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Tay Ninh Province reveals the wild beauty of the South

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Tay Ninh Province reveals the wild beauty of the South

QĐND – Sunday, January 02, 2011, 20:18 (GMT+7)

Being a citizen of the North, I’ve always been curious about people, life and the countryside in the South, but it wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I had the chance to visit one of the most popular tourism destinations in Tay Ninh Province – Dau Tieng Lake.

The lake, which is located in Phuoc Minh Commune, 20km from the provincial centre, covers 27,000ha and has a capacity of 1.5 billion cu.m, irrigating Tay Ninh Province as well as neighbouring localities. 

Dau Tieng Lake is famous firstly because it is the largest man-made irrigation reservoir in Viet Nam and secondly, given its remote location, for its breathtaking landscape of mountains and mysterious islets. The crystal-like lake provides clean water and a fresh, pure atmosphere that visitors can relax in.

Rising majestically out of the lake, Mount Cau dominates the landscape, covered in a thick primeval forest. Scattered across the lake are a number of islets and the green banks offer inviting camping and fishing spots.

Mt Cau is 198m high and boasts diverse flora and 1,600ha of protected forest. At the top of the mountain stands the Thai Son Pagoda, which attracts many pilgrims at full moon.

Next to the mountain buried deep in the rubber plantation is Cau Nom Lake, where the combination of the clean water and fresh air create a tranquil atmosphere.

In my opinion, the area around the two lakes is a great place for tourists who either want to relax after a hard days work, go camping with family and friends or try out water sports.

However, despite its beauty, a shortage of basic infrastructure such as hotels, restaurants and services mean this is a day trip at most (unless you decide to camp).

From Dau Tieng Lake, my friends and I walked for about 5km through the rubber plantation and reached Truc (small bamboo tree) Stream, which runs down from Mt Cau into Binh Duong Province’s Dau Tieng District. 

The name of the stream originates from its source further up the hill in a small bamboo forest, and my friends and I decided to try and find it.

The first thing I saw were huge flat rocks that nature had arranged into stairs leading to a shelter for a giant, according to a legend told by local residents.

Passing through the huge shelter was like walking through a stone maze, with millions of small stones arranged in all sorts of different shapes.

One friend had the bright idea of stopping there for a picnic lunch, so we made makeshift chairs and a table out of the rocks, and spent a leisurely couple of hours enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

The fresh air and cool atmosphere enhanced by the murmuring stream and twittering birds were like something out of a fairy tale.

Promenade: Dau Tieng Lake is one of Tay Ninh Province’s most well-known locations, although it needs more investment to improve facilities. (Photos: VNS)

Leaving the maze, we reached the giant’s stone bed which covers an area of about The ‘bed’ is covered with natural wrinkles that local residents say were made by the giant as he tossed and turned in his sleep.

A beautiful staired waterfall was awaiting us ahead, where visitors, including ourselves, did not miss the chance to take photos.

“I have been taking photos here for a long time but it wasn’t until 2003 that the area becoming a popular tourist destination for local residents and those from neighbouring Tay Ninh Province,” said Nguyen Van Den, a photographer.

Den said it was a beautiful setting and it was a shame that not many people from other cities and provinces knew about it. He added that only a small number of visitors were from HCM City and other localities although the number had increased recently.

Den said Truc Stream was a popular destination all year round but it was most beautiful during the sixth to tenth months of the lunar calendar. He said it was because the area had remained relatively untouched by humans that it retained its wild and natural beauty.

Den also showed us one of three small ponds around the stream where he said not many people could refuse the inviting waters on a hot summers day.

“Some of them even enjoy skinny dipping. It looks funny but it feels great to escape the hot weather in the cool water,” Den said and laughed.

Departing the stream at sunset, my friends promised they would return soon when it was a bit quieter, to enjoy a once in a lifetime naturalist experience.

Source: VietNamNet Bridge

Source: QDND

India beauty crowned Miss Earth

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Nicole Faria from India beat 84 contestants across the world to win Miss Earth 2010 title in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam on Saturday night.

Nicole Faria (R) is crowned Miss Earth 2010 in Nha Trang City on December 4 (Photo: SGGP)

At the pageant’s final night hosted at Vinpearl Land Resort, the first runner up went to Miss Ecuador Jennifer Stephanie Pazmino.

