to mark the birthday of the Goddess of Mercy and open the 2010 Goddess of Mercy camp, drawing thousands of Buddhist followers. The camp will be open until July 30.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

760 children in Bac Ninh and Bac Giang provinces to get health check and gifts from Canon Vietnam

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760 children in Bac Ninh and Bac Giang provinces to get health check and gifts from Canon Vietnam

QĐND – Sunday, July 04, 2010, 20:55 (GMT+7)

On July 3, Canon Vietnam Co., Ltd (CVN) joined the program of “Check heath and donate gifts for unprivileged children”- an annual program of the Bac Ninh provincial Communist Youth Union.

The first ever program will be implemented in Bac Giang provinces with co-operation of Bac Giang provincial Communist Youth Union (starting from July 23).

Following that, until July 30, 760 orphans, Agent Orange infected and unprivileged children of 6 communes from 6 districts of Bac Ninh and 4 communes from 4 districts of Bac Giang will be checked heath and donated gifts (each gift values at 115,000 VND).

This is the fourth time CVN join the program after the successful programs in 2007, 2008 and 2009 with 4,260 underprivileged children of Bac Ninh and Bac Giang provinces were checked health and received gifts.

The program aims to create chance for underprivileged children who are unable to go and get health check at the hospitals to find out their abnormal conditions and sharing difficulty to them as well as their families.

Mr. Sachio Kageyama – General Director of CVN reaffirmed: “Canon is very happy to participate in social activities specially for the next generation. We want to express deep care toward children, especially who have less opportunity to take medical check. The Company also hopes that children will receive more cares from community as well as have studying and developmental opportunity to contribute to the development of the nation”.

In the upcoming time, CVN hopes to have more chances to co-operate with relevant organizations to help children, the future master of the country.

A representative from the Bac Ninh provincial Communist Youth Union said: “This meaningful activity expresses kindness and sincere help from Canon Vietnam, a company located in Bac Ninh province. We highly appreciate the cooperation between Canon Vietnam and Bac Ninh provincial Youth Union through years and the voluntary activity this year”.

Source: CPV

Source: QDND

Schools in Bac Ninh to keep playgrounds open in summer

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Schools in Bac Ninh to keep playgrounds open in summer

QĐND – Monday, May 31, 2010, 20:59 (GMT+7)

Schools in the northern province of Bac Ninh will be allowing youngsters to use their playgrounds this summer to keep them away from busy roads.

Nguyen Van Chau, 12, is one of those who will be visiting his local school this summer.

“Up to now we have been forced to play in the street because we didn’t have anywhere else to go during the holidays,” Chau said.

Truong Quang Hai, deputy secretary of Bac Ninh Youth Union, said youth organisations have asked primary and secondary schools in the province to allow children to use their playgrounds because of the chronic shortage of playgrounds in the province.

Hai added that provincial youth organisations have also asked relevant agencies to organise activities such as martial arts, foreign languages and computer training and chess clubs for children over the summer.

“We hope our children will have a healthy and safe summer holiday,” Hai said, adding that the initiative had been warmly received by parents.

Chau’s mother, Thu Hang, said the scheme will make her life as a parent a lot less stressful over the holiday.

She said last year, Chau had nearly burnt her house down because he had been forced to stay at home.

“After that accident, I had to bring my two children to the office for almost three months during the summer holiday,” Hang said.

Meanwhile, the central city of Da Nang has organised life classes, which contents include how to have a good behaviour, arrange time, introduce one’s self, meet new friends and speak easily in front of a crowd as well as learning in a group, and openly discuss matters, for third to ninth graders, said Mai Xuan Mui, deputy director of Da Nang’s Culture House for Teenagers.

About 500 pupils have already registered for the class, he said.

“While city children study endlessly, cram in many hours of extra tuition and are excused from doing chores around the house, their country cousins usually come home and do household chores or work in the fields before setting down to study.

“As a result, urban students are often far less attuned to the business of living, relating to others and solving simple problems that arise in daily life,” Mui said.

“I hope the class will not only be useful but will also discourage children from wasting their time playing computer games or taking drugs this summer,” Mui said.

Meanwhile, the youth union in the southern cape province of Ca Mau, in conjunction with provincial departments of Education and Training and Culture, Sports and Tourism, plans to hold swimming classes.

Nguyen Minh Luan, secretary of the provincial youth union, said each ward and town would mobilise 20 youth volunteers to teach teenagers to swim.

“In rural areas, volunteers will hold swimming lessons for primary school children in safe canals and ponds during the summer holiday, which will hopeful mean they are safer during the wet season,” Luan said.

A UNICEF representative in charge of the Child Injury Prevention Programme in Vietnam, said children often played in ponds and streams even though they did not know how to swim.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of child mortality in Vietnam, said the deputy minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA), Phung Ngoc Hung.

The ministry has started implementing a programme to teach primary and secondary school children to swim, said Nguyen Trong An, deputy director of the ministry’s Child Care and Protection Department.

About 5,000 children are now learning how to swim in the Cuu Long (Mekong) province of Dong Thap, according to the Population, Families and Children Committee.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Bac Ninh urged to become industrial city

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