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Five dead in Lao Cai mountain landslide

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At least five illicit gold miners have been found dead after being buried in a mountain landslide, prompted by heavy rains, in the northwestern province of Lao Cai August 5.

According to the Van Ban District People’s Committee, after a few days of torrential rains, thousands of tons of mountain soil and stone fell down on Sa Phin gold mine in Nam Xay Commune. About five to six miners were buried while they were taking shelter from the rain in a tent.

Five dead bodies of the men have been found, while local residents and authorities said that it was impossible to determine the number of people buried under the soil.

Earlier, on July 29 and August 3, two people were also reported to have been killed by flashfloods and landslides in the area.

Source: SGGP

Flash floods hit Lao Cai province

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Flash floods hit Lao Cai province

QĐND – Tuesday, August 03, 2010, 21:15 (GMT+7)

Flash floods hit the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai on August 2, killing one and injuring at least four others.

The floods, caused by torrential rains throughout the north-western region, swept away six houses, destroyed a school, and submerged more than 20 hectares of crops in Cua Cai and Na An hamlets, Muong Vi commune, Bat Xat district.

The Director of the Lao Cai provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Ma Quang Trung, who is also deputy head of the Lao Cai provincial board for flood and storm prevention and control, said the flash floods occurred during the daytime so people had time to react and minimise property and human losses.

After the disaster, the Lao Cai provincial board for flood and storm prevention and control and the Bat Xat district People’s Committee sent a delegation to Muong Vi commune to provide disaster relief, inspect the situation, and help local people restore their community. The only dead victim’s family was given VND3 million, while each of the injured victims received VND1 million, and each family who lost their house, VND10 million.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Family artist members shine in special cai luong show

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Cai luong’s lovers will have chance to enjoy a special program of the Southern traditional music performed by five generations of famous actors and actresses of the Minh To troupe.

Cai luong veteran actress Bach Le (L) and People’s Artist Thanh Tong. (Photo: Sggp)

The program titled, “Gin vang giu ngoc” (Keeping valuable treasure of traditional music), introduces two well-known cai luong classical plays to audiences: Cau tho yen ngua and Dieu Tam Xuan bao phu cuu (Dieu Tam Xuan takes a revenge of her husband) or Tram Trinh An (Beheading military general Trinh An).

Onstage, veteran couples Thanh Bach and Bach Le, Dien Thanh and Bach Luu, People’s Artist Thanh Tong, Truong Son, Thanh Loan, Bach Long, dramatic actor Thanh Loc and young actresses Tu Suong, Trinh Trinh and Que Tran will perform.

The Minh To troupe is regarded as a cai luong family with many talents, who always have done their best to restore and preserve the family tradition.

Director Vu Minh, who has a great love for cai luong, persuaded the Minh To Troupe to organize a special program to commemorate the traditional career of their family. Thanh Bach and Bach Le from France and Dien Thanh and Bach Luu from Australia were planning to visit their mother, the artist Huynh Mai, in Ho Chi Minh City, making the show possible. 

It is also a chance for family members to gather onstage.

The cai luong show will take place at Ben Thanh Theater in Ho Chi Minh City from July 23 to 25 and 30 to 31.

Source: SGGP

Lao Cai residents relocated to safer areas

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Lao Cai residents relocated to safer areas

QĐND – Monday, June 28, 2010, 22:6 (GMT+7)

The landslide-prone northwestern province of Lao Cai has finished moving about 100 households out of high-risk areas, as it was forecast to receive heavy rainfall over the next four days.

Half of the relocated households are in Sapa District and 30 are in Bat Xat District, according to the provincial Steering Committee for Flood Prevention and Control.

The heavy rains are likely to trigger landslides, particularly in places that don’t have a solid geological foundation.

The committee said Lao Cai Province had to step up prevention work, as the southern provinces in China next to the province had already suffered from severe flooding – a 500-year record – since last Friday.

In the meantime, monitoring activities should be fully brought into play from the grassroots level to minimise economic losses in advance.

Source: VNA

Source: QDND

Cai Lan donates VND 600 million to “Hearts for Children”

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Cai Lan donates VND 600 million to “Hearts for Children”

QĐND – Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 22:4 (GMT+7)

PANO – Representatives of Cai Lan Cooking Oil Ltd. and the Programme “Hearts for Children” signed an agreement to fund medical operations and interventions for poor, young cardiac patients, at the Vietnam Television.

Under the agreement, the company will donate VND 600 million to the programme. The funding will then be allocated to 15 cases of children with heart diseases nationwide.

According to representatives of the Programme “Hearts for Children”, this was the second time the company had donated to the programme to save lives of poor children with lethal diseases. The company reportedly offered VND 500 million to the programme in 2009.

At the signing ceremony, Deputy General Director of the company, Dang Ba Tho pledged that the company had a wish to share the pains and misfortune of poor children with heart diseases and offer a light of hope for their future and would be trying to address as much support for them as possible.  

The Programme “Hearts for Children”, which was launched in October 2008 by the Vietnam Television, the Military Telecommunication Group (Viettel) and the East-Meets-West Foundation, has so far raised VND 35 billion and funded 700 cases.

Translated by Thu Nguyen

Source: QDND

Final bids for Noi Bai-Lao Cai highway get the go-ahead

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Final bids for Noi Bai-Lao Cai highway get the go-ahead

QĐND – Wednesday, April 07, 2010, 21:30 (GMT+7)

The last two out of a total of eight bidding packages for the Noi Bai-Lao Cai highway were handed over to a Korean company on April 6.

The Vietnam Expressway Investment and Development Company (VEC) transferred the packages to Keangnam Enterprises Co., Ltd of the Republic of Korea which is in charge of the project.

The A4 bidding package covers construction work on a 29.74 km highway costing over VND1.6 trillion in the northern province of Phu Tho while the A5 package worth over VND1.9 trillion in the northern province of Yen Bai has a total length of 41.15 km.

Construction work for both packages is scheduled to last 36 months, said Tran Xuan Sanh, VEC’s general director.

The Hanoi-Noi Bai highway project will be built at a total cost of nearly VND20 trillion (roughly US$1.24 billion), of which US$153 million will be funded by the VEC’s government-guaranteed bonds. The remainder will be in loans from the Asian Development Bank.

Source: VOV

Source: QDND

Lao Cai wildfire extinguished after one week

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Rescue forces have stamped out the last flames of a forest fire that broke out a week earlier at a height of 2,400 meters on the western side of Hoang Lien Mountain in the northern province of Lao Cai.

A fire in Lao Cai Province’s Hoang Lien National Park has burnt 1,700 hectares of the park. (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

The fire that broke out in the Hoang Lien National Park was finally extinguished on Monday, February 15, but not before at least 1,700 hectares were destroyed.

The destroyed area – 1,000 hectares in Ban Ho and Ta Van villages and 700ha in the area between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces – were mainly alang grass and replanted forests, local authorities said.

The area of primary forests destroyed was small, said the forest fire control steering committee of the neighboring Lai Chau province.

The Lao Cai Province People’s Committee has asked the central government for funds to address the fire’s consequences, formulate better forest protection plans and implement all measures to prevent and fight fires at the Hoang Lien National Park.

The committee has ordered a temporary halt to visits by tourists to the National Park because more dry weather has been forecast for the area.

As of now, the situation is under control and all troops have been withdrawn except for 100 soldiers from the Military Zone 2 deployed to keep watch.

The forest fire is being investigated to establish how it broke out, local authorities said.

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“Your Excellency” buried on Tuesday at the mouth of the Cai Cung River in Bac Lieu province

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“Your Excellency” buried on Tuesday at the mouth of the Cai Cung River in Bac Lieu province

QĐND – Thursday, February 25, 2010, 22:10 (GMT+7)

A strange and solemn burial took place last Tuesday at the estuary of the Cai Cung River. A large 15 ton, 16 metre whale, which had been named “Your Excellency” by local fishermen, was sadly found floating, dead, 42 km from the coast on Monday.

Dozens of fishermen, using more than ten boats, managed to drag the remains of the huge creature to shore to honour it and pay their last respects.

More than 10,000 people travelled to the locality on Tuesday, to mark the burial of the remains and to pay their respects and burn incense, according to Do Tien Ha, an official of the Vietnamese Coast Guard Service. This is similar to the respect shown when a special friend or honoured leader dies. Plans are now being discussed to build a pagoda or temple to honour the remains.

Whales play an important part in the beliefs of some ethnic minorities in Vietnam, particularly those with long traditions of sea fishing.

Some of these beliefs involve the Whale God, a powerful spirit that can calm the waves and lead seafarers to shelter, and hence the reason why some fishermen pay homage and respect to this huge inhabitant of the seas. He is referred to as ‘ngu ong’, which means ‘Mr. Whale’. This name is a sign of both fear and reverence, a god so powerful that even to speak his name is considered to be tempting luck and danger.

But living whales are honoured as well, and these fishermen never hunt the large marine mammals, which they regard as giant fish. The carcasses of whales that have died natural deaths are buried with great respect and ritual ceremonies. After three to five years, the bones are exhumed, shrouded in ceremonial cloth and carried to a temple to be honoured, as if the creature was a beloved community god.

Whale funerals always attract large crowds and the whale cult is deeply rooted in Vietnam’s culture.

There are many festivals in different towns and provinces associated with the worship of the whale god. In Vung Tau, there is a pagoda devoted to the deity and a very popular annual festival which takes place in the eighth lunar month. On festival days, the temples are decorated with flower garlands, while colourful lanterns are hung during the night. There are also cultural activities including hat boi (classical drama performances) and hat ba trao (traditional folk songs). These festivals are now considered to be important attractions for tourists, due to the strange fascination which Europeans, Americans, Australians, Vietnamese and others have for these creatures, all of which help contribute to the local economies.

In Da Nang, a centuries-old whale festival takes place each year in the middle of the 3rd lunar month each year. The whale temple, as well as all the houses and boats, are beautifully decorated. The peace offering is conducted in the first evening at the whale temple by village elders. Offerings, which do not contain seafood, are distributed when the ceremony begins.

At dawn the following day, a procession of boats on the sea in a set formation displays the fishermen’s devotion to their Whale God. At midnight, the official ceremony is conducted as school children offer incense and the orchestra plays traditional music on local instruments.

These beautiful rituals are still practiced today and the last whale burial was in 2002.

Franc Neary

Source: QDND

Father of modern cai luong finds rest place in homeland

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The very first historical and cultural memorial erected to late musician Cao Van Lau has been opened for public view in the Mekong province of Bac Lieu on September 30.

Ribbon cutting to inaugurate the memorial on September 30 (Photo: Lao Dong Newspaper)
The moemorial, located on three hectares of Ward 2 of Bac Lieu town cost approximately VND6.3 billion (US$350,000).
The monument includes the tomb of the late artiste and a house featuring his discography, personal items and details about the birth of the immortal song “Da co hoai lang”. The song is about a wife, who hears a far-off battle drum late at night and becomes tormented with missing her husband, who is away at war.
The song is widely accepted as the most important development of modern vong co and cai luong (Southern traditional music)
On the occasion of the inauguration, the Cao Van Lau cai luong troupe paid a visit to the monument and hosted an anniversary of the late artiste with plenty of activities, such as a drum performance, carrying a thurible, offering tea and rice wine to the artiste and some musical performances.
The province also presented the Cao Van Lau Awards to ten musicians and composers who have made great contributions to the development of Southern cai luong.
Cao Van Lau, 1892-1976, is considered the father of modern vong co and cai luong and one of Vietnam’s best musicians. He started composing at the age of 20 after four years tutelage by the popular local musician Le Tai Khi.

After three years of marriage to his wife, there was still no child, Lau was forced to send his wife back to her family in accordance with local customs at the time. This hurt came to inspire Lau to compose his best-known love-song, “Da co hoai lang,” which later had great influence on cai luong and vong co music.

Source: SGGP

Festival commemorates cai luong composer

In Vietnam Culture on September 30, 2009 at 4:25 pm

More than 3,000 people, together with cai luong singers and playwrights from Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta provinces, took part in the opening ceremony of a cai luong festival at Bac Lieu Province Convention Center September 29.

Artists receive flowers and certificates of merit from the organization board in the opening ceremony of the cai luong festival on September 29. (Photo:TTO)
The event features many cultural activities, such as a special performance celebrating the anniversary of the ancestor of cai luong by Cao Van Lau cai luong troupe; national professional cai luong theater festival with attendance of 19 cai luong troupes; releasing lanterns in Bac Lieu River, visiting the grave of the late cai luong composer Cao Van Lau; and presenting the Cao Van Lau Award for contributions to art and literature.

There are also seminars and an exhibition of the life and career of Cao Van Lau, as well as a trade and tourism fair.

The festival aims to praise the beauty of Bac Lieu, honor the late cai luong composer Cao Van Lau and describe his life and career, as well as commemorate the 90-year-old cai luong song “Da co hoai lang” (Missing husband whilst hearing drumbeat at midnight).

The cai luong composer Cao Van Lau was born in December 22, 1892 in Long An Province and moved to Bac Lieu at the age of four, and died in 1976.

He wrote the immortal cai luong piece “Da co hoai lang” in 1919, which tells the story of a wife who waits for her husband to return from the battlefield.

The song is the most popular of cai luong works and is regarded as an invaluable spiritual property of the nation’s musical history and Southern people.

The festival will run until October 3.

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Source: SGGP