Miss Thailand Watsoporn Wattanakoon has won the second place and  Miss Puerto Rico Yeidy has ranked the third.

The top seven contestants are from Indian, Venezuela, Ecuador, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Thailand and Japan. Miss Vietnam World 2010 Luu Thi Diem Huong has been listed in the top 14.

The top four contestants of the Miss Earth 2010

Also attending the final night were music stars Ronan Keating and Marie Digby, and MC Oli Pettigrew.

Source: SGGP

First beauty contest for Vietnamese men starts

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Beauty Tran Thi Hue becomes PEPFAR’s goodwill ambassador

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Breathtaking beauty of Northwestern mountainous villages

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Miss Vietnam not selected to Beach Beauty event

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Kieu Khanh, Vietnamese contestant at the Miss World Pageant 2010, was not selected to compete for this year’s Beach Beauty title, which will be held at Mandarin Oriental.

Kieu Khanh-Vietnamese contestant at the Miss World Pageant 2010.

Forty out of 115 contestants have been selected. The winner of this competition will automatically advance to the Top 16 Semi Finals.

Last year, Huong Giang is the first Miss Vietnam to ever place among the top 12 finalists of Miss World Beach Beauty competition, which took place at Zimbali Resort Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa.

The Beach Beauty event first started in 2003, where the Miss World Organization wanted to have preliminary or “fast track events” to allow delegates to get into the Top 20 (2003), Top 15 (2004, 2005, 2008), Top 17 (2006) or Top 16 (2007).

Source: SGGP

Billion-VND crown unveils its glamorous beauty in city

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The crown for the most-anticipated beauty pageant Miss Vietnam Global 2010, which cost approximately VND1 trillion (US$52,000), officially come out to public, not in the pageant’s venue – Nha Trang city but in Ho Chi Minh City.

The billion-VND crown will find out its life-time owner on Aug 21 (Photo: ZELA)

The crown is inlaid with 606 diamonds and Amethyst of 2-12 carats.

The design was inspired with the lotus image, which is well-known to the Vietnamese culture. The lotus represents the innocent and passionate elegance of the Vietnamese young women.

In addition, every petal reminds people of the sea waves touching the beach. That is also a very common way to draw the whole description of the Vietnam country, a beautiful and peaceful place sitting next to the blue beach.

The biggest Amethyst which is placed at center of the crown, replicates the image of the third eye – a spiral culture that relates to intelligence.

The maker, ZELA Co – a branch of the Diamond Trading Company, told that their gem craftsmen had to work during 1,000 hours before completing the final product. 

The crown will be sent to  Nha Trang city before the final show of the Miss Vietnam Global 2010 on Aug 21 in Vinepearl Land.

Source: SGGP

Vietnamese American beauty wins Miss Sport

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US contestant Pham Thuy Vy Victoria triumphed over 42 others to win the Miss Sport title, the first sub-competition of the 2010 Miss Vietnam Global Pageant, on August 12.

(C) Miss Sport of the 2010 Miss Vietnam Global Pageant, Pham Thuy Vy Victoria  (Photo: Sggp)

Pham Thuy Vy Victoria, 20, is a good student of the University of California, Berkeley. She can speak English, Vietnamese and Spanish fluently.

With this title, Thuy Vy will receive a cash prize of VND30 million (US$1, 500) and a prioritized rank as the first among the top 15 beauties due to enter the final night of the contest.

Winners of other minor titles including Miss Talent on August 14, Miss Fashion on 16 and Miss Sea on 17 will also guaranteed themselves entrance into the final, said the organization board.

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Source: SGGP

Concurrency of national beauty contests cause confusion

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Organizers of the two national beauty contests, Miss Vietnam 2010 and Miss Vietnam Global 2010, both scheduled for August, are competing intensely to attract contestants. Observers and insiders do not understand the rapid-fire licensing of pageants with coinciding timeframes.

Young ladies have been chosen for the semifnals of Miss Vietnam Global 2010 in southern region

The People’s Committee of the northern province of Quang Ninh and Tien Phong Newspaper jointly organize the 2010 Miss Vietnam Pageant at Tuan Chau resort in Ha Long bay, the UNESCO World Heritage site, from August 3-15.

Meanwhile, Vietnam Television (VTV) and Vinpearl Land Tourism Joint Stock Company at Vinpearl Land Resort and Spa will hold Miss Vietnam Global 2010 from August 10 to 21 in the coastal city of Nha Trang in the southern central province of Khanh Hoa.

The two pageants offer a cash prize of VND500 million (US$25,000) for contest winners.

Organizers of the Miss Vietnam Global 2010 pageant announced the winner will receive a crown inlaid with gemstones worth VND1 billion (more than US$50,000) that she will be allowed to keep forever, together with many valuable gifts.

Contestants of this contest’s final round will receive VND10 million, receive free flights to Nha Trang and stay free at Vinperland resort during the competition.

The quality of contestants of the two pageants has contributed in affirming the level of every competition.

Miss Vietnam 2010 is open to all Vietnamese young women in the country, while Miss Vietnam Global 2010 attracts Vietnamese contestants living at home and abroad.

Miss Vietnam Global 2010 will be aired on VTV3 and VTV4 channels. Miss Vietnam 2010 will be broadcast on VTC and more than 30 local channels nationwide.

Most of top modeling agencies bring their models to beauty contests and their managers tend to be invited to be jury members of Miss Vietnam Global 2010, potentially disadvantaging for other contestants.

The public does not know why the biggest beauty contests have been concurrently scheduled, making Vietnamese contestants unavailable for the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant, which will also take place this August in the U.S.

Source: SGGP

Hanoi’s lakes reflect the city’s unique beauty

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Hanoi’s lakes reflect the city’s unique beauty

QĐND – Thursday, July 22, 2010, 21:15 (GMT+7)

Hanoi has been endowed with a myriad of lakes of different sizes lying scattered across the city, which, with their own distinctive beauty and history, have added a special cultural trait typical of Hanoi.

With more than 100 lakes of all sizes, Hanoi has more lakes than any other capital city in the world.

Of all the natural and man-made lakes, Ho Guom or Hoan Kiem lake (Lake of the Restored Sword) and Ho Tay (West Lake) are the largest and the most beautiful.

The history of Hoan Kiem lake is closely associated with the founding history of Thang Long – the country’s former capital, which nowadays is called Hanoi .

The lake used to be called Luc Thuy Lake or “Green Water Lake” since the water was green all year round. In the 15 th century, it was named Hoan Kiem lake after the legend of King Le Thai To and the large tortoise that grabbed his sword.

The legend dates back to the time of the Le Dynasty six centuries ago. During the war against the Minh aggressors (1417-1427), King Le Thai To chanced upon a precious fairy sword. After 10 years of struggles, the King finally defeated the northern invaders and reclaimed the nation’s independence. After that, one nice day, while the King was boating on lake Luc Thuy, a large tortoise swam towards him and asked him to return the sword. The tortoise grabbed the sword with its mouth and then dived again.

Hence, King Le Thai To named the lake Hoan Kiem or Lake of the Restored Sword.

Through the many ups and downs of history, the lake has remained a green pearl inside the city. Vietnamese, no matter how far they are from home, cannot help but feeling nostalgic about Hoan Kiem lake, where the image of the old Tortoise Tower is reflected under the pure green, sparkling water and the beautiful willow trees bend over the lake to see their reflections in the water.

The vivid and colorful scenery, the red arched The Huc Bridge and Thap But (Pen Tower) have also found their way into many songs and poems.

Tay Ho (West Lake) in Hanoi, meanwhile, is often described as the most romantic place, resplendent in its beauty and vastness.

Covering an area of more than 500 hectares, the lake was formerly known as Dam Dam or Lagoon of Mist, until the 15 th century and a favourite place for the kings of the Ly, Tran and Le dynasties to rest and relax.

West Lake becomes even most beautiful during the autumn. During this time, the dew and mist mingle together to make the lake duskier and more romantic, especially with the faint echo of the bell in Tran Quoc pagoda.

Walking along the small paths around the lake, one can see the vivid colours of hundreds types of flowers as the lake is surrounded by the three famous flower-growing villages of Nhat Tan, Quang Ba and Nghi Tam.

Hanoi’s lakes, that cover 1,165 ha, play a very important role in regulating the rainfall and preventing floods during the stormy season.

However, many lakes have been seriously contaminated and encroached by construction sites due to the fast pace of urbanisation.

The city’s authorities have carried out a project to improve the environment around Hanoi’s lakes and 15 lakes are due to be fully upgraded this year to catch the grand birthday anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